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August 12, 2017 18:06

The partitions in the bathroom : glass , plasterboard .Doing their own hands

The partitions in the bathroom
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  • Materials
  • Installation of brick
  • Glass
  • installation of glass blocks
  • of plasterboard with their hands
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In the view of the majority, a bathroom have to becomfortable, functional and beautiful.For such a small space is quite serious requirements.This requires a special partition for the bathroom, which can perform several tasks at once.

Beautiful partition in the bathroom


Zoning space - the most popular and consistently applied fashion designers method optimization and harmonization of space.With the partitions of different sizes and shapes can be divided into "wet" and "dry" zone in the bathroom or separate relaxation area from the places where a washing machine or toilet.What are partitions and why they are needed?

  • Made of expensive, beautiful materials septum, may well be the main decoration of the bathroom.For example, glass walls look great on their own, because they create a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.Supplemented the list, or other decorations, they look absolutely stu
  • bathroom, especially if it is combined with a toilet, - performs a variety of destinations.To it could be at least two people at the same time, the functional areas can be separated by means of opaque partitions.Partitions made of transparent materials can be used if you just want to visually distinguish between, for example, a recreation area and home area.
  • partitions for bath or shower - it is not only aesthetic, but also a practical solution.Partitions protect the floor, walls and appliances from moisture.
  • Another important task of the partitions in the bathroom - a hidden communication.Partitions allow you to hide from the eyes of water and sewer pipes, while leaving them free access to the repair case.
Decorative wall with stained-glass windows
The partition between the sink and the toilet
Plasterboard partitions between toilet and wash basin
The partition between the shower and the toilet
Decorative stone partition
The partition separating the toilet


Depending on the features that youconfer on the walls in the bathroom, you need to select the material for their production.

  • Concrete, brick and stone walls - this is the most thorough and capital solution.From these partitions will not be so easy to get rid of, so they should be installed only if you are going to make repairs "for the ages."It should be noted that the concrete is typically used only to form the basis, the walls themselves are constructed of stone or brick.Natural stone looks, of course, is much more effective, but also cost several times more expensive than brick.Those who want to achieve the effect of the masonry, it may be advisable for the artificial stone facing of brick wall.
  • Glass partitions are of two types: some of them are one-piece glass panels, and others gathered from glass blocks.And they both have their advantages.Partitions made of tempered glass look more impressive and occupy less space.Partitions from glass blocks can be assembled independently, plus they provide additional sound insulation, of course, only if they are deaf.Both options are expensive, but the effect is worth it.
  • gypsum plasterboard partition walls are used mainly to align the walls and hide communications.It is the most inexpensive and easy to embodiments.Its only drawback is that by themselves plasterboard panels do not look quite aesthetically pleasing, therefore, require finishing.Usually over the plasterboard laid ceramic tile, but there are other options, such as plastic wall panels.Below, we detail how to talk about the installation of various types of bathroom partitions.
Plasterboard partitions
Decorative partition of pipes
Decorative plastic partition
Decorative glass partition
Stone walls
Combined plasterboard partitions and glass block
The partition in the bathroom with storage space
Glass partition in the bathroom
Stylish partition in the bathroom

Installation of brick

in order to build your own brick partition, you will need: proper brick, mortar, trowel, building level and a partner.Last is necessary in order to supply the bricks and mortar, but you can do without it, however, working alone, you spend a lot more time.If you have a hammer, that's just fine, because the kneading mortar with it much easier.

The partition in the bathroom of bricks

Work procedure:

  • Before starting construction, should prepare the base: the floor area on which is mounted a partition, free from the old flooring, remove the remnants of building materials and dust,then moisten with water in order to provide a better grip.
  • Next to the floor and wall markings applied.This should be done with the help of a spirit level.For greater stability of the partition walls can be proshtrobit a few centimeters, but the bathroom is not necessary.
  • On the prepared substrate is applied to the grout, over which is laid the first row of bricks.Try to make this number as much as possible even as it is the final result will depend on it.
  • During installation the following rows need to constantly ensure that the partition is not bulged forward and did not go wave.To control the "curvature" partitions, pull a cord, which rises for each subsequent row.
  • Stack grout should be two-centimetric layer.During masonry fill, not only horizontal but also vertical joints between the bricks.
  • not get carried away!Only one and a half meter walls can be laid out in one day (in height), otherwise the solution is not to gain a foothold, and the wall "lead."

Glass partitions Glass can be ordered from this company specializes in.Those organizations that are engaged in manufacturing glass partitions, and often engaged in installing them.

Mounting a partition requires professional skills and tools, so it is better to entrust this work to specialists.

partitions used for the production of glass plate 1 cm thick, which are connected by a system of special fasteners.The result is resistant to extremes of humidity and temperature structure, which is virtually impossible to break or split.

Waterproofing is ensured through the use of a water-repellent coating and sealant based on acrylic.Glass can be decorated with a pattern or mosaic decorating elements.It may be transparent or translucent, colored or colorless, but, in any case, it will look really cool.

The partition of glass bricks
Combined partition of brick and glass
Stained glass partitions in the bathroom

If you plan a solid partition, such as the shower, between it and the ceiling is necessary to provide a gap of about 20 cm, otherwise it will be poorly implementedventilation.

Transparent glass partition between the shower room and bathroom

installation of glass blocks

If the walls of the glass plates are manufactured and assembled to order, then the partition of glass blocks it is possible to make your own hands.Glass blocks are hollow boxes, measuring 24x24x8 cm It is not clear, but perfectly reflect light -. What you need for the bathroom, devoid of natural light.Furthermore, glass blocks provide excellent soundproofing, not pass water and do not corrode.

Laying glass bricks in the bathroom

There are two ways to create partitions of glass blocks:

  • «Wet» method involves the use of tile adhesive or special glue for glass.Masonry is made almost the same as the installation of brick walls, but not glass blocks stacked in a checkerboard pattern, and one on drugoy.Bloki aligned relative to each other with plastic crosses, and to the floor, walls and ceiling - with the help of mortgages inwhich act as a hammer a nail.In one day you can lay no more than 5-6 units of rows.After the partition is constructed, allow it to the day that the adhesive is dried out, then it is necessary to overwrite the seams.
  • «Clean" method , as the name implies, involves less dirty work, so you can dispense with the adhesive solution.For adhesion of glass blocks used special modules made of aluminum, plastic or wood.These modules are attached to the walls and to the floor with screws, but with each other and with the glass blocks are held together by means of slots.Using a "clean" way, you can build any form of partition in the bathroom: a step, with recesses, etc.

of plasterboard with their hands

about working with drywall on our site has been told more than once, as it is often used for arranging bathrooms.

The device profiles for metal partitions

So here we remind you only the general principles and the procedure works when installing drywall partitions:

  • On the site of the future partition set metal profiles uw.Depending on design size, they are mounted on the floor, ceiling and walls.Use the dowels or screws and observe the step of 30 cm.
  • then should strengthen the construction of the supporting profiles using labeled CW.They are set in increments of 40 cm and are attached to the rails with special screws.The frame is ready!
  • cut into drywall and begin the frame plating, if necessary.If possible, avoid pruning too strong, and use whole sheets of drywall, so it will make the structure more rigid.
  • drywall sheets are mounted vertically and are fixed on the metal profiles with screws.The same operations are repeated on the other side.
  • collected drywall constructions can immediately decorate.You can use ceramic tile, plastic panels, waterproof paint or decorative plaster.


as partitions in the bathroom may be not only solid construction, collected from the most affordable building materials.If you show a little imagination and spend a certain amount of time, you can create a unique piece of furniture that you will not find anywhere else.

Mirror partition in the bathroom
Curtains made of beads
Curtains of textiles
Glass decorative solid partition
The partition in the bathroom of the stained-glass windows
Glass partition in the bathroom with a pattern

Here are some original ideas that may inspire youon their own ideas:

  • partition, which is the rack. This solution is very convenient in terms of the organization of storage in the bathroom.Such partitions may be either single or double-sided.They are produced, usually for the order, from a variety of materials.Especially effectively looks partition-shelves made of artificial stone.
  • partition in which the hidden pull-out cabinet. This design is also made to order, usually made of wood or artificial stone.It allows you to use the benefit of the free space.The upper part of the wall is often provided with a beautiful countertop and acts as a stand.
  • Screen textiles. If you do not too often take a bath, and prefer to wash in the shower, it does not necessarily spoil the look of the bath at a watertight curtain rod.Instead, you can use a partition of textiles.It can be foldable and portable, and can be located on the ledge, and separate the part of the premises, which houses the bath.The key to this - choose the beautiful matter, which does not deteriorate from exposure to water.