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August 12, 2017 18:06

Modern bathroom : design, style , interior decoration ( 59 photos )

Modern bathroom
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Ethnic
  • Country
  • Provence
  • Hi-tech
  • Italian
  • Minimalism
  • Fusion
  • Japanese

When choosing a design more attentionmost paid living room - bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom is on the second plan.But the room in the morning makes us cheerful and cheerful people.At your disposal a huge selection of plumbing and exclusive furniture, so that we can create a unique bathroom, bring it warmth and comfort, and make expression by a particular style.When you want to achieve maximum aesthetics and functionality of the bathroom, we are faced with a difficult task - to choose a style for the modern bathroom that is suitable for you.

Beautiful modern bathroom


This style will give you confidence that the design of your bathroom, do not go out of fashion for many years.

ideal for finishing material in the classical style is considered to be marble.Furniture largely made of wood.Preferably use only natural materials in the classics, which is often costly.

advantage of the class

ical style in the presence of a plurality of functional cabinets and shelves.This is very handy when you have to store a lot of small items.

elements of classical style:

  • calm pastel colors, nice looking,
  • bath with fancy feet,
  • light sources resembling candlesticks,
  • cranes "in bronze."
Bathroom in classical style
Elegant modern bathroom in a classic style
Classic style in modern bathroom
Beautiful modern bathroom in a classic style
Modern bathroom in a classic style
Bath with a four-poster bed in classic style


Modern involves the introduction of innovations and modern technologies.

Ideal for a small bathroom.It is suitable for expensive bath and bathroom with a small budget.

There are many ways to build a bathroom in this style.The combination of colors used in contrast, often used division of space into zones by using decorative partitions.

Partitions - en Art Nouveau

Various plumbing is located on the basis of convenience and the highest functionality.It is appropriate to look corner bath, shower, sink.

furniture is often made from a fairly cheap, practical materials.In this style, it is desirable to use an innovative furniture, the main feature of which is economical accommodation.

Types of lighting can be varied - from single LED lamps to the original location.The main rule in modernity - the emphasis on accessories, non-standard sizes and shapes.

Bathroom Art
Bathroom Art Nouveau style
Beautiful bathroom with a stone in the Art Nouveau style


This style refers to the collective.This oriental motifs, and Japan, India and the Scandinavian, African styles.It welcomes natural materials and colors, the presence of traditional patterns and motifs.

color palette corresponding to selected ethnic group - bright juicy African emotions or a calm and restrained Japanese character.In creating the bathroom in ethno-style focuses not plumbing and accessories.Figurines, patterned vase, symbols on the walls - all that is capable of imagination, will help you to plunge into a particular country.

Bathroom in ethnic style


peculiar rustic style, which is preferable to use coarse massive elements, natural materials such as stone, brick, wood.Use only natural colors, such as green or beige, brown or sandy.

welcomed the presence of many textiles, curtains in the small flower, wicker baskets.Lights dimmed, this can be set small sconces.Furniture and plumbing are very simple, classical forms are without any frills.It is appropriate furniture looks antique.

Bathroom in country style
Bathroom Country
Bathroom - country style


This is another interpretation of country style, created by the province in France.The walls in this style simply paint or plaster.

furniture used thorough, for example - forged.Typical restrained color palette from dairy to pale pink, lavender and pale purple tones.Very appropriate floral ornament, especially lavender.

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in the style of En Provence


many this style at first seems completely impractical.However, in practice only possible to understand all of its charms.It automates the relaxation conditions to the highest level.Him inherent tranquility and crisp lines.

main principle is a high functionality with minimal accessories.Glossy walls, ceilings, shelves, mirrored cabinets, asymmetrical shapes - all this in the bathroom high-tech style - a style for bold, contemporary personalities.

Modern high-tech bathroom
Bathroom in the style of hi -tech
High-tech bathroom


This design is a wonderful way to add beauty in everyday life.The sources of inspiration of this style - the nature and the famous Italian cuisine.It was built on a natural, relaxing colors.Arched windows, marble finish.

reference to antiquity, it is possible to use a mosaic tile floor, a bath in the "legs" of stainless steel.In the design of recommended tile with a diffuse pattern.

Lighting preferably layered - chandeliers, sconces and even candles.

in bathroom design in the Italian style used by a large number of puffs, carpets, dressers, upholstered furniture.The traditional approach is to install the very bathtub in the middle of the room, covering her four-poster or circular curtain.

Romantics added sconces and candelabras with candles.Popular groin vault ceiling and niches.Modern Italian style minimalism is often diluted to give up all luxuries, maintaining the elegance and tradition.

Italian style - Bathroom


This design does not tolerate disorder.Lies in the simplicity of shapes, geometric lines clear, complete lack of decor, a large amount of light.In short, this suite without any extra parts, where each item has its own place.It

typically use one or two colors.Bathroom furniture and other accessories should be the simplest forms.

Bathroom in minimalism style
Modern minimalist bathroom
Bathroom minimalism
Bathroom minimalism
Minimalist furniture for bathroom
Modern bathroom - minimalist


style, combining elements of the most diverse areasperhaps even completely different from each other.It connects them together and displays them with other faces.This paradoxical trend in the design, for which the standard collages of classical elements, ethnics, hi-tech.

Main Features:

  • almost complete absence of voids,
  • deep sensuality,
  • contrast in color,
  • non-standard invoices,
  • trends in the texture.
  • all interior elements are highlighted separately in a special way,
  • abundant use of textiles, vintage things.

This style is for those who like to experiment.

Bathroom in fusion


For such a bath is characterized by the feeling of peace and tranquility.A characteristic element is the ofuro bath-circular shape, made of natural materials, usually wood hinoki.The wood has excellent properties: does not rot, the penetration of fungi and pests.Beautiful are its antibacterial properties.The analogue in Russia - cedar.Often this style is used to create an atmosphere of relaxation in the bathroom.

Ofuro bath in Japanese style

to create a bathroom in the Japanese style the perfect solution would be a wooden bathtub.

main traits:

  • simple shapes and clean lines;
  • natural colors;
  • minimalism.
Bathroom in the Japanese style

For Japanese style is characterized by a variety of partitions that are functionally share a bathroom.

used discreet natural shades of sand, milk, beige colors.You can use the bright green and red colors, but they are relevant in the minimum amount for emphasis.

Ofuro - bath in the Japanese style
Modern bathroom in the Japanese style
Bathroom in the Japanese style
Japanese style - Bathroom
Beautiful modern bathroom in the Japanese style
Bathroom in the Japanese style - bright colors


choice of color for the bathroom is totally dependent on herstyle.There are several fashion trends in interior design.

Valued bright yellow and orange hues.They add to the bathroom juiciness and warmth.

Yellow modern bathroom

Not so long ago there was a tendency to combine three or more colors, very fashionable combination of muted olive, cream, beige or gray, sandy shades.What color will dominate - a matter of taste.

Pink marble bathroom
Beautiful modern bathroom
Modern bathroom with bright accents

tiles Choosing

selection of modern design is a mixture of styles - eclectic, with each separate bathroom must have its own flavor. Combining colors and patterns every time we give birth to something new and exclusive.For example, a combination of green tiles, sand and blue colors, combined with the right accessories will transform your bathroom into an oasis or the Mediterranean.Achieve excellent styling makes the right choice tiles.

Beautiful modern bathroom with tiles

Designers believe that it is in the bathroom tile solves many nuances.Among the leading tile manufacturers Italians.Colors and themes tiles can be varied, but the biggest demand is always on the tiles with floral, floral designs.The once-popular nautical theme is now handed over their positions, apparently, managed to slightly annoy consumers.

Blossom favorites tiles are red, orange, purple, as well as many of the "acid" colors.Also in the fashion and green checkerboard tiles.

Chess tiles in the bathroom
Blue - orange bathroom
White- gray- orange bathroom

Combining different types of tiles is an integral part of the room design.For us is a traditional horizontal division walls, however, are now relevant vertical stripes on the walls.

When choosing tiles the most common mistake is to acquire a large-scale tiles for a small bathroom, which leads to cutting the tiles, creating a sloppy look and recalling patches.

Needless to save on tile price, buying a fake. Better to acquire real tiles Italian or Spanish companies, otherwise, unable to start the repair, you have to throw out the wind a bunch of low quality products.

If you still want to save money, buy a low-cost domestic tile, even if it will not be as original and stylish.

Beautiful mosaic tiles in modern bathroom


Assortment its incredibly diverse.Currently very popular have these devices, such as hanging plumbing, contactless plumbing, built-in tank of the toilet, corner bath and shower stalls, mini-baths, built-in wall showers, asymmetrical shell.

In fashion a rain shower, where instead of the usual for us to use the hose grille is fixed on the ceiling. This creates a wonderful relaxing experience and stylish looks.

very popular massage, working due to the built-in bath nozzles which direct a jet of water at an angle.This facilitates the rapid relaxation of tone and increase in muscle.

Unusual shower
Modern outdoor faucet
Beautiful modern bath glass
Glass sinks
Unusual modern bath
Shower - chandelier

If you want to design your bath unconventional read about the unusual designbath.


In Russia, few people recognize the furniture for the bath, because sometimes is not enough space for all the plumbing layout.It is necessary to possess literacy skills placement really important interior.You can, for example, use the empty space under the sink and bathtub.In specialty stores you can appreciate a lot of lockers that can fit perfectly into these gaps, thus hiding the pipe.

To save space, it makes sense to use a curtain furniture and properly placed mirrors help you to visually enlarge the space.When choosing furniture you should pay most attention to the material, it does not absorb moisture.

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Furniture in the bathroom

Redevelopment bathrooms

It often happens that the bathroom is not located in a place where it would be convenient for you, but it is not always possible to separate it from the bathroom.Many people encounter the issue of irrational arrangement of pipes, decide which is actually real.Pipes passing along the floor is easy to hide in the so-called "podium", which plays the role of the steps to the bathroom.With the help of the furniture so you can disguise the pipe, but should leave a small window to him.

In the bathroom, room with bathroom to be installed fan and hood, to avoid high humidity premises.

Redevelopment of a modern bathroom
Modern bathroom remodeling
Planning bathroom
The modern layout of the bathroom
Disposition of the modern bathroom
Modern bathroom remodeling

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Accessories With the right accessories you can make even the most unique sleek and boring bathroom.Hangers interesting shapes, chandeliers with unusual elements, glass with toothbrushes, toilet paper holder can be an integral part of the style of your bathroom.Towels and other textiles create a feeling of comfort.

should carefully consider every detail to achieve the desired result.

Bathroom accessories - Mirror with shelves inside

How can I save

With a budget is always difficult to realize the desired, but it is possible.Even without expensive materials, you can create the bathroom of your dreams.

should foresee all the errors that in the future they could do without the extra cost:

  • decide the design style,
  • furniture, plumbing, building materials must combine them into a single solution,
  • think over the decor and make itindependently,
  • take a shower cabin with his own hands.

even more ideas, see the article: budget bathroom renovation.

It is important that the result of the process was the cozy room in which it is pleasant.

For a good outcome of your project you need to plan creatively and lovingly to approach the work, as well as perform the finishing quickly without delaying repairs for months.