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August 12, 2017 18:06

Turkish Hamam : the use of the Turkish bath , construction, Qurna ( 33 photos )

Turkish bath with his hands
  • How does the hammam
  • bathhouse ceremony
  • Benefits
  • How to build a hammam
    • Site Selection
    • Materials
    • floor and ceiling
    • methods heating
    • Lighting and electricity
    • Sewerageand ventilation
    • Steam
    • flavor
    • Qurna
    • Massage table and couches
  • Design
  • Safety Precautions

Traditions visiting the baths at different peoples have a lot of differences.The most recognized soft bath "hammam".Temperature lowest therein (typically 30-55 ° C) and the humidity, on the contrary, - increased. Steam Bath - Hammam - have always been famous for its healing properties. they are appreciated by the fact that perfectly purify the body and promote health.More and more people around the world are attached to the traditional Turkish bannomu rite.Attend a bath may even people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

design a truly luxurious Turkish bath, as a hike in the bath, the Turks - a kind of sacred tradition. Women in Turkey, visiting the bath, often discussing the news and all sorts of thing

s, actively engaged in social life.Bath procedure in Turkey can last all day.

Bath procedure in hamam

Design Turkish baths are significantly different from all other species.The thing is that the water boiler is located in the next room, the steam gets through special pipes in the main room. addition to a steam room and a technical part in the bath hammam there room for relaxation.

In the main room - steam bath - massages performed a professional attendant lather. hot steam and a contrast shower is not here, for that matter, and brooms.The bath house has everything for a relaxing holiday: the floor and the beds are heated, steam is supplied with essential oils, and the scattered light makes the situation even more favorable.

Foam massage in the hammam

How does the hammam

Oriental hammam has a few rooms, which are located around the main building.In this room is a special chair or massage table - "Gebek".The adjacent rooms are steam rooms, dressing room, relaxation room and a room with a steam generator.

Gebek hammam

The National eastern bath, usually, there are several steam rooms with different temperature levels, so that visitors have the opportunity to determine the most comfortable heating. Hammam is a fairly simple device principle.Walls, floors and benches gently heat the room, and through special outlets supplied steam with essential oils.Traditional hammam has three pools with water of different temperatures.

bathhouse ceremony

traditional hammam bath is represented by at least three rooms:

  1. Dressing or "dzhamekyan", it is the first.
  2. dressing room, where the body is warmed up and prepared to follow the ceremony.Temperature here is around 35 degrees.
  3. Steam, "hararet".In this room the heat is kept at 45 degrees and the saturation of the ferry is such that the visibility is not more than 1 m.
One of the rooms in the hammam
Turkish bath
Relax in the hammam

It is carried in the steam room massage using soap suds and cleaning of the skin, contributing to its renewal.The process gives way to water procedures.To efficiency of procedures was higher vapor enriched with aromatic oils.

Bath room has a circular shape and is located in the center of a massage table.Along the perimeter of the hall are special niches in which very high humidity and high temperature

Then visitors go into the next room, "soguklyuk" to lie down and relax and drink tea.



therapeutic effects Baths unusually large.Here, the pores expand and improve the perspiration that helps cleanse and rejuvenate the entire body.Together with then displays all harmful substances from the body.Mild temperatures allows the muscles to relax and have a positive effect on the nervous system.

The use of the hamam

Hammam helps normalize the functioning of the respiratory system, and serves as an excellent prevention of colds. Steam treatments also help improve sleep and relieve stress.Very useful this room is for people with digestive problems and weight loss, as mild temperature atmosphere promotes normal functioning of the body.

How to build a hammam

construction Turkish bath rather complicated process that requires a professional approach. It would be best to use the services of specialists to get its own bath, which is so popular due to its healing properties. Below are some tips on how to build their own hammam.

Hamam own hands

For a start it is worth noting that the tradition of building Baths significantly changed, so you can create a steam bath in a small area.

Bath room must be provided at least a pair of separate rooms:

  • technical rooms where the steam generator will be located (the area of ​​the premises about 1 m2);
  • main hall.
Finishing hamam

To maintain excellent humidity and heat insulation inside the building should be conscious approach to interior decoration.

layers should be installed as follows:

  • layer of insulation,
  • insulating layer,
  • layer waterproofing,
  • heating system (water or electric),
  • leveling plaster,
  • screed waterproofing and final.

walls, ceiling and floor have to be decorated in the national Turkish traditions.

Site Selection

The main advantage of the hammam baths is that its construction is not required to create a separate building.Submit it can be in any room, be it a house, an apartment or a wellness center.The main thing that this room was summed water supply, sewerage, electricity and ventilation.

To arrange a hammam, does not require a large area, so the apartment is small size is suitable.

Technical room must be placed far away from the main, but not beyond 15 m. Do not forget that after the completion of the decorating its inner volume is reduced by at least 10 cm.

Modern hamam
Turkish bath in the apartment
Hammam in apartment


main materials of construction for a hammam bath, are stone and metal.The use of wood is not allowed. main requirement when selecting materials - durability, resistance to changes in temperature and moisture.

Material for the Turkish Baths

The best material for the finishing of the Turkish marble baths believe. Since ancient times, it is used for the walls and stove benches.Thanks to its natural properties, it retains heat for a long time, it allows you to smooth out temperature fluctuations and is very durable.Such material will testify impeccable taste of the owner at home, and the price he is high enough.Replace the natural stone can be quite expensive breed tiles of ceramic or glass mosaic.

Hamam marble

as finishing is often used smalt, small mosaic of glass of different colors, which is available in the form of plates or tiles of small size (1 to 5 cm).It can be spread beautiful paintings with a national ornament on all surfaces.This material is very dense and has a high frost resistance and heat resistance.Decorative material that is obvious, Malta is lit from the inside and creates a play of light.There are more than 80 shades of Malta.Work on laying the mosaic is very laborious, but the result will please you.

Hamam mosaic

Tile ceramic - a material that is easier to process and has a low cost. This material can compete with marble and smalt.You can create an inexpensive and yet very beautiful finish, because the choice of sizes and shades of ceramic tile is really huge.

Hamam tiled

floor and ceiling

flooring in the Turkish bath, set at a slight angle so that the water flowed easily, and provide heating using a special system. floor consists of several layers.Two layers of cement covering between which is placed a layer of waterproofing and ends are covered with marble, glass mosaic or ceramic tiles.

The ceiling in the hammam

to condensate does not accumulate on the ceiling, it should be done in the form of vault or arch, then the water will flow over the walls.Non-standard form of the ceiling makes the construction more complicated.At the height of the bath should be above 2.5 m.

heating methods

The hammam bath heating and room humidity level is maintained due to the fact that the wall panels, flooring and benches are heated.Special taps fed steam from the technical room, where he made the steam generator.

Heating hamam

are two types of heating systems hammam bath - water and electric. Electric heating occurs by heating elements located under all surfaces.However, more profitable and budget option is water heating.It involves placing a small all surfaces in the thickness of pipes, which circulates hot water.No matter what type of heating you choose, the technical block should be placed in a separate room.

Lighting and electricity

Electric cable you need to use a heat-resistant, and luminaires with a high degree of waterproofing, as the high humidity requires compliance with all security measures.

Pretty unusual design looks a bath ceiling lighting in the form of a "starry sky". This lighting give the room a mysterious look.

Lighting in the Turkish bath
Lighting in the hammam
The lighting in the form of the sky

Drainage and ventilation

sewerage system in the main room bath must be equipped with a special lock to protect the premises of foreign flavors.Sewer Baths combined with obschedomovoy.

Sewer hamam

Particular care is necessary to choose the equipment, including the ventilation hood.To stay in the steam room was comfortable, air-update should take place every 10 minutes.

Steam Steam is the most important element of the Turkish bath.That it supports a lot of moisture indoors.Power steam generator depends on the area of ​​bath room.Special sensor ensures that the steam entering the bath, do not heat it above 55 degrees.

steam generator itself is located in an adjacent room, and steam supply system under the couches in the bath. Management System is by the entrance of the bath, it regulates the temperature and lighting system.

The control system in the hammam

In no case is inadmissible moisture penetration into the remote.

the Russian market offers steam generators manufactured in Sweden, Finland.Connect the steam generator for 1-1.5 hours before the planned visit.


Steam treatments will be even nicer if the steam to saturate aromatic essential oils, most of which have a healing effect.aromatherapy spray system independently essential essences.

Aromatherapy in the hammam


Steam enters the room from under the benches, where special devices are installed.Bath procedure in the Turkish bath promotes sweating, especially for the steam room located within a water source - Qurna, tank washing near the wall, which does not drain.

Kurna- classic oriental element, which prepare incense and massage soap solution.Traditionally Qurna is made of marble.Qurna is equipped with elegant faucets with hot and cold water, made in the traditional oriental style.


Massage table and couches

When the installation is complete Qurnah, proceed to the arrangement lezhanok and massage table.Most often used for their brick laying. heated couches and table should be mandatory. table surface can vary in size: fairly broad, accommodating several people, or, on the contrary, a narrow, designed for one person.

A massage table
The interior of the hamam
Anatomic hammam

To masseur was convenient to work, the table must be done at a height of about 80 cm final stage -. Finishing a mosaic panel, marble or ceramic.To finish the stove benches and table a professional attendant advised to use natural marble having the properties of durability and temperature retention.


Hammam in the traditional oriental style is to be decorated with a mosaic panel is decorated with paintings or ceramics in the Turkish national traditions. for wall decoration uses tiles of marble or colorful mosaic.

Naturally, the final version of the design Baths depends on your personal wishes and design ideas.

Design hamam
The interior of the hamam
Design Turkish bath

Safety Precautions

  1. benches, wall panels and flooring should warm up to the optimal temperature.
  2. wiring made of thermal resistance and moisture-resistant cable.
  3. lighting elements must have a low voltage and protection against moisture and temperature.
  4. Sewer hole is equipped with a special barrier that prevents penetration of flavors.Heat hammam must be a couple of hours before the planned use, exposing the air temperature around 50 degrees.
  5. After all bath procedures necessary to carry out cleaning using cleaning agents.
  6. Twice a year is required to make routine inspection and maintenance of equipment to clean the steam generator.