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August 12, 2017 18:06

Lilac bathroom : design features, color combinations and styles

Lilac bathroom
  • Features
  • psychological impact
  • combination with other colors
  • Styles
    • Classic
    • East
    • Minimalism
  • Finish
  • Tile
  • Lighting

Bathroom- this room, which has a special significance in the life of each of us.Barely awake, we head to the bathroom to freshen up.After a hard day there is nothing better than water treatments, enabling you to relax and prepare for sleep.Given this importance bathroom is very carefully select its design and color palette.Lilac bathroom - one of the most successful solutions.

Beautiful purple bathroom


The use of this color in the interior, including the bathrooms, it is becoming increasingly popular.This is not surprising, because the purple color helps to create a feeling of unsurpassed comfort, purity and romance.Lilac and shades allow you to get rid of negative thoughts and relax.

Classic lilac contains two shades: warm and cool shade of lilac lavender hue.Proper use of it in the interior depends on well-chosen color combinations with other hues.

Use only lilac color in the interior is not recommended, as an effect of heaviness.

Beautiful purple bathroom

psychological impact

Lilac color is very versatile.

Psychological studies have shown this mysterious color, it helps to increase self-esteem, but to use it in the design of the apartment should be at the minimum level, so as not to spoil the design of the room as a whole.

Purple shades of lilac are found in a variety of stylistic directions:

  • classics,
  • minimalism,
  • retro.
Lilac - purple bathroom
Dark purple bathroom
Lilac bathroom with brown furniture

specific feature of this color is that it does not reduce the room visually, respectively, can be used to design small areas of rooms.

Besides the fact that this color increases self-esteem, it also has a positive effect on the human nervous system, improves vision, has a relaxing and soothing properties.

combination with other colors

Very good soft lilac hues combined with pastel shades of other colors (sky blue, light green, pink, yellow or green).

Purple and orange bathroom
Lilac bathroom with yellow and green
Mauve and beige bathroom

Great combination are obtained with dark gold or natural shade of a tree.Ugly would look like the color combination of purple and ash-pink flowers, as this results in dirty shades.

Lilac bathroom and wood furniture

Cold shades of lavender combined with golden honey or linen shades.This interior is best to arrange natural textiles: cotton and linen, curtains, towels, capes.

combination of lilac color with white elements make the interior more cool and calm.

excellent in bathroom design will look like the combination of lilac color with shades of purple - plum, purple, blackberry and fuchsia. The main colors - for the walls, for example - to use shades of purple, and with the help of purple make bright accents.This performance takes the interior a touch of luxury, so here is permissible to use silk and velvet fabrics.Excellent

will look and the combination of soft lilac color with rich yellow hue.However, the yellow hue in this case, you should apply for registration details.

Lilac and purple bathroom design
White and purple bathroom
Beige and lilac bathroom
Purple , white and pink bathroom
Purple accents in the bathroom
Lilac bathroom with gold elements


Violet shades are used in the design of bathrooms in many styles.


Includes decorating with natural materials or their quality substitutes.This style is distinguished unparalleled luxury design.There are valid combinations of pale lilac and pastel shades, so the interior takes on a certain elegance and sophistication.

successfully is to use built-in appliances.For registration faucets, knobs and fixtures fit bronze or gold shades most.

Lilac - the classic style


rooms decorated in oriental style, with shades of purple will bring east brilliance and elegance.In such an interior, usually purple shades combined with bright purple, scarlet or yellow flowers.

Perfectly fits tiles with traditional oriental motifs and bright mosaic.Preference is better to give silk and velvet, which will emphasize the luxury and sophistication of this style.

Lilac bath - oriental style


For style minimalism characterized by a small amount of furniture and decorative elements in the interior.It contains only the necessary things.For decoration are used steel, plastic and glass.The purple interior is most common combination of cool shades of purple with white or vivid green, blue and yellow tones.

only competent combination of lilac color with other shades will ensure a harmonious and expressive interior.

However, the organization of the space under the force, as a rule, only designers.Professionals will be able to pick up the incongruous tones and perform organic interior design, given the taste preferences of the master bathroom.

Lilac bath - minimalism


Bathroom Design with an emphasis on the sink and the toilet lilac color will look very impressive.The main thing - to make sure that they are perfectly combined with other home furnishings.

Lilac washbasin in the bathroom
Purple accents in the bathroom
Lilac bath

harmoniously fit into the interior of a snow-white bath.You can also choose a bath lavender shade of acrylic, but you have to know when to stop, so that the interior does not look vulgar.

Beautiful purple bathtub in the bathroom

With accessories (curtains, towels, toiletries) can achieve a harmonious and cozy interior.

Accessories lilac bathroom
Lilac bathroom furniture
Lilac furniture in bathroom
Lilac sink
Lilac bath accessories
Furniture lilac bath


must be considered when choosing a tile for the lilac bathroomthat in small spaces is recommended to use light molasses, and spacious - more vivid.

Striking purple tiles under the skin

perfectly combined with a lilac tint will be orange, white and black colors.They can arrange various elements on the walls, or use them as decoration.

Beautiful white and purple tiles
A beautiful combination of purple tiles
Stylish lilac bathroom


Light in purple bathroom should not be very bright, on the contrary, soft lighting accentuate the interior elegance.In the bathroom, executed in the spirit of classicism, perfectly fit chandelier.For other style decisions will be indispensable placing several recessed luminaires or exquisite lamps.

Whatever the design project of your bathroom, remember that all should be in moderation.This way you will emphasize your taste and personality.

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