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August 12, 2017 18:06

Finishing bath room wood : floors, walls , furniture , and interior wood trim

Wooden bathroom
  • Types of finishing materials
  • floors and walls
  • Plumbing
  • furniture and accessories
  • Lighting
  • Styles
    • Classic
    • Modern
    • Ethnic
    • Country

habit throughout the match today's standards, seem completely outdated.If you are looking to bring in your life is something rare, called attractive word "exclusive".To achieve such a goal, choose unconventional bathroom material - natural wood.After all, it is an indication of luxury and good taste, to create a cozy and unique interior.

Types of finishing materials

products from the array have their advantages.Despite the fact that they demonstrate the richness of the natural structures, still have ecological and thermal insulation.With their help it is possible not only to transform the bathroom, but also make it more comfortable.

Beautiful wooden tub

In the era of high-tech quality treated wood becomes impervious to water.

Each manufacturer a way to protect the wood.But there is one the most well-known: in the course of processing the material res

in impregnated wood by other, special structures that prevent rotting.After impregnation cover seven layers of lacquer.

Along with lacquered steel board to produce with oil and wax finish.Manufacturers guarantee unlimited service life of these products.

The richness of the wooden structure of the bathroom
Beautiful wooden tub with a stone
Wooden bathroom

These types of wood like teak or iroko African differ a great hardness and resistance to deformation. already contained in these oils make them extremely low hygroscopic.This ensures absolute humidity.

Traditionally same for finishing apply:

  • beech (light to reddish-yellow or gray shade),
  • oak (from pale to tan)
  • pine (light yellow),
  • larch, maple, jatoba and ash.
Wooden bathroom

strength and moisture resistance of these rocks allow manufacturers to produce wall panels and floor boards specially for wet rooms.In spite of this, these products require special protection, before actually applying them.

Wooden wall in the bathroom
Wooden bathroom
Bathroom , decorated tree
Bathroom tree
Wooden bathroom furniture
Bathroom , decorated tree

Laminated wood also has good resistance to moisture and is often used for decorationwet rooms.Moreover, it is completely ready for installation, without additional processing.When mounting it tightly fit in effortlessly.

Much better resists moisture veneered boards.It is made of waterproof plywood or chipboard, and covered with veneer.

Bathroom , decorated with wooden material

floors and walls

Wood combined with all types of finishing materials.

If you are going to use it remember, the land walls, the less time-consuming to be facing.Just before installing wooden elements must be processed on all sides and a special wax biovlagozaschitnymi impregnation.

These products protect surfaces from mold and mildew, making them water-repellent properties.But there are products already completely ready to use.

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Wooden bathroom

When decorating the tree "eaten" a useful area.

for wall cladding is used not only an array of solid, but also materials, partially made of wood.

This can be:

  • linings;
  • glulam;
  • veneered boards.
Skinning of walls in a wooden bathtub

Market also offers a range of wall panels of various types of wood.

main advantage of panels is that they are perfectly hide any irregularities and also easy to install.

Molded in the bathroom

In a bathroom, for areas affected by high humidity, fit more exotic species.This Wenge (from golden brown to dark brown), Cumaru (golden brown wood with dark veins), Paducah (coral red), olive tree, eucalyptus, ebony, bamboo.Today you can buy not only the array of natural colors, but also tinted in various colors.

Wood materials for finishing the bathroom
The material for wooden bathtub
Wooden bathroom - materials

Another bathroom walls can be issued cork sheets. If it is not large in size, is the best option to save precious centimeters.Cork is moisture and looks very attractive.It is used as the sheets for the wall and floor.Installation is quite simple.It is attached with glue.

Wooden bathroom - cork sheets

Floor coverings consist principally of a massive board. Such material is made mostly of solid hardwood.It is ready for installation and, therefore, does not need additional protection.Furthermore, such a board is easy to assemble.Not necessarily completely covered the floor with wood.It is very nice combined with stone or ceramic tiles.

Wooden floors and tiles in the bathroom

If you want to wooden bathroom served a very long time, do not forget about ventilation.It must be thoroughly thought out, providing good air circulation in the room.


tree, it would seem - the worst possible material for the manufacture of plumbing fixtures.But this is only at first glance.Thanks to modern technology and the tree union water became harmonious and stable.

Wooden shell

However, in the "wooden" collections there is only a bath, sink and shower panels.Such as the plumbing is made of light and dark wood.

Wooden plumbing
One bath
Wooden tub

It became fashionable to decorate acrylic or cast iron "font" wooden screen around.They fit perfectly into the interior of virtually any modern bathroom.

Bathroom with a wooden screen

As manufacturers offer faucets with lever made of wood.The combination of chrome, polished to a high gloss, black and wenge wood, look very unusual.

Mixer with wooden handles

furniture and accessories

If you think that wood in the bathroom is not enough, add furniture and accessories in her performance.Do not forget that they are like "wood" decoration materials must comply with the requirements of the moisture resistance.

Wooden chest of drawers in the bathroom

Made from an array of cupboards, cabinets, stools, shelves or whole headset successfully beat the space of the room.

Well suited rattan furniture and accessories.This material is well tolerated active influence of moist air, steam and water .

Accessories made of rattan, wooden bathtub

addition to help decorate the various holders and stands, baskets and wooden sets.Moreover, wooden mirror frames give additional charm to the bathroom.

Mirror in a wooden frame


lighting system should be given special attention.It all depends on the color and texture of wood.

Note that you should avoid lamps emitting a large amount of heat.Interaction with moisture not the best way affects the material.

Install halogen or LED lamps, their light is cold.

for premises, executed within the strict limits of the dark wood, use the ambient light.For the light you can pick up a bright light.

Spot light
Chandelier in a wooden bathtub
Fixtures in the bathroom


Through a small tour of styles, which is relevant wood trim and furniture.

Modern wooden bathroom


grandeur and solidity.Simple and austere forms, order and harmony, elegant but restrained decor.Expensive high-quality materials: solid wood, natural stone, silk, gold.As the stucco decoration or sculpture.Light sources can be bronze, gold or crystal.

Classic style - Bathroom
Classic style bathroom
Bathroom in classical style


Smooth lines and functionality.The presence of glass, plastic, wood or metal.The palette of colors in a fairly subdued tone.Modern cabinet furniture with floral ornaments and accessories corresponding to the entire entourage.Self-sufficient and elegant style.

Wooden bathroom in modern style
Wooden bathroom in modern style
Bathroom wooden Art Nouveau


especially etnoshik can fill the room exotic.Natural materials, a wide palette of natural colors, national patterns and ornaments.There will be a place for thematic collections, brought back from his travels.Wicker furniture, wooden vase, fabric boxes, figurines, of course, will add style.

Wooden bathroom in ethnic style


In such a bath - "country-style", always a lot of textiles.Finishing materials "rough", natural.Furniture with the case under the unpainted wood, curtains, laundry baskets, all the simple forms and without frills.Whitewashed walls and ceilings, unpainted beams and soft, diffused lighting.Very interesting.

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Bath Country Style
Country style bathroom
Bathroom in country style
Bathroom in country style
Bathroom in country style
Bathroom in country style

Perhaps wooden bathtub can become the best place to relax.After all, the tree bears calmness and relieves fatigue.