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August 12, 2017 18:06

The bathroom in the style of Provence : design features, furniture, tiles and accessories

in the style of En Provence
  • Features
  • finishing materials
  • Colours
  • Choice plumbing
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Accessories

France was at all times and remain a trendsetter, isincluding in the interior design.Trends in bathroom design in the style of Provence also has French roots.

This style reflects the large grain fields, flowering splendor of grass and the gentle Mediterranean coast.Bathroom made in this style, will make vacation more comfortable and enjoyable.


It's hard enough to find a solution for any interior room, made in the tradition of any one style, rather it is a mixture of styles in the decoration, furniture and accessories.This phenomenon - that other, as a means for self-expression, the ability to bring to the interior of his own sense of the world.This also applies to the bathroom, done in the style of Provence.

It can be woven laconic English, classic elegance or rustic ease. However, there are some signs by which one can accurately identify the characteristic features of Provence.

Briefly describing this trend, it should be noted that it is unlikely to meet the needs of active lifestyles and high technology.More popular this style will have the family of people who prefer the comfort and peace in the house.

En Provence style - comfort and tranquility

style name - Provence - literally means "province".Applicable to the styles known as "Provence" is used to refer to one of the trends of country style.Rustic charm of home comfort, style provincial homes south of France.

Provence style characteristic:

  • rustic simplicity,
  • unpretentious,
  • lack of affectation,
  • unity with nature,
  • abundance of floral ornament.
  • natural shades that are heavily bleached by the sun,
  • unique elegance, perhaps even romance previous eras.

in Provence style is unacceptable the presence of elements of modernity and technology.

distinctive feature of the style of Provence is an abundance of accessories. Mirrors and watches forged rim, chandeliers, ornate candlesticks, wicker baskets, figurines.The symbol of France is a cock, so Provencal interior is very often seen figurines depicting this bird.

bathroom in the style of Provence
Accessories in the bathroom in the style of Provence
beautiful bathroom in the style of Provence

very harmonious in the interior will be a combination of forged or cast lamps with glass shades.Wall panels are decorated with seascapes, paintings and all kinds of hand-painted ceramics.The interior will fit perfectly Mediterranean landscapes.

perfect combination of white and blue colors in the design of tiles, bath, curtains and towels will emphasize the sophistication and originality of Provençal style.

Beautiful bathroom in the style of Provence

finishing materials

for olive style characterized by the use of natural materials, in this regard, in the bathroom you can often find the walls covered with plaster and painted layer on top, or a floor of wood.

Naturally, the performance of modern Provençal-style practicality requires materials in connection with the registration for the floor and wall tiles made of ceramics used.A variety of models tiles allows you to create the interiors of olive, without resorting to costly and impractical building materials.

Walls - bathroom in the style of Provence
Paintings and curtains - bathroom in the style of Provence
Muted colors - bathroom in the style of Provence

doors in the interior are usually made of wood (or made of cheaper imitation wood).Plastic and glass doors in the interior is not so fit.It is best to use natural wood shades, also will look great doors light and brown shades of color, but the texture of the wood should be maintained.


Paying attention to the color scheme, it should be noted that dominate the delicate shades of beige bathroom Provencal style.

Often there are cream and sand colors.To complement the main color used brown or terracotta shades.

unusual combination of muted red and pale blue highlight some naivety Provence.

Ideal fit into a gentle color scheme of the bathroom furniture, made in soft mud olive turquoise shades and perfectly white plumbing.

Turquoise bathroom furniture in the style of Provence

Color ceiling usually white, but it is often decorated with ornamental stucco and exposed beams.Sometimes it is simply left white-washed, emphasizing the provincial style.

predominant floral designs in the style of Provence, but he has to bear an additional burden rather than to switch attention to themselves.Meets ornament cells and strips.The main thing in choosing an ornament - the ease and simplicity.

En Provence
Bathroom - Provence
The bathroom in the style of Provence

Choice plumbing

Naturally, all the plumbing has a modern configuration, but should include elements of Provencal style.For the manufacture of shells used metal, porcelain and marble.

Companies that manufacture sanitary ware in the Provence style:

  • Herbeau,
  • Devon & amp; Devon,
  • Simas,
  • Villeroy & amp; Boch,
  • WatergameCompany,
  • Kohler.

sinks mounted to the wall and the floor and may have a console with metal legs or earthenware;base metal resembling cast iron.

toilet is better to choose the same company as the sink in order to achieve a harmonious interior.

Faucets, Shower Heads and valves should also take complete.In general, choose the plumbing quite simply, to avoid straight lines and bright colors.

The sink in the bathroom in the style of Provence
Plumbing in the bathroom in the style of Provence
The bathroom in the style of Provence


material for the manufacture of furniture in the bathroom have to choose water-resistant, but stylized Provence required.

Classic wooden chest of drawers or dresser, decorated of a tree will look very presentable.Wicker baskets will hint at the identity of rural life.Furniture fittings, make better use of forged - it once again emphasize individuality Provençal style.

Furniture in the bathroom in the style of Provence

If you go back to the origins of Provençal style, we can see that the window is a mandatory attribute of a bathroom.Of course, in small areas of the bathrooms do not have windows, but they can be easily replaced by a large mirror in a frame or landscape sketches.

Owners spacious bathrooms possibly fit in the bathroom, not only classical furniture, but also a dressing table, cupboard and chairs made of wood, decorated with pillows.

Furniture in the bathroom in the style of Provence
Sink in the style of Provence in the bathroom
Beautiful bathroom furniture in the style of Provence

Provincial chic bathroom accessories will give a wicker or chair.The modern bathroom is permissible to use leather furniture light shades.The main thing - to place the furniture so that it does not suffer from the area and the comfort of the room.


Massive forged chandelier, candlesticks and candelabra, Provencal style bathroom will fill plenty of light, which is typical of provincial France.

Forged beautiful chandelier in the bathroom in the style of Provence
Lighting in the bathroom Provence
Wrought iron chandelier in the bathroom in the style of Provence


Do not forget about all kinds of vials, vases, figurines, caskets, which are so fond of the style of Provence. However, they do not overload the space, but on the contrary, create a feeling of spaciousness and comfort of the village at the same time.

perfectly fit into such an interior towels and curtains, embroidered by hand.They not only make you feel comfortable in the bathroom, but also tell about your own relationship to the creation and maintenance of comfort in your home.

Following such simple tips, you can recreate at home south of France in all its splendor and beauty.