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August 12, 2017 18:06

White- red bathroom: design features and professional advice ( 23 photos )

Bathroom in white and red
  • red details
  • Making floor and ceiling
  • Implement blacks
  • Brick finishing
  • Expert Tips
  • Skins tiled walls, wallpaper and mosaic

Nonemodern apartment is complete without a bathroom.We can not imagine his life without this little (and someone and not) home corner.Not every one of us thinks about what color scheme to choose for bathroom design.But to no avail!With skillful selection of finishing materials, a combination of color, decor, you can make yourself comfortable place.Very showy varinat - white and red bathroom.

red details

The generally accepted view of the presence in the bath of blue, white tones.But do not you think, what color scheme suggests the idea of ​​a hospital ward? designers in developing their projects often use the reception of bright color accents. In this case, the use of red color is very appropriate.

The red accent in the bathroom
The red color in the white bathroom
red- white bathroom

Red - is the color of energy, dynamics and persistence.So use it in the bathroom decor elements should be very cautious.Many red color ev

okes a feeling of heaviness.So the main thing - do not overdo it.And it is primarily concerned with small size bath room.

If you have a small bathroom, the red color should be introduced to a minimum, highlighting some specific details of the interior: lamps, plumbing, curtains.

Red in a small bathroom

Red in itself is a clear and dominant.Therefore, it should not be used concomitantly with other bright colors.Otherwise there will be no style, and as such a kind of chaos design, which does not bring the owner a bathroom no aesthetic pleasure and comfort. The best option - white and red bathroom with small black accents.

White and red bathroom with a black

visual red color reduces space and when it is very much in the interior, the room loses its howling comfort. Try to experiment with bright accents. countertop red and frosted lamps will be a win-win primary goal.You can buy a bright fluffy terry towels in red, mats and curtains of red tones.The mirror in the white frame will look great, if you add to it a few red lights framing.

Accessories in white bathroom
Red countertop in the bathroom
Red curtains in a white bath

Plus these experiments is that it does not hit hard on the family budget. And if you do not like the presence of red color, then it can always be removed or replaced with the one that you like best.Using

red furniture also appropriate in the bath, but in this case, the color should be dark and deep.Combine this furniture must with white sanitary ware.Accessories silver color will add elegance to this interior.

Red furniture in white bathroom

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If you have white furniture, sanitary ware can be used red, soaked in the same style. However, is such a pleasure not cheap, but the individuality and luxury to your bathroom in this case ensured.

If you show a desire to use two or three colors in the design, it is important to stick to their percentage and domination. One color must prevail and that 60% to 80% of the total presence of color. In no case do not combine them in equal proportions.Otherwise, there is a sense of confusion and chaos.

Bicolor bathroom

When choosing guided by its dominant temperament. White - the color of calm.Red is also the complete opposite of his.It is therefore important to find a balance in their relationship.And if you - people affected by fatigue and stress, it is best to use the red color is minimal.Then you get a bathroom in which you can safely relax after a hard day's work.

Making floor and ceiling

ceiling and part of the walls is best left white. White ceiling accentuate the height, the color of the ceiling arises tightness effect. can illuminate the ceiling with red LEDs, and white walls to place the red tiles per square meter of white space 1 or 2 tiles.In general, the red elements on a white background looks very nice, but they should not be too much.

interesting as it looks in the finishing bathroom tile red, and you can use it a variety of shades, from dark red to light. Another usage of red tiles - is its transition to a wall. looks very impressive and unexpected.

Decorating the walls in white bathroom
Red white floor in the bathroom
Red ceiling in the bathroom

Implement blacks

Making glamor and sophistication is the introduction of black.The tile of black or red, you can safely lay on the floor.

agree that the skillful combination of red, black and white, takes up any space at high level.But the parameter "a combination" probably available in this case only to experts.Relax in the bathroom with lots of black and red hardly succeed.In general, designers are categorically against black bathroom.But plumbing black, many people say: "Yes."

Black white and red bathroom

Brick finishing

Very beautiful structure creates a red brick wall with black solution.Wallpapers black and red shaded white marble tiles.

Fully make the wall of red brick is not necessary. is enough to make a small element and the interior sparkle already in new ways.Dynamism of your bathroom can give the red brick lane, situated at a height of one meter off the floor.

Brick wall in white bathroom

Expert Tips

As manufacturers, we offer a very large selection of shades of red, it is very important to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Red and white bathroom - the best option.The interior does not look heavy, it has to rest.You can add to this reddish and chocolate tones.They will add to the red color of warmth and comfort.
  2. Cold shades of red (the color of cranberries, raspberry) require a combination with another color as an element making gloomy.It should be added a little white color as well as gray, which can be realized in finishing artificial stone.
  3. ruby, cherry, pomegranate shades can be safely used in the finishing bath in white, keeping their balance.Blotches of silvery color will enliven the interior, and it will sparkle with new colors.Highlight to make beautiful mosaic on the floor.
White and red bathroom with silver tiles
Red and white bathroom
White and maroon bathroom

bathroom with red color need special lighting.The light should not be too bright, and come from a single point.It is much better if the bathroom is not one but several lighting.One light will ruin everything you created with such love.Oh, this is the nature of red.

Skins tiled walls, wallpaper and mosaic

The design of the walls are often used red painting or mosaic.

Mosaic red in the bathroom

to create a kind of panels (if allows the size of the bathroom) can apply water-resistant wallpaper most incredible textures and designs.

Glossy shiny elements as well will not interfere in the design. main thing - do not get carried away by them.Everything is good in moderation.And if you hold this, the rules, you will get the output stylish and original design.

Red and white bathroom
Tile red and white bathroom
Red and white wallpaper in the bathroom

red, seemingly not designed to enter the human to rest, but to use it in moderation will cause an effect opposite to common.

Making the bathroom and toilet in red-and-white color scheme - a difficult task.It requires diligent and meticulously selecting all the elements of decor.But at the same time your efforts will be richly rewarded: you will have at home a small masterpiece, made with his own hands, which has been invested so much work and love and diligence.