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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom in a marine style : design, tiles, accessories , furniture and interior

Bathroom in a marine style
  • Characteristic features
  • color combinations
  • Decorating the walls
  • floor decoration and ceiling
  • Furnishing
  • Accessories
  • ideas and professional advice

Marine sensations, some of the most beautifulin the world.Designers inspired by the colors of the sea atmosphere, developed a special style of decoration for indoor use.Particularly suitable for marine style bathrooms.

Characteristic features

At the heart of the design is the sea of ​​colors, properly chosen furniture, special decorations and accessories.

walls in a bathroom can be:

  • tiled
  • painted in bright colors
  • plastered special
  • washable wallpaper decorated with mosaic elements and marine motifs
Marine theme for the bathroom

FurnitureIt can be in the style of "old tree", wicker furniture, cabinets made of wood, painted in bright or blue tones. bath in the sea will look good trunk and a wicker basket.

Furniture for bath in a marine style
Accessories for marine bathroom
Marine style bath in combination with wooden furniture

suitable for floors painted wooden planks and tiles in the maritime palette colors.

windows are made rolls, co

lored, striped or lace curtains. for window frames perfect natural wood and decoration painted shutters.

The sea looks good bathroom plumbing in the old style, antique, bath and sink in a simple modern style, chrome, brass taps and mixers.

Plumbing bath in a marine style

Lighting can be decorated with special themed lamps, for example in the form of fishing lamps or chandeliers. Just fit different lighting blue and yellow colors.

Overall, the design should reflect a sense of freshness, of calm, of peace and romance.

color combinations

The main idea of ​​the color gamut is that the combination of colors to reflect the colors of the sea and the coast.Turquoise, all shades of blue and aqua, sand and light cream color, paint the bathroom colors of the sea.

The blue shades of sea bath
Marine theme in the bathroom
Colours marine style in the bathroom

Plumbing white is very well combined with walls of blue shades.Classic, a wonderful combination of white and blue, always a good choice. Designers also recommend to use as the background color white, and then to him, according to individual taste to give other colors.

The white color of the bathroom in marine style

If you love the beach bright sunny days, you can paint the wooden bath items in yellow, shades of sand, such as lockers or choose decorations in these colors.For those who like the bright, saturated colors, and you can use a little orange, for example, on the curtain with a picture of the fish.

Marine theme in the bathroom
Marine theme on the walls of the bathroom
Saturated colors in the bathroom with marine issues

Decorating the walls

very good solution for design in the bathroom can be a ceramic tile.If tiles tiles to choose different colors: blue, dark blue, dark blue and white, the sea colors palette will be revealed in full force. Will add a little sand and bright colors that you can bring with accessories.

Marine style bathtub with various colors

Walls can be painted in bright or blue tones.It is possible to paint one wall white and the other in blue.Decorating the walls of the sea bathroom can combine several different materials and colors.Part of the bath can be simply painted in bright colors, and some can be trimmed, blue tiles or mosaics.

Mosaic bathroom done in the marine theme
Paint the walls of the bathroom in marine style
Marine style bathroom

Making floor and ceiling

ideal option for decoration floor tiles will be. What would repeat the colors of the sea coast, it can be sand shades.You can just paint the floor in aqua, and choose a rug with the image of the fish, pebbles or shells.If possible, you can make the floor of wooden planks and paint them a color.

Sea floor bathroom

there are many solutions for finishing the ceiling. can use the suspended ceiling, plaster and plasterboard.

The cheapest option for finishing the ceiling - it pasting special oilcloth suitable color, it is also possible to lay out the ceiling tiles.But these options may turn out not very aesthetic.

The ceiling of the bathroom in marine style


For marine style is excellent simple, high-quality furniture made of wood, it is best to light and the elements wear.For marine bath suitable furniture in retro style and options such as the chest or old painted box.

decor in the bathroom in marine style offers limitless space for imagination.If the bathroom has a window, it is necessary to think over their design. best for wooden frames, curtains with marine images, striped curtains and blinds, for example, white and blue. Mirrors can be decorated with various elements in the form of pebbles and shells.

Furniture in a marine style bathroom

Excellent fit-porthole mirrors.

Shelves can be made of wood, painted in sand or blue shades.

Furniture and marine style bathroom
Elements of the sea bathroom decor
Marine paint in the bathroom

For those who have small children, can become a great addition to painting the walls image of cheerful and cute sea animals.

Marine ornaments in the bathroom


There are many different accessories for the marine style bathroom.Each cup, soap dish, rack, cart, light, lamp, towels, napkins, and even toothbrushes - it can all be with the image of the sea.

Accessories in the bathroom marine theme
Accessories in marine style
Maintaining marine style bathroom
Accessories in the bathroom with marine issues
The mirror in the bathroom with shells of sea style
Mirror with seashells - Bathroom in a marine style

it is important that all the items have been picked up by color so thatHad they been able to complement and embellish the basic design.

mat, a very important thing in the bathroom.Mats can be depicting sea animals, ships, sandy shore or seabed.Hooks, hangers and accessories for drying, can also express themselves marine theme.For example, hooks, in the form of sea star, fish, shells or pebbles.

Decorating the bathroom in marine style

If the bathroom is large, it is possible to decorate the little things: a transparent bottle with sand and twisted note, ship with sails, aquariums with marine plants and starfish.Almost everyone who was on the sea, has a magical collection of shells, pebbles, pebbles and similar objects that can find its place in the bathroom, and serve as a great accessory with memories to sustain marine sensations.

Marine theme in bathroom accessories
Accessories for marine bathroom
Textiles in the bathroom in marine style

ideas and professional advice

Professional designers are advised to carefully select colors and follow the decor and richness of accessories.Everywhere important "golden mean."

few interesting ideas from the pros to help you find unusual solutions.

When the window available in the bathroom, you can use a special image with sea views, which are placed between the frame and the glass, and equipped with a backlight.

Imitation windows with sea views in the bathroom

Proper lighting will complement and enrich the overall style. Romantic feelings cause lighting, lamps and sconces.

The bright bathrooms with a nautical theme
Interesting patterns in a marine style bathroom
sea ​​theme in the bathroom

glass sink and bath very good fit and are combined with a maritime theme.The glass would reflect the color scheme of your bathroom, enjoy the simplicity and natural transparency of the water, which is very useful for the psyche.