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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom with window : features and interior design ( 30 photos )

The window in the bathroom
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  • Location
  • Selection form
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  • interior Styles
  • In Khrushchev
  • window Imitation

always useful to look at things with fresh eyes to new ideasand ideas could bring positive changes or additions to our lives.To this end, we decided to talk about how to think about design bathrooms with a window, what are the benefits in such rooms and how to simulate the window if it is not.


Speaking about the advantages of having a window in the bathroom, once we can say about the practical advantages:

  • Ventilation - one and the most important aspects of the bathroom.If you have a window in the bathroom, then ventilate the room will be much easier, more pleasant and faster.The air from the street will save the room from excessive moisture and enrich the space of oxygen and freshness.
  • From morning until evening, you can enjoy natural daylight, and in the summer or spring to combine the adoption of the usual bath with solar.At night, if you turn off the lights and light a candle, y
    ou can sitting in the hot water, look at the stars and the moon.Besides the presence of daylight saving energy.
  • For designers window in the bathroom - a great inspiration.Its special design can make the bathroom a uniquely romantic.
Advantages of the window in the bathroom
Making windows in the bathroom
The window in the bathroom


From the window location may depend on how it will be carried out major practical functions - lighting and ventilation. to airing to be effective, it is necessary that the window was taken not less than 1.7 m Such a situation would be beneficial for your ceiling:. Mold through continuous aeration will not be able to get accustomed to it.To condense the moisture dripping in the bathroom, the window should be placed with the removal of the street about 10-15 cm.

Location of the window in the bathroom

not recommended to place the window is too close to the tub or shower, because in the coldand wind days from the window can pull cold.In addition, the window must be easy access.If you like to enjoy the views from the window, position it so that it may be more convenient to lay in the bath, watch out.

The design of the bathroom with a window
The design of the bathroom with a window
The design of the bathroom with a window

Selection form

shape and appearance of the window must conform to the overall design and style of the bathroom, so that it fits into the overall picture and not spoil the work of the designer.

Round window in the bathroom

window can be:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • oval;
  • in the form of an arch.

For fans of unconventional solutions window can be any unusual shapes.

unusual form window

rectangular large window from floor to ceiling for large bathrooms in private homes or apartments for modern large.

rectangular box suitable for a minimalist style.

Windows rounded shapes look great in the bathroom classic style and bathrooms of small size, as smooth rounded firm create a feeling of expansion of space and comfort.Odd-shaped window can be a major highlight of the mysterious design and bring joy to the owners and their guests.

Stained glass in the bathroom
Minimalist style
Window Round Shape


important task for the designer in the bathroom with a window is a window decoration.The choice of this decor is great enough.There are several basic options.

How do I make the window is not looked "nakedĀ»:

  • draw curtains;
  • hang blinds;
  • use blinds and Roman.
Making window blinds
Curtains in the bathroom
Curtains in the bathroom Roll

If the style of your bathroom allows you to make windows with shutters, it could be an excellent solution.

For those fond of mysterious and fantastic feeling you can use a colorful mosaic and stained glass decoration.

Roman and roller blinds are very convenient to use and pleasing to its simple style. Shutters help to regulate lighting and colored blinds can bring a special atmosphere and complement the overall color scheme in the bathroom.

Curtains from textiles can create comfort, a feeling of lightness and lightheartedness. However, the presence of curtains requires frequent airing and care.

interior Styles

If the window is suitable shapes, colors and properly positioned, it will be a wonderful and practical aspect for any bathroom style:

  • Classic bathroom decorate rounded windows with curtains or roman, roller blinds.
  • For style "minimalism" nice windows with shutters rectangular shapes or unusual creative minimalist formy.Dlya also suitable roller, Roman blinds.
  • If you like a bath in the oriental style, the mosaics and stained-glass windows is the best fit into the interior.
  • The bathrooms in a simple European style fit perfectly rectangular windows with blinds.
  • For baths with wooden furniture and fittings suitable shutters window
Bathroom with large window
Bathroom with window
bathroom in oriental style
In the style of Provence
shutters in interior bathroom
Beautiful bathroom with a window


Modern designers offer a few clever and practical solutions. box connector can be increased and make it a mosaic or stained. If the bath wooden elements are present, it is possible to make a clearance in the form of shutters.So you will be able to communicate with those who are in the kitchen.

Stained glass window in the bathroom

Illumination brings benefit and create a mysterious atmosphere.It is possible to consider equipping the window colored light.

If you like flowers, simple and nice solution would be to arrange for the windowsill plants, moisture-loving. Since small bath in the Khrushchev, it is possible to reconstruct the window in a small niche for storage.

Decorating the bathroom colors
The design of the bathroom with a window
The design of the bathroom with a window and flowers
The design of the bathroom with a window
The design of the bathroom with a window
The design of the bathroom with a window

window Imitation

If your bathroom has no window orthere is no opportunity for reconstruction, then you can apply the solution that is called the "imitation of the window."Most often, this window looks like a picture in a frame with backlight.This scenery you can buy in a special shop, as well as make their own hands.

Glass can be arranged in any pattern and scenery, and properly chosen lighting can create a real sense of what is really out the window pouring day or evening light.

Imitation window