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August 12, 2017 18:06

Maroon bathroom ( 22 photos )

Maroon bathroom
  • Features
  • psychological impact
  • Tips design
  • Spectacular combination
    • With white
    • with brown
    • beige
    • with other colors

Sometimeschoosing colors for finishing the bathroom do not want the usual and already bored combinations.If you are in search of a pleasant, attractive and original color for the interior of the bathroom, think about the design of the room in purple colors.Deciding Whether to Use burgundy color in the bathroom design?As burgundy suite will affect the mood?What colors should complement the companion burgundy?Let's investigate.


united colors of brown and red colors in burgundy color, which affects its properties:

  • Red tones are considered fire, they are referred to the symbol of life, love, courage, power.For the red gamma characteristic aphrodisiac effects.
  • in brown, on the contrary, say a calming effect.This color symbolizes the tradition and confidence.

combination of these colors in burgundy interior allows you to add all the benefits of red

, but at the same time avoiding the exciting effect.This interior is solemn and festive.He, like red, looks impressive and luxurious, but with brown tones more calm and mature.

Maroon and beige tiles in the bathroom

Maroon color will not be encouraged to impulsive actions, but also not be too complacent.In such an interior you will be able to focus their thoughts and improve the tone.

Note also that the burgundy shades belong to the elite in the interior design.It has long been in their homes and dress the shade used only by people who had the power and mere mortals such color use was prohibited.

Maroon bathroom with beige
maroon bathroom
Maroon bathroom with other colors

psychological impact

in burgundy bathroom did not get to fully relax, but you can gather your thoughts, because the psychological effect of this color is the ordering of thoughts, formationphilosophical attitude, getting rid of the haste and nervousness in the decisions and judgments.

Maroon bathroom - spectacular tile

Tips design

Note that Burgundy can be called a fairly versatile color, so care should be taken when using it.

Maroon tiles in the bathroom

combination with different shades leads to a versatile display of purple tones:

  • Since burgundy attributed to the warm tones, so its combination with other warm colors would be suitable for decoration of any room.
  • Do not forget that the excess can inhibit burgundy and eventually cause irritation.So scheduling burgundy interior of the bathroom, do not forget about moderation.
  • Provide bath in burgundy tones aesthetic appearance by as accessories mirror with a beautiful frame, wicker baskets, fluffy rug and towels.
  • soften tone burgundy walls will light wood furniture.

Spectacular combination

With white

White and bordeaux blend perfectly into any room, especially the bathroom with white sanitary ware. Thanks to the neighborhood with a white burgundy will look more cheerful.Snow-white walls and glossy white shower curtain will provide a majestic burgundy trim and energetic look, removing its "gravity" and "arrogance."

One of the successful combination of these colors is the addition of burgundy marble white.Make a visual space can be divided into two parts - a bright shade of burgundy from the bottom and top light marble walls.Thanks to such a reception will be visually higher ceilings.

White and maroon bathroom
Maroon and beige - bathroom
White and turquoise in the bathroom

with brown

Supplement burgundy brown is one of the most popular combinations.Although this is not the interior looks more luxurious and modest.Brown-burgundy trim suit and oversized bathroom, and spacious enough for the room.By the way, in the interior of maroon-brown tones often used for decoration in the style of the country.

Claret brown bathroom
Maroon and brown bathroom
Claret brown bathroom


Union burgundy and beige provide a more delicate interior bathroom.Harmoniously will look the combination of burgundy and terracotta.No less impressive looks maroon bathroom, color companion which serves milk.

Beige and burgundy bathroom
Beige and maroon bath tub
Maroon and beige

with other colors

combination "burgundy + BlackĀ» add a touch of rigor and show your good taste.This combination is very bold, so it can only be solved amateur experiments, but are rarely disappointed.In addition, using these colors, you can easily do the zoning., The maroon-black finish looks very good in the bathroom If the bedroom or the living room like the combination can not be called successful.

Maroon sink with white furniture
Maroon gray bathroom
Turquoise beige bathroom
maroon bathroom
Beige and burgundy bathroom
maroon bathroom

When thinking about other dark shades, from the maroon fineIt goes green. Since such a compound referred to as dark tones quickly bored, it is not recommended for areas where a person stays for a long time.So this combination is quite suitable for the bathroom.

Complementing burgundy pink, you will get a warm and gentle atmosphere as pink tones will soften deep burgundy.Another good addition to the claret is softening its peach shade.If you want to add to the severity of the interior, burgundy and can be supplemented by a light gray color.But combining the burgundy and gold or silver, you will make the interior more luxurious bathroom.

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