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August 12, 2017 18:06

Light green bathroom : design features, styles blend with the colors , furniture

Light green bathroom
  • psychological impact
  • Spectacular color combinations
  • Skins
  • Possible styles
  • tiles Finishing
  • furniture and plumbing
  • Accessories

When we begin to repair, wethere is a desire to make the interior more comfortable and effective.And the design of the bathroom is no exception to this rule.Every designer, even having some experience in the job, clearly understands that the right choice of color solutions - it is part of the success in achieving the target.Depending on the color space can be expressive and dynamic, contributing cheerfulness and activity owners, or perhaps, on the contrary, a cozy corner, giving the feeling of serenity and peace after a difficult day.With a properly sized color schemes, furniture and accessories from the bathroom, you can make a beautiful and functional space.Since this is the room sometimes helps us to cheer up, sometimes to relax, to design its space you want to use warm, gentle tones.A good option would be light green bathroom.

Light green bathroom with contrasting colors

psychological impact

designers often opt for green bathroom.This does not happen by accident.According to psychologists, it is the green color can positively affect the human psyche.Of course, green tones, there are many colors: jade, olive, emerald, etc.Each of these shades make a bathroom in its own unique and special.

But it is light green color is able to give any vitality, even the strictest room, give a person a feeling of peace, warmth and harmony. In addition, green tint helps get rid of stress and accumulated per day of negative, has a relaxing and calming effect, gives a person the opportunity to focus on positive emotions.

In addition, clever use of color gives designers the ability to create a stylish, spectacular and sometimes exclusive bathroom design, executed in green color.

Light green color in the bathroom
Lime green bathroom
Lime color in modern bathroom

Spectacular color combinations

harmonious combination of colors - the key to creating a stylish and organic interior. vannogo interior space can be created and monochrome, which involves the use of the same color but in different shades and colorful, where preference is given to a combination of different colors.Properly chosen combination of green color with different color shades can give a bathroom a certain novelty and originality.

Beautiful light green bathroom with yellow and orange

very popular classic combination of green color variants:

  • delicate, almost transparent shades of green look good with an intense white, beige, orange and gray;
  • saturated lime color harmonizes perfectly with white, gray, blue, yellow, red and brown, giving the interior sunshine and softness;
  • light shades of light green tone attractive look with a bright yellow, orange, red, able to bring to the interior juicy, major notes;
  • blue - light green palette will add richness Traffic white, gray, beige;
  • create a harmonious duet with light green shades of blue and blue, helping to create the desired effect, expand the boundaries of space;
  • Win-Win is a classic combination of light green bath fixtures with white.This combination has the effect of increasing the space, which is especially important for small spaces.
Bathroom - lime and orange
Bathroom - lime and brown- pink
Bathroom - green, white and purple
Lime and Gray in the interior of the bathroom
Bathroom - lime and red
Lime , white and blue in the bathroom

Enough wide range of compounds of different colors makes it possible to realizemost innovative design ideas for light green bathroom.


Despite the fact that the light green shade is perfect for bathroom design, should be able to reasonably and correctly combine it in the interior.Light - green shades may be used as the primary colors, but can also be represented as color accents.An interesting design decision will be issued in green color only one wall of the bathroom or just a facade of furniture.It all depends on the course design ideas or desires landlord.

Stylish light green bathroom

However, when you make vannogo space in gentle - green is necessary to consider that for this there are three main ways:

  1. Combining light - gray, light - beige, whitewalls with light green tone of the furniture;
  2. combination of light green room decoration materials and light-colored furniture;
  3. the harmonic light shades and colors of the green herb, as in the choice of finishing materials, as well as in the selection of furniture.
Gentle light green bathroom with roses on a hot plate
Beautiful light green bathroom
Pale light green bathroom

An equally important factor in the design of the bathroom is its lighting.Owners of private houses can afford to enjoy the brightness, richness of light green tint bathroom with natural light.Incidentally, the design of the bathroom with a window Think thoroughly teach all the nuances.In the absence of windows you need to use artificial lighting thoughtful.Thanks to the new construction technologies, there are quite compact light sources provide bright intense light, which is able to visually expand the space of a small bathroom.

Light green bathroom - natural light

Possible styles

Nowadays, there are many styles of interior decoration.Each style has its own characteristics, unique colors, original features.The bathroom can create a classic and relaxed, or extravagant and colorful.

Light green bathroom
White and light green bathroom
Light green - brown bathroom

gentle shade of green is different versatility.Therefore, it may be used in any style ideas in the form of basic and additional colors, which makes it ideal for use in the interior.Then it all depends on style preferences of each.

for bathroom design in green color will suit several styles:

  • for marine use style perfectly delicate shades of green.This interior can be supplemented by decorative elements on maritime landscape: seashells, a mirror with an appropriate finish, finishing materials with sea-themed, striped decorative elements.In such a bath is easy to feel the fresh sea breeze.
  • for oriental style should be combined with shades of light green color of the sun, which fully conveys the feeling of luxury of the East.
  • for tropical style light green color blends well with the color of the sky and yellow hues.These are ideal for live indoor plants, sultry images of landscapes and special wicker furniture for the tank, which looks quite original.
  • for Art Decor must be spectacular combination of rich green color with yellow and white flowers that give the room a unique grandeur and elegance that is typical of this style.
  • classical style, you can use the furniture and bathroom fixtures in white, which stand out favorably tiles green color, forming a harmonious tandem style and color.
  • for country needed the contrast that can be obtained with a combination of white and green - brown.This combination of colors of furniture and interior finishing materials gives a special feeling of comfort.

tender green space vannogo good at merging with different colors, so that the interior of a room in any combination will look harmonious.

Light - light green bathroom
Light green bathroom in oriental style
Light green with white bathroom - modern
White and light green bathroom
Beautiful light green bathroom
Light green with a green bathroom

tiles Finishing

Designers are suitable for finishing the bathroom very responsiblebecause the selected material should be not only beautiful, but also resistant to excessive humidity, constant temperature changes.All these qualities has ceramic tile.This material is durable, environmentally friendly, has a variety of textures, patterns and colors, allow to realize any design style decision.With this finishing material can create a unique and beautiful design bathroom.

Designers are advised for finishing ceramic tiles abandon monochrome, ieUse the same color, without the combination of its colors and additional decorative elements.

Light green bathroom combined with maroon

is better to resort to a combination of different shades of the base color or give preference to two different shades.Interesting design course is the alternation of light green and white tiles, which brings to the space bathroom majeure notes, vitality, a certain playfulness spring.

there are such rules, who try not to disturb the professionals:

  • The bathroom color emphasis should be placed either on the finishing material or furniture.Dark furniture blends well with the light tiles, and vice versa.
  • When using the bathroom yellow - light green palette, materials can be selected in the same colors.
  • vannogo original layout of the space is to use a glass or mirror tiles.Especially this method is good when you want to visually expand the space of the bathroom.

However, ceramic tile in addition to these advantages, has its drawbacks.These include the difficulty and long styling.Slight discrepancies, irregularities will be immediately evident, as a result fail to create the desired effect.

Light green tiles for the bathroom with a pattern
Tile with a pattern green color
Light green mosaic bathroom

furniture and plumbing

Bathroom executed in gentle - green, gets kind of originality is not only due to the well-chosen an appropriate shade of material,but also furniture, plumbing.Modern industry and represented a huge range of bathroom furniture and sanitary ware in different shapes and colors.Designers have the opportunity to create a unique and functional bathroom interior in green color.The correct shape and shade, bath set will emphasize the beauty and functionality of the space.

Effectively looks and stylish interior, where the situation contrasts with the color of the finishing material.

Light green bathroom furniture

If the design is made in green and yellow tones, interesting look shades of yellow, light green furniture and rich shade of light green decorative elements.It is not desirable to shade the selected headset blended with the tone of the bathroom.Bathing space once filled with a feeling of emptiness, emotional coldness.

also perfectly classic combination of light shade of green with white bathroom fixtures. very extravagant and colorful looks Bathing space where not only the tiles but also plumbing, furniture and light green hue.But here we must take into account the important detail: the walls must be darker than the ceiling and the floor, which is recommended for gentle - green tone.Against the background of the original color combination looks plumbing and bathing set of bright green hue.

Light green bathroom furniture
Wooden furniture in light green bathroom
Bright light green bathroom
Light green bathroom
Beige and light green bathroom
Light green tiles in the bathroom
White and light green in the bathroom
Light green with a dark bathroom furniture
White- lime soft bathroom

Besides the beauty of facades, set for the bathroom should have practicality, be made of moisture-resistant material.In this case, the room will be for many years to please its owners not only originality, style, and functionality.


In order to get a unique, stylish, finished interior designers attach great importance to detail.It is the right choice of accessories helps to late to realize the design idea, to place the final touches to complement the interior bright memorable parts to eventually get the desired effect, to breathe life into the interior, fill it with purity and originality.

Stylish green to light green bathroom accessories

Among the decorative elements occupies a special place the mirror.This accessory is framed in gentle - green hue, only underline styles vannogo space.bath design can accessorize more vivid tones of green.

The mirror in the bathroom light green

Special chic bathroom living room will give flowers, they will fill the interior comfort and natural naturalness.

harmonious tandem creates a combination of white bathroom with light-green decor and accessories. This design solution will breathe in the fresh interior newness, add a bathroom and air feeling of weightlessness.The color contrast - white accessories (curtains, towels) at a gentle - green background, too, is considered to be the best color combination.The original is the combination of accessories purple hue.This will cause the lime bathroom sparkle with new colors.

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