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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom 5 square meters.m. - Design and finishing features ( 26 photos )

Bathroom 5 square meters.m .
  • Colours
  • design features
  • Practical advice
  • Zoning
  • Remove the excess
  • Finishes
  • Plumbing
  • Decor
  • Lighting

Bathroom 5 m² isquite common in modern homes, but with its arrangement, many people have problems.Although such a small bathroom can not be called, it is often unclear how stylish and at the same time wisely arrange it.However, at the same time to make a comfortable, practical, functional and beautiful room it is a very real problem.


main difficulty in the development of the bathroom design is not very large area is not in the restricted area, and in the absence of the basic idea.But the impressive and unique design, you can create even in a very tiny room.The main objective is to visually expand the boundaries of the premises.To solve it, you need to correctly choose finishing materials and know about some design techniques.First of all it's about choosing the right colors.

Bathroom Design 5 square meters

If the bathroom is not very large, it does not oblige you to make it white or li

ght-colored. You may well be used in the finishing of the dark and cold colors such as blue, blue, dark, and others.This color space looks quite comfortable.But the brown and red colors to use is not necessary in an oversized room, as they will visually reduce it.

design features

Enough popular solution for this area of ​​the bathroom - remodeling.Combination bathroom with a portion of the corridor, a toilet and storage area will give you more room for creativity.But do not forget about the need to get permission.

fairly large corner bath (but no pool in mind the limited space) will be the best choice.In such a bath, you can relax as much as possible and if you want to take a bath in the company of your loved one.

Planning a bathroom 5 m²
Bathroom 5 square meters - layout with corner bath
Bathroom 5 square meters with a corner bath

Try to have one wall in any one subject.Try as much as possible to free the floor so it was a minimum of plumbing and furniture.It is also important for a small room well cover all of its space.

When planning the bathroom you will only limit the room such moments:

  • channels Locations and doors for ventilation.
  • Places to connect the pipes (water and sewage).
  • wiring safety.

Before carrying out repair work is required to draw a plan of arrangement of furniture and sanitary ware, consider all the details.

Planning a bathroom

Practical advice

To find the best accommodation option available equipment in the room 5 sq.m., you can take advantage of special programs used for designing the interiors.

Before you begin to engage in interior spaces, it is worth taking care of replacing the old plumbing and ancient pipes.Only after that should start to finish flat floor, the walls and ceiling, then move to the embodiment of the chosen style.

Shower in the bathroom

If you want to place the plumbing after repair in another way, this will help the use of flexible pipes.

before finishing the surface of the walls and floors must be leveled using a concrete mixture, as material for finishing the bathrooms, in most cases acts as ceramic tile, because it is an affordable and high-quality material with a wide range.

However, the bath can also arrange with the help of the wall panels, marble, paint, wallpaper, stone and other materials.

Bathroom 5 square meters of - finishes
Tile in the bathroom of 5 square meters
Decorating the bathroom 5 sq m

However, only light tiles have the ability to reflect the items that will be a big help in increasing the visual space.With this material your bathroom will look spacious.

White bathroom 5 sq.m.

Here are some tips for owners of bathroom 5 sq.m .:

  • If you are planning a device warm floor, you can remove the towel rack from the wall to make room for cabinets and shelves.
  • If the door opens into the bathroom, consider replacing it by a sliding model.


The bathroom area of ​​5 square meters.m. You can select 2 zones, and if the room is installed toilet, the zones should be 3.

in one area will be water treatment, and the second is designed for hygienic measures and recreation.

for zoning use such visual tricks, like:

  • a different pattern or color of the walls,
  • branch decorative border,
  • different pattern floor tiles,
  • fold-out screen,
  • different partitions.
Zoning bathroom
Zoning bathroom 5 sq.m.
Zoning bathroom - walls

Remove the excess

When you set the bathroom plumbing, furniture and car, free floor space is very little.This gives a sense of limited space with which to cope, if you try to the maximum to release the floor.The problem is solved choice of wall furniture, roll top baths, overhead plumbing.This does not impair the functionality of the room and visually room will look more spacious.

Hanging bathroom furniture

Hanging shelves is better to choose glass, and to provide mirrored cabinets doors.Such things will not look bulky in the interior of a small bathroom.


A small bathroom is to finish medium-sized tiles.By changing the location of the tiles, you can create different visual effects, such as using the vertical masonry, ceilings can visually make higher, and you'll make the space wider than the room with the help of horizontal masonry.

tiles can be used as a different color, and a color scheme.

In choosing colors, consider - if the light colors will help to expand the space, in the dark is a property visually reduce the square footage.The material can also vary its origin, as well as texture.Often in places near the mirror, sink or bath placed emphasis.

Accents in the mirror in the bathroom of 5 square meters

The decoration of the bathroom area of ​​5 m tiles should take into account such nuances:

  • Registration will be more harmonious and spectacular in finishing glossy tiles.It will add light to the room and comfort.However, with glittering surfaces do not need to overdo it.
  • excellent modern solution can serve as a mosaic.Bathroom, decorated these small elements will be more spacious and cozy.
  • When placing a tile on the diagonal, the room will also be visually expand.Use this method when you make a floor.
  • Having the upper part of the room is darker than the bottom, you will, on the contrary, visually narrow down the space.
  • Bathrooms 5 m² are not relevant large drawings or panels.
Bathroom Design 5 square meters
Bathroom 5 square meters - tile decoration, zoning
Bathroom 5 square meters - beige


Looking after plumbing for an oversized bathroom, keep in mind these tips:

  1. In choosing plumbing worth shopping angular models.
  2. If instead of a bath shower decide on, you will be able to take place saved the washing machine.
Bathroom 5 square meters - a shower and washing machine

If your bathroom is a lot of furniture, it is worth thinking about saving space:

  1. hinged toilet model has a more compact size.This may include a toilet and a bidet function.The second option is to replace the single installation bidet hygienic shower.It does not take much space and can be mounted on the shell or wall.
  2. bath in a small room is to choose a sit-in or a corner.If your family is no longer a bathing lovers, the most profitable and sensible solution - shower.Current models of high-pan by its use can combine function and shower, and bath.This shower and save space and decorate a small bathroom.
  3. sink for a small space can be angled or narrow.Place the bowl so that it was not close to the door.Now, there are models of shells, allowing it to install under cabinet or the washing machine.
Small bathroom 5 sq.m.
Bathroom 5 square meters - the organization of space
Beautiful bathroom 5 sq.m.


Complementing the bathroom stylish different elements and accessories, do not forget about the mirrors.They, like transparent glass parts, contribute more to air view and expand the space.For greater functionality mirror is equipped prizerkalnoy shelf, and add internal illumination.

also decorated bathroom can serve as towels, mats, baskets, plants and other items.In the small bathroom hang translucent curtain for the bath, not matte.

Beautiful sink in a bathroom
Bathroom accessories
Accessories in the bathroom


It can be provided in three components:

  • general lighting (for example, spotlights in the ceiling),
  • Illuminatedbathroom area (with LEDs)
  • two wall lights in a recreation area (they are needed for hygiene and dressing procedures).

Thanks to multilevel lighting, and you can divide the area in the room, and the walls visually make wider.