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August 12, 2017 18:06

Black and white bathroom: design options for laying tiles in black and white ( 23 photos )

Black and white bathroom
  • game of contrasts
  • Room small
  • spacious room
  • Terms and advice on registration
  • Application Method of black and white tiles, combining
    • Classic
    • The staggered
    • Herringbone
  • Lighting
  • furniture and plumbing

The bathroom interior must take into account a lot of nuances.From that, what style it will be performed before any material for finishing wall panels, ceiling and floor covering is better to use.Of course, it is very important, the bathroom will be created in any colors.

Traditionally these accommodations made to draw in pastel shades, but not less than harmonious and practical in the interior will be black and white color palette.It does not only emphasize the sophistication and elegance of your taste, but also help to recreate a trendy and innovative solutions for your bathroom.

Elegant black and white bathroom

game of contrasts

If used in the interior of the combination of opposite colors, with special emphasis on the contrast, you can get a very practical and effective solution for your bath


Bathroom design in black and white with yellow accents

When using combinations of black and white in the design of the bathroom are refined and elegant interiors, which have a kind of a relaxing effect.It was in this room, we begin and end your day, so the absence of an abundance of bright colors will help to focus on their inner world and organize thoughts.

An example of black and white bathroom

If you want to see in the design of the predominance of black, read our article about the black bathroom.

Black and white is always wise to use in the interior of the bathroom.They decorate any room, regardless of its size, but do not forget about some of the nuances in the use of these shades.We'll talk more about them.

Black and white bathroom

Room small

In order not to reduce the space already small room in the design of the wall panels, floor and ceiling is best to use white color.In this room will be visually perceived more relaxed and vibrant.

visual effect of high ceiling, you can create, if tiled stripes vertically. This pattern tiles can be anything.

Black-and- white stripe in the bathroom

sure to consider this point, that the mirror should be positioned so that the strip of black color (if they are used in the design) or completely black wall did not fall into his reflection.Otherwise, we will achieve the effect of narrowing the space.

for floor covering can be used simple geometric elements and only decorate the white tile floor mat black, which favorably emphasize design ideas. more advantageous, of course, it will look like a floor that mimics the black-and-white checkerboard cells. This tile can be put, both directly and on a diagonal.

Sex in the bath in the form of a chessboard

Do not spread along all the walls black stripes, asthe amount of space immediately reduced.In such a style will look great snowy white plumbing rectangular shape.

Interior black and white bathroom

Another method that allows visually expand the space - to do the opposite wall of contrasting colors (transverse walls - white and longitudinal - black).

Black and white bathroom : black and white patterned wall

, the room is allowed to use special stickers for tiles that will be diluted somewhat dull and gloomy classic shades.You can also add to the interior a few color accents, such as towels and linens bright colors (red, yellow, orange or green). very well in this interior fit fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers in black and white bathroom

spacious room

bathroom of impressive dimensions, creating a fancy interior is not complicated, and it is simple enough to be made into a classic black and white. Black and white colors will look perfect in a spacious room, and designs a room can be innumerable.

Black walls in the bathroom
Patterns in black and white

interesting decision wall decoration will design three of them in black and white only ode.At the same time the wall that is opposite the door, can be successfully decorate floral ornament, using special stickers or matching tiles.

ceiling in such areas best left white, but the flooring to make black. also appropriate to use the numerous black-and-white drawings of ornamental flooring.For registration of borders is recommended to use black, silver, gray shades tiles.It will be very interesting to see the inclusion of such a tile laying in the wall panels.

Excellent in black and white interior of this room will look pure white carpet with a long nap. is also possible to not use the mats and the opportunity to leave lighting equipment reflected on the glossy surface of the tile.The shell can be made of black or choose milky.

Terms and advice on registration

For style bathroom in black and white was harmonious and elegant it is worth remembering a few rules:

  • In a small bathroom have to be large enough amount of light in large spaces allowedlighting some areas make more muted.
  • The ratio of these two colors depends on the size of the room.In a small bathroom should prevail white shades, and spacious it is possible to use more black accents.
  • Do not forget to correctly place the mirror - in their reflection should not be black vertical bars or walls.
  • competently use a tile with an ornament, so as not to overload the room.
  • With bright textiles can dilute the black and white palette.
  • Avoid excessive decoration in order to achieve the best effect.
Placing mirrors in the bathroom black
The design of black and white bathroom

Application Method of black and white tiles, combining


classic combination when laying tile is a combination of black and white shades.To achieve a harmonious interior is not necessary to spread these shades of large surfaces.Thus it is possible to issue an apron at the sink, but it is not necessary to decorate the wall chess ornament.The best part of the surfaces of the walls to make pure white, and the other - black.

A good option would also be vertical or horizontal separation wall in the plain areas.It is necessary to avoid the alternation of colors on all planes.

Horizontal black tiles in the bathroom

The staggered

Alternating two-color combination of the tiles will be very well looked on the floor, however, and there are some features. not need to use the tile formatav large closet, becausealready tiny space look even smaller.small tile will look spectacular.

Black tiles in a checkerboard pattern

If laid tile strips, you can achieve different visual effects.For example, laying the strip width can be made wider space, and if they are put in length, respectively, is longer.

To add a space volume should be laid on the diagonal stripes.

Chess order in the bathroom


There is another option of laying tiles of contrasting colors, which will hide the lack of volume or errors plan - "herringbone". is also worth noting that less than a sharp contrast will be created if instead of a pure white color cream used.This finish makes the room more mellow and gentle, and at the same time retains the same illumination.

Укладка черно-белой плитки "елочкой"

If we plan to lay the tiles on the walls and on the floor, it should be on these surfaces use a different image stacking.For example, the floor lay a square tile in the form of diamonds, and the walls - a rectangular tile, imitating brickwork.

method of laying a lot.Make a drawing of a variety of styling is necessary in order to create a visual distinction between wall and floor.Otherwise, the room will seem less welcoming.


Excellent will be combined in black and white bathroom with crystal and metal parts, so choose just such lamps.It is important that there is good lighting in the black-and-white bathroom.

is also worth noting that less than a sharp contrast will be created if instead of a pure white color cream used.This finish makes the room more relaxed and soft, and at the same time retains the same illumination.

The lighting in the black-and- white bathroom

furniture and plumbing

for shelves, cabinets and shutters shower is best to use transparent materials, asthis will save valuable space visually.

furniture in black and white color scheme is very helpful.Just place it on the plain walls, to avoid the effect of "ripples".

Note: emphasis should be not so much, or the game of contrasts can be tiring you.

Black with white furniture design in bathroom

To make the interior more ceremonial, can be used to hang lockers and dressing table, decorated with black and white pattern in the form of lace.In this case necessarily have to be self-colored walls.As a material for chandeliers perfect black crystal.

Interior decorations in black and white bathroom

From which animal do you associate black and white combination.Most likely, a zebra?

made the original interior of the bathroom and to deliver them from the ordinary help bath in the colors "zebra.

Ванна в черно-белой расцветке "зебра"

In addition, you can purchase a black bath or sink. Custom colors add even more uniqueness to the interior.

Black shell in black and white bathroom

very successfully in the spacious indoor bathroom will look great flower vases, floor lamps, bedside tables and dressing tables. It all depends on your financial capabilities and imagination, which in the design of such facilities maybe truly limitless.