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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decorative lighting in the bathroom : LED , ceiling , mirror , furniture

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Bathroom LightingIt presented a variety of options - from traditional single chandelier in the center of the ceiling to the romantic "sky with stars."With the help of illumination and can help relax during water treatment, and to provide bright light for applying makeup and hygiene, and decorate the room.Consider the main types of lighting in the bathrooms, as well as their combination for maximum functionality and comfort rooms.


If faucets, sanitary facilities and decor low-key, the lights can be bright enough to choose.

Bright light in the bathroom

If the room an abundance of shiny decor, lamps, it is desirable to choose the invisible and sometimes even better to hide them from view.

Lighting unusual interior bathroom
Low-key lighting bathroom
Dim bathroom lighting

choosing fixtures, consider how it will affect the interior lighting is not only when lit but also in the off state.

Certain techniques for mounting the back

light can visually change the perception of space. For example, to "lift" the ceiling capable of LEDs on the ceiling around the perimeter.

LED lighting in the bathroom


If the room is oversized, will be enough to hang in the center of the ceiling light fixture 1.

A light fixture in the bathroom

But large bathrooms, the lighting was uniform, it takes several light sources. best option, especially if the bathroom or stretch ceiling, will use dot LED or halogen lamps, is small in size and low power consumption.

Good lighting for the bathroom
Spotlights on the bathroom ceiling
Bathroom with backlit LED

Well, if they have an adjustable angle rotation - it will allow them to easily rotate in the desired direction, achieving the optimum combination of light rays.

Adjustable lighting for the bathroom

The spacious rooms can be a combination of overhead fixtures with point, especially if the ceiling multilevel. For baths with high ceilings and classic design is preferable to hanging fixtures options.

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Light zoning

Separation bathroom zones is possible, even if the room size is extremely small.

First of all, you need a separate space allocation in the area next to the sink and mirror.

The lighting for each work area bathroom
Illumination of the tub and sink
Bathroom Lighting in zones

If the room is spacious, and its design is complex and includes niches, podiums, and similar delights, zones emit much more, using sourceslocal lighting.

Large bathroom with good lighting

Why is it important to allocate the space next to the mirror and wash basin?The fact that it is working and needs to install rather a bright light source, which in this case must not blind or beat in the eye.

beneficial solution will diffuse light provided by shades of white plastic or frosted glass.

Most often provide lighting near the mirror in the form of pairs of symmetrically placed lamps.They can be secured and the wall and straight to the mirror, for example, "planted" on a special adhesive.

Backlit mirrors Bathroom
Fixtures for the bathroom in the mirror
Lighting for bathroom mirrors

For zoning premises with a low ceiling, it can be grouped into different areas of lights of different colors. It will create the effect of staining different bathroom zones in different tones.


Additionally highlighting the bathroom floor, you can affect the mood and the atmosphere in the room.

Highlighting the floor in the bathroom

for outdoor lighting is often used LED strip or other lighting fixtures, both color and transparent. desirable that such devices differed slight shine , because the bathroom is often glossy trim materials.

Outdoor lighting bathroom
Bright outdoor lighting for bathroom
Lighting the bathroom floor in prefabricated structures

And it is extremely important that the luminaire body was resistant to moisture.

This light is not functional, and plays the role of an extra.It can be mounted both along the perimeter and locally (e.g., to highlight certain plumbing components).

Lighting Furniture

If we make installation of spotlights next to the lockers, shelves, drawers and other furniture, or directly in pieces of furniture, you will not only affect their appearance, but also be able to quickly find the necessary things that are in themstored. This light can also be performed with the help of LED strips. Additionally, you can highlight the hooks for towels or install a separate lamp above the washing machine.

Highlighting the furniture in the bathroom


illumination mirror belongs to one of the main options for the bathroom light.It is important for convenience and attractiveness of the design space.It is often done in the same style as the ceiling to create a single design.

Traditionally, the mirror is illuminated by two lights located on the sides.

also often have lights directly above the mirror. This option is particularly advantageous for mirrors with a large width. Mirror with average sizes can be equipped with light sources around its perimeter.

Lighting in the bathroom mirror
Side lighting bathroom mirrors
Highlighting the furniture in the bathroom

modern version of the highlight is the mirror assembly led-lighting on the perimeter of the mirror.So you can create the impression of "floating" parallel to the wall mirror.In addition, you can choose different color LED strip, thereby making a color backlight.

The backlight behind the mirror in the bathroom

Decorative lights

to highlight water jets are used special devices such as svetodush and svetokran.They are a safety device because it does not connect to the mains.Such devices are nozzles, changing color according to the temperature of the water

Backlighting for faucets in the bathroom
Decorative lighting of water jets Bathroom
Backlit water jets shower

Another option decorative lighting, allowing to make room bathroom a light and airyIt is a creation of false windows. To simulate frosted glass window used for hiding the backlight. Landscape on such glass is applied with a water-resistant paint.

Imitation in the bathroom window

interesting view more decorative lighting and a starry sky.To create space on the ceiling stir compact point light sources (optical fiber or light-emitting diodes).This is a costly option of a light decor, but with him would be extraordinary bathroom and original.

Starry skies in the bathroom
Spotlights for the creation of the starry sky in the bathroom
A small bath with starry sky

Directional light

Its use helps in zoning bathroom facilities, for example, is able to distinguish the bath area.

Spot bathroom fixtures

Many modern bathrooms have a stand-alone lighting, but if there is no bath can be distinguished precisely directed beam of light on it. Hang the lights can also be on other elements of plumbing.

Highlighting a particular bathroom area
Accent lighting for bathrooms
The luminance distribution by zones bathroom


As is often lacking and the room should be well lit, important to correctly plan the bathroom window room as will house lightsources. But, even if there is a bathroom window, daylight is insufficient, which also implies competent distribution of light sources.

Their placement is conventionally divided into three levels:

  • bottom (on the floor),
  • working (in the sink area and mirror)
  • top (ceiling)

Selection of lighting is carried out taking into account the style of the room andplumbing features (for bright and unusual should choose flea lamps).A good solution is to divide the lighting for the main (functional) and decorative with the possibility to include them separately.

Full coverage of all areas of the bathroom


First of all, it is important that all lighting equipment different good protection against water.

This is especially true of devices that will be located close to the water.It is necessary to ensure 100% tightness of all Elektroistochnik.Power light sources placed close to the water, should be up to 12 V.

Safe lighting bathroom

Save when choosing lighting for the bathroom is not worth it.Buying high-quality products, you will avoid quite expensive works on replacement of damaged components.

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