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August 12, 2017 18:06

Turquoise bathroom : design features , styles , a combination of white

Turquoise Bathroom
  • psychological impact
  • Features
  • Styles
    • Art Deco
    • Retro
    • Hi-Tek
    • Provence
    • Modern
    • Minimalism
    • East
    • Marine
  • combination with other colors
    • with white
  • Accessories

observing the usual routine of their homes, many people often want to add bright colors in at least one room, such as the bathroom.But what color to choose?Very original will look turquoise.Interiors in this tone look elegant and expensive.This is a fairly gentle, easy to understand and at the same time invigorating color.It will allow to fully enjoy the pleasure of water treatments, and your bathroom will become a stylish and spectacular.

Beautiful turquoise bathroom

psychological impact

Not every owner to decide to issue a bathroom in a turquoise color, arguing that it is too cold.In fact, the combination of blue and green give cyan.

Its bright colors are so pleasing to the eye, which is not annoying. Looking at it immediately appears to sea and fresh, but also freedom from which is breathtaking.

As part of the shades of tur

quoise quite multifaceted.So do not be afraid to use it in his "temple of cleanliness."Thanks to this unique color, you get a kind of color therapy. Scientists say that while under the influence turquoise scale, improved mental state. body is filled with energy, there is self-confidence.

en turquoise


In fact, this could become a magical color to any decor, you need to remember only its main features.

Turquoise can be used as the main background of the room decoration.But note that the dominance of its dark colors visually reduce the space, light and vice versa.

It blends in well with most paints.Despite this, he refers to the cold scale, and therefore, it should be diluted with "warm".Then the room will look much more comfortable.

Dark turquoise in the bathroom
Bathroom in turquoise
Turquoise finish in the bathroom

Depending on the lighting color can look completely different.And using finishing materials of different textures and shades of turquoise, you get an infinite number of different decorative solutions.Remember, it is recommended not to use as a single element turquoise inlay.To complete the image of the necessary accessories of the same or similar color.


Thinking bathroom design, you need to decide, and with style.Each style has a lot of positive characteristics.

Turquoise bathroom

Art Deco

By law, elite style. It requires a steel, marble, glass and ceramics, such as pale turquoise tones. his true connoisseurs prefer expensive and exclusive decorative elements.

Art Deco style in the bathroom


Sophistication and comfort. painted turquoise furniture - the main room. White walls and cast iron tub with old cranes only accentuate turquoise.

The retro style


Bathroom in high-tech style - crisp geometric shapes. Technological design throughout.The abundance of glass and metal parts.A turquoise walls make you feel comfortable.

High tech


French province ... charm worn antiques in restrained colors.As if faded turquoise wall.Overall impression pale and muted.Suitable for those who seek comfort and tranquility of country life.

In the style of Provence


Beauty in the details, and "clean" line.A bit furniture and a sense of freedom in the room.This suite looks easy.

Turquoise bathroom in the style of Art Nouveau

Minimalism Minimalism - brevity, simplicity and clarity of form.Light turquoise walls of the bathroom and a lot of scattered, serene light.Complete lack of decor and ornaments.The feeling of airiness and spaciousness.Suitable for fans of restraint and open spaces.

In the style of minimalism


Natural materials and a variety of decorations. intricate and original designs, surrounded by the turquoise color. Avatar spiritual harmony and peace.

The oriental style


sunny and warm.The simplicity and accessibility, there are no frills place.A variety of sea shells and sea shells create a feeling of intimacy. main emphasis on the turquoise shades of saturated tones to gentle music. delightfully.

And what style you choose?

Turquoise tiles in a marine style
In a marine style
Turquoise bathroom in marine style

combination with other colors

turquoise color is good because it is universal.On the other colors it creates a very original combination.For example, it will be a spectacular contrast with the combination of brown. equal proportions of these colors with the addition of a beige-colored, make the interior cozy and homey.

The combination of turquoise and brown bathroom

Turquoise perfectly combined with approximate thereto colors - green, blue, blue. With the latter, for example, you can get an interesting and delicate, very "maritime" bathroom.Such harmony can be energetic, thanks to rich shades of these colors.

nice and pleasant interaction is turquoise with a muted purple. This will create a unique ambiance.Bright same notes will make the bathroom even more dramatic and colorful.But keep in mind that a large number of purple can be tiring.

combining the "magic" color beige, the last pick in the background.This color scheme is simple-minded, for what creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Turquoise with green
Turquoise in the bathroom with other colors
In combination with the turquoise blue
Turquoise + Purple
Beige bathroom with turquoise
Turquoise tiles for bathroom

Turquoise also harmonizes well with nearly all wood colors.Taking into account its bright shades, the situation will become very soft and airy.

Turquoise bathroom and wooden floor

Superb combination will in combination pitch with a gray or silver. Well if they are sufficiently pale.This soothing, and a moderately strict harmony does not need any additions.

Bathrobe - turquoise with black
turquoise gray bathroom
Bathroom - silver and turquoise

If you want exotic, take a basis for a rich turquoise range. Add the red, orange or ocher-yellow.The saturated colors, the interior of a kind.

Turquoise and red bathroom

With white

perfect combination of white and turquoise is considered a classic. Depending on the proportions between these colors, you can get a completely different perception on the premises. For example, if the walls are decorated with white and turquoise will be as an accent, then the room will get the beauty and self-sufficiency.

If basic acts turquoise tone, the white plumbing on its background will look very impressive, underlining the depth of turquoise.Such a scheme, creates an association of coolness and squeaky clean bathroom.

White bathroom with turquoise accent
White turquoise plumbing in the bathroom
The combination of turquoise and white


Turquoise bathroom accessories will make it bright and cheerful.Furniture, decorative objects, rugs, towels create a cozy atmosphere.However, if the room there will be too much, the overall picture will be colorful and persuasive.Therefore, the walls, floor, ceiling make neutral.Decorative elements of the pitch will not go unnoticed.They refresh the atmosphere.

Accessories turquoise bathroom
accents in turquoise bathroom

Making wall in turquoise, keep the overall tone was in equilibrium.Furniture and accessories, choose to contrast with the background.Then it will look stylish and dynamic.

And remember, colorful bathroom admits the primacy of only one accent.