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August 12, 2017 18:06

The interior of a small bathroom : layout , furniture , decoration, accessories

The interior of a small bathroom
  • Competent planning
  • color selection and finishing materials
  • Lights and mirrors
  • Bath or shower
  • Plumbing
  • Furniture
  • decor and accessories

In apartment buildings many remainsonly dream of a spacious bathroom, where you can place a large bath without difficulty and numerous shelves and lockers, hot shower cubicle, washing machine, bidet (if the bathroom is combined) and much more.The interior of a small bathroom should be well thought out, and then you will be able to accommodate more necessary items in the room.

achieve a perfect interior in an oversized bathroom is not so difficult.What is important is to listen to their wishes and choose the right design solution. size and will then act as a secondary factor, displacing the first place practical premises.How, then, is to make the interior of a small bathroom to stay in this room helped to energize in the morning and evening to restore power?

Design a small bathroom

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this article also examines the design and interior of a small bathroom.

owners of small baths often hesitant to combine a bathroom with a portion of the corridor, storage and toilet. It is the best way to increase the bath area, but it is quite troublesome and costly.If you can not quite such a radical option of increasing the area of ​​the bathroom through redevelopment, is to try to remedy the situation methods of increasing the visual space and make the proper combination of all interior items.

Example bathroom
Interior design small bathroom
Small bathroom in the Art Nouveau style

Competent planning

main principles of the organization of a small bathroom space are such:

  • should not be unnecessary in the roomobjects and elements.
  • important to skillfully use the space to optimize the mirror, lights and colors.
  • storage systems should be chosen multifunctional.
  • plumbing equipment and should be suitable for the oversized room.
  • decor should be a minimum.
Small bathroom

begin renovations need a small bath with the most important details - washbasins and baths (and if the bathroom and toilet, and the toilet). Communications is positioned between the fixtures and the wall.Pipes can also hide, hiding them under ceramic tiles.At the same time you can get to create niches and shelves, where you will put bathroom accessories.

An example of a small bathroom
The interior of a small bathroom
Redevelopment of a small bathroom
Compact bathroom
remodeling a small bathroom
The interior of a small bathroom

If you run the repair has the equipped bathroom, be sure to knock out of the roomall unnecessary things.Rate that you use often, or always, and which items stay intact for a long time.Conduct an audit of shelves, decoration items, buckets, cans, and other things.Those who are contemplating a new bathroom space, you need to properly consider all planning a bathroom to avoid any unnecessary interior parts.

color selection and finishing materials

known that color finishes affect the visual perception of humans.Since the appointment of the bathroom is in use mainly plumbing and carrying out water treatment, the effect of color in the decoration is not as significant as for rooms where people spend more time.

However, there are some points that should be considered.For example, the design of a small bathroom should be carried out without the use of eye-catching bright parts.Paul often make darker wall - a little lighter, and the ceiling - the most light.

Interior light small bathroom

stones walls only light material - tiles in bright colors or pastel mosaics range.To while space does not get a grip, add some tiles of a different color, as well as accessories in the same colors.

White and purple bathroom
Blue bathroom
A method of expanding the room space
Bright finish in the bathroom
Glass mosaic in the bathroom
decoration small bathroom
Decorating a small bathroom
green bathroom
Bathroom beige

The floor finishing is also possible to use techniques that extend the space. One of these is the addition of a few tiles, the color of which is a contrast to the core.Such tiles choose relief, while at the same time you increase your safety.The ceiling is best to choose a small pendant bathroom (be sure to add lighting), stained glass or mirror.

On one wall a contrasting color to use is not desirable - if you want a two-tone design, it is better to decorate with different colors on different walls.Not advised to use large drawings.Valid only small, light and airy image.

With regard to the size of the tiles, you should follow this rule - the less dimensional space, the slimmer has to be chosen in a bathroom tile.Perfect choice - glass mosaic.

Bright blue mosaic in the interior of a small bathroom

Lights and mirrors

When lighting the organization in a small bathroom more attention to the upper and lower options .The best choice would be assembling at the ceiling lamp tape with waterproofing.So you can change the direction of the beam of light, but if you want - and the color of light. Do not miss a chance to add comfort and relaxation with the help of outdoor lighting. also relevant for small baths option would spotlights, allowing highlight certain areas.

The oversized bathroom certainly need to install a large mirror to visually expand the wall.In this mirror you can see yourself anywhere in the room.

Design a small bathroom

One of the ideas is quite stylish bathroom small size of the room is considered to be an imitation of the window. important to arrange it so that the view was the most plausible.

Imitation in the bathroom window

If your bathroom there is a real window, do not hide it behind a partition of brick or drywall, and try to use in the interior, installing stained glass or glass blocks.

Stained glass window in the bathroom
The mirror in the small bathroom
Lighting in the bathroom
Mirrors in the bathroom
Light and mirror in the bathroom
Raised a window in the bathroom

Bath or shower

Installing a shower stall is a good idea tosave space, but if you live in an apartment elderly family members or young children, a bath can be a more profitable option.

If you decide to install a shower, will profitable option for a small bathroom cubicle, which has no back wall. If you decide to buy a bath, take a look at sedentary models.They are less in length and fit even in the tiny room.

Shower without walls
The most convenient way to small bath
Bath and shower in the bathroom


When choosing plumbing is worth remembering that due to lack of space, the massive parts can not be installed. Installation compact plumbing leave more space, the more so as the current models allow for installation at a profit in the preservation of centimeters square.The best solution may be called the purchase angular sink and bathtub.

small sink

save space, and also the location of the plumbing so that the sink hung over the bath, or was located on the washing machine. to the interior looked lighter shell can be glass.

Glass sink in the bathroom

When choosing a shower enclosure can stay at the models with transparent glass and not frosted.It will give the interior a lightness.

If you have to install a washing machine, consider under which houses the washing machine under the washbasin in her little bath.Of course, you will be available only compact model of this technique.

Washing machine over the sink in the small bathroom
Accommodation plumbing
Plumbing in bathroom

Corner bath in a small bathroom would be a good purchase if the floor area of ​​more than 3 square meters.m.


Major furniture in this room will not put. It is best to select a combined furniture options, with which you can solve several problems, for example, to install the mirror box. appropriate in the oversized tub and different kinds of hinged shelves.The space under the sink, you can take a cabinet with drawers.

Often furniture in the bath using such moisture-resistant materials, such as plastic, glass, MDF, metal, and others. doors to furniture Sliding preferable. furniture can be ordered according to individual projects, allowing to get the original stuff with great functionality.Do not neglect and suspension elements, hooks, towel holders and other additional accessories.

Cupboard in bathroom
Furniture in the bathroom
Placing furniture in a small bathroom

It is desirable that the furniture was sleek edge.It is preferable to choose furniture to match tiles to furniture items that "merged" with the walls.Another good idea is to store things in a small bathroom - improvement of the podium under the bath.In a sufficiently large area can store household chemicals.

decor and accessories

Special decorations in a small room not add.

bright accents can be created by the unusual shape of the mixer, crane, color towels. But always remember that because of the modest size of the room "overload" the space it is very simple.

The decor in the bathroom
bathroom design
Accessories in the bathroom

The smaller dimensions of the room, the more attention should be paid to the details.Choose any accessories that would be appropriate in your interior.They should draw attention sparingly, it does not overload the space.

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