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August 12, 2017 18:06

Beautiful bathrooms : best photo design , styles , tips ( 43 photos)

Interior beautiful bathroom chic
  • Finishing and plumbing
  • Styles
    • Classic style
    • East
    • Country
    • Fusion
    • Minimalism
  • Plus Sizes
  • Little
  • It's all in the details!
  • basic design rules

What a beautiful interior?Everyone will answer this question differently.For some, the beauty lies in the harmony of color and form, for someone in the abundance of expensive luxury items, and someone says nice only unique, unlike any other interior.All agree on one thing: the beauty - it is something that is pleasant to look at.And what a pleasure it is to watch him, each person decides for himself.In other words, the beauty - a relative term.

Very beautiful bathroom

That is why it is very difficult to give advice on creating a beautiful bathroom interior: a thing that one person finds beautiful, another may not notice it.Or notice, but decides that it is - the most disgraceful thing in the world.But, despite the ambiguity of the problem, we still try to collect and summarize the advice and guidance of designers, on the beautiful interior decoration

.We hope that they will help you to realize your ideas about beauty, and do not only beautiful and stylish, but also comfortable and functional bathroom.

Spacious and beautiful bathroom
Beautiful Bathroom
Very beautiful bathroom

Finishing and plumbing

One of the key moments in the planning of repairs Bathroom - the choice of materials for finishing. for walls and ceilings in the bathroom is an ideal material tile or stoneware tiles.These materials are resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, they look great and have a huge variety of sizes, colors and textures.

Here are a few options for bathroom design using tiles:

  • In the corresponding interior is very impressive to look tiles imitating wood or stone rocks.
  • With the combination of light and dark tiles, you can create patterns that can visually adjust the dimensions of the room, for example, vertical or horizontal stripes.
  • One wall, lined with bright, contrasting with respect to the other three walls with tiles, is able to revive the interior of the premises and its become a real decoration.
  • glossy tile will be an additional reflective element, in contrast to the matte, which absorbs light.Owners of small or dark bathroom is better to stop the choice on such a variant finish.
  • highlight of the bathroom can be a mural of tiles.You can buy it in the store, order individual panels with your image or make your own, for mosaic method using the tiles broken, china, colorful stones, etc.
Wall panels in an interior bathroom
Stretch ceilings and light sources in the bathroom
Stylish bathroom

The best solution for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom are the ceilings.They not only provide a completely flat surface, but also saves space by flooding from the neighbors above.Glossy ceilings visually make the walls higher.This effect will be stronger if you finish the walls using vertical pattern and the room has a lot of light sources.

for choosing finishing materials usually should be the choice of sanitary equipment. Its amount depends on the size of the room and on your financial capabilities.At least - a bath or shower and a sink, in combination bathroom to this set is added and toilet.When choosing a plumbing should definitely pay attention to the materials from which it is made.It depends on the materials used, not only durability, but also the appearance of the product.

natural marble trim will make your room unforgettable.

Bathroom of natural Marble

You can choose a natural stone texture with pronounced or any pattern.This bathroom loudly declares itself and certainly will not go unnoticed.

Aesthetically wins plumbing of sanitary ware, acrylic, Kwara, and artificial or natural marble.

Recently the increasing popularity acquire clear glass sink and bathtub.

Glass bath

addition to the standard, familiar to us shapes and configurations of the sanitary equipment, the stores are a lot of interesting and original innovations.For example, monolithic sink and toilets in the form of huge vases, vintage tubs on legs curved decorative, showers with the office for a sauna more.

Glass bath
Design Option of white bathroom
Bath on curved legs

sure to explore all the options, maybe some of them will have you on the soul.


Of course, the bathroom can be decorated neutral and does not belong to any of the popular styles.However, interior design, encompassing a certain idea, always looks much more interesting.

selected style can be a memory of summer vacation, favorite era or genre of art.

Consider a few, the most popular style in the design of the bathroom.

Classic style

The basis of classical design bathroom can take the Empire style, taking its origins in antiquity, baroque, gothic and others.In the classical interior are always present high ceilings, marble surfaces, wooden carved furniture, paintings, statues, in general, all that embodies our understanding of the ancient European palaces.

See also our article on the bathroom in a classic style - learn about all the features and nuances.

Beautiful bathroom in a classic style
Bathroom in classical style
Modern and beautiful bathroom in a classic style


East interior can be different. Its design depends primarily on the country, which became a source of inspiration.For Japanese style is characterized by the black-white-red color combinations, clean lines and a minimum of furniture.Moroccan style, on the contrary, implies the abundance of various ornaments, decorative elements, the patterns, the combination of rich, vibrant colors, such as turquoise and gold.

Bathroom in oriental style
Stone and gold decoration in the bathroom
East bathroom


Country style, also called rural or village, allows you to find the use of old things found in my grandmother's trunk.Simple wooden furniture, cotton curtains with floral pattern, woven striped rugs - all this you can easily use in the design of the bathroom in a country style.Give preference to natural, natural colors.For the walls and the floor is better to use a tile that mimics the rough unprocessed timber.It is the place to be wooden beams on the ceiling.

Bathroom design in country style
Country style in the interior of a bathroom
Bathroom design in country style in a contrasting combination


Fusion - a contemporary style , which is a mixture of elements of different styles."A combination of incongruous," Often it is called.Bathroom is decorated in this style can consist of things belonging to different epochs.But do not be too carried away by the search for a deliberately eclectic combinations.Despite the call for experiments, fusion involves the creation of beautiful and harmonious interiors.

Bathroom design in the style of fusion
Bathroom in fusion
The beautiful and harmonious bathroom design in the style of fusion


universal style, suitable bathrooms of any size.It includes elements of "light" design.Harakterizaetsya minimum of furniture and creates a feeling of spaciousness.Often used contrasting color combinations to create effective design.

Bathroom in minimalism style
Bathroom in minimalism style
Contrast bathroom in minimalism style

Plus Sizes

If you are lucky enough to own large bathroom, you can avoid many of the problems faced by the owners of the standard three-meter adjacent bathrooms.

For example, you do not have to choose between a bath and a shower, and you can enjoy the benefits and that, and another.You Mauger used in the design of any color.Even the abundance of black is not forbidden!

Ванна в расцветке "Зебра"

presence of additional square meters allows to distract from the task to save space and allow to choose the plumbing and furniture that you want, not the one that takes up less space. In addition to the usual set: bath, sink and toilet, you can purchase and other plumbing.For example, a bidet - a thing is not necessary, but very convenient.

Design a spacious bathroom
Spacious bathroom
Design a beautiful spacious bathroom

So that the modern market offers plumbing owners spacious bathrooms?The first is, of course, the baths.Forget about the standard baths, which barely fit a person of average height.You can opt for a huge round bath with hydromassage, as in Hollywood film.Or install a bath on the podium, which is gently sloping staircase.Or, what is feasible, rather, in their own home than in a city apartment, mount it to the floor as the pool.

now fashionable, in addition to the standard bathroom furniture like cupboards and cabinets, placed in the bathroom chairs, sofas and even beds, thus creating a real relaxation area.

Beautiful bathroom with a bed

And how great you can relax, take a bath looking at the fireplace.This bliss!

Beautiful suite with a fireplace and candles


In the interior a small bathroom the most important thing - it's efficient use of space.Here we come to the aid of the angular models of sanitary ware - bathtubs and sinks.However, the bath is better to completely give up, replacing it with a shower or a corner.They only help to save an extra square meter, which can be set, for example, a washing machine, but also look just fine.

special models of sanitary ware designed for small bathrooms.In the shops you will find a sink, under which you can install the washing machine, suspended toilets and more.

Another problem - it is to organize the storage of things.For a variety of shelves and cabinets do not always find a place, and that is, it is often not enough. For this purpose one can use the space that is usually not used. For example, a beautiful bathroom set sliding screen or behind the toilet to organize the storage system.Visually expand the space as possible, using lighter colors in the walls, floor and ceiling.

also a good option is to place the washing machine under the kitchen sink, water lily.Read about it in our other article.

Washing machine under the sink , water lily
Bath screen with sliding
Monoblock toilet and sink

It's all in the details!

in creating a complete interior will certainly help you a variety of interesting accessories.Buy them should be based on the selected style.Mats, towels, curtains, hooks, soap dishes, towel holders - all this must be in harmony with each other, not only in color but also style accessories.Harmony - is not meant to be the same, it means be a beautiful and effective combination.

In the interior bathrooms can use things that are not associated in our minds with bathroom and seemed to come from the other rooms of the house.For example, fluffy puffs, paintings, statues, flowers in pots or vases.It looks very suddenly and brings comfort room.

Carefully consider lighting.Try to use different light sources - chandeliers, sconces, floor and table lamps, candles.Provide the ability to separate the different functional areas of illumination.The presence in a bathroom window room, of course, a rarity, but it can be replaced by a large mirror.

Little things in the interior decor
Lighting in the bathroom
Thoughtful little things in a beautiful bathroom

basic design rules

Before proceeding to repair, draw a plan of your future bathroom, consider the style and key elements.Pay attention to unusual modern plumbing - perhaps it will be a major focus in your beautiful bathroom?

A beautiful mural in the bathroom
Shower for a beautiful bathroom
Beautiful bath with candles

To make the design of your bathroom really nice, first of all think about that:

  • It is important to choose the rightcolors. suit lighter tone, but expressive nature can not afford to make in a small room bright accents, such as mosaics for a small bathroom.For a large room, you can use dark or bright colors, experiment with different color combinations.
  • choosing finishing materials, should also take into account the size of the room .The larger bathroom, the larger must be tile and drawing on it.
  • various functional areas can be designated by each zone a color and by organizing separate coverage for them.
  • If you are not satisfied with ready-made designs, try to decorate the bathroom with their hands. You can paint the walls with waterproof paint, make a mosaic picture or draw a glass shell with the help of technology "decoupage".
  • Note the new, ergonomic models of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. They are not only comfortable and functional, but they are often true works of design art.