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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shutters to toilet and bathroom : types, especially the choice and installation of their own hands

Shutters on the toilet and bathroom
  • Purpose and dignity
  • design
  • How to choose
  • External registration
  • installation methods and features of installation

shutters, familiar to us on doors or windows, can now be found intoilets and bathrooms.However, the function in the bathroom at the shutters a little different.Most often, they are designed to conceal the gap or niche, in which there are unattractive communication.These shutters are very comfortable with a regular meter reading or change of cartridge filters.

Tubes for roller shutters

Purpose and dignity

Any bathroom can be divided into the visible region, which is facing, furniture, sanitary ware, as well as hidden zone, represented by different connections, communications, valves, meters andlike.To distinguish between them, and make the interior of the bathroom attractive, use different technical solutions.For example, a curtain of plastic or cloth, which is a low one, but little aesthetic.

Having decided to close the communication duct chipboard, you degrade access to the pipes, e

ven leaving the door, it may be far from the spill area.Blinds though more aesthetic, but in need of special care and do not protect from noise.

Mechanical shutters in the bathroom

Modern and increasingly popular way to hide and communication equipment in the toilet and the bathroom is to install shutters.They have quite an attractive appearance, allowing even improve the interior of the bathroom.When necessary, the blinds go up quickly, opening up full access to the meter or pipe.

Another advantage is called the excellent noise insulation, when used in the bathroom of plastic pipes will be a valuable factor.In addition, installation of roller shutters can be performed independently, allowing you to save on their installation.Shutters are made of hygienic material that can withstand wet cleaning.Due to the powder coating painting shutters durable and long time to keep the visual appeal.

Shutters on the toilet

Shutters help to hide the shelves that store detergents, household items or tools.With a finished appearance bathrooms will not suffer from the type of mops, cloths and boxes of powder.And you get the possibility to use the bathroom space with more rationality, while reducing the clutter of the home.

Shelves for roller shutters


have sanitary shutters it is the same as that installed in the openings of windows and shutters doors.When opening the web, which are the individual lamellae, is wound onto the shaft, which lies in a box (or it is mounted outside the opening, or on the inside).

Within this balancing shaft has a spring structure that prevents spontaneous unwinding of the web.When the shutters are closed, it is a dense cloth covering the niche.The closed position of shutters can be attached to the latch, but more reliable option is a common outer castle.

If the opening in the bathroom has a width of less than 52 centimeters, the spring mechanism is not used, and set the shutters, in which the cord mechanism.

The design of roller shutters

Installing shutters is recommended that the full height of the opening, as it is impossible to guess where in the pipe flow is formed.Closing tightly even a part of the opening, you will lose the main advantage of this option - the possibility of access to all communications.

Shutters on most of the opening

How to choose

Selected characteristics shutters affect their functionality and cost.

First of all, measure the opening to determine the exact metrics shutters. So you will know the width and height of the desired product, as well as the size of the box, which are directly related to the length of the web roller shutters.Next, select the type of drive that will wind up and unwind the web.The best option will be the inertial spring, because at a certain setting, it allows to fix, unwound shutters at the desired height.Shutters with automatic lifting system is more expensive.

Next nuance choice plumbing shutters - their method of installation. entire structure can be mounted inside an opening in the cover or be on the outside.You also need to decide who will be responsible for the installation of roller shutters.

for self installation required some knowledge and ability to use additional equipment for repair.Installation errors are not simply exclude the warranty products, but also spoil the finish bathrooms.If in doubt, better to entrust the installation of the structure, which sells shutters.

is important to determine the appearance and shutters material for bathrooms. most common products of aluminum profile.They are covered with factory paint to prevent corrosion.

Quite often in bathrooms installed shutters made of plastic as this design is easier, and her color palette is wider. installing decorative blinds in the bathroom, and you support the design of the room, and you can add interesting color scheme or image.

Installation choices for shutters
Automatic shutters
Roller shutters with a pattern

If shutters are not selected for the bathrooms in private houses and in public places, important resistance to cracking.A good choice would be the steel shutters with high quality locking mechanism.

External registration

bathrooms for everything necessary to select not only the most practical solution.Choosing Blinds, registration will also aesthetic.Slats roller shutters are painted, powder coated, able to move heavy-duty use, the humidity drops, the temperature difference.Therefore, they are suitable for use on the streets, and in the bathrooms.

Since the colors produced are very diverse shutters, shutters to choose the right shade to the interior of the bathroom and the toilet is very easy. neutral decision will be white shutters, but do not miss the opportunity to add to the design of bathrooms printing or drawing.So you can turn the roller shutter in the central object of the interior of your bathroom.If your bathroom is tiled several shades, roller blinds can order a suitable design for a finish.Manufacturers offer paintings and boxes in different design options, but before you buy should look at them in the finished interior of a bathroom.

Blinds in the bathroom

Handles for roller shutters are also very diverse.They may resemble a conventional door handle, be a hook, a ball, a semicircular bracket or something else.

Plumbing shutters with photo printing

installation methods and installation features

To install plumbing shutters optimally reflect when held toilet and bathroom repairs, change the pipe, installed filters, meters and other equipment.Install blinds at this time to avoid expenses on a separate installation required, if repairs have been completed.Installing plumbing fixtures and changing the tube, you will be immediately evident that you want to hide, and the places where shutters are appropriate.

Boiler for roller shutters

manipulation for installation of roller shutters in the toilet or bathroom are fairly simple, so they can be carried out without the involvement of specialists. In this work on the installation of roller shutters do not demand more jobs.During installation, no need to move the washing machine or other objects.When mounting the blinds in the bathroom with their hands, apply a layout under the rails and drill holes for mounting.It is important accuracy to the web is not twisted for fixing the guide dowels used in the future.Next you need to install the shutters drive, and then do the installation web, and the final step is to install the cover on the box.

to select the method of installation of roller shutters must take into account the design of the opening. main ways to install shutters in the bathroom are:

  • With duct inside the opening. This method is considered the best, but it is important that communication allows you to mount the box.The measurements performed after alignment of the walls, but tile, then shutters easily attached to the wall, the result was a level with it.
  • With duct opening outside .In this way shall, when the box does not fit into the opening.Measurements are performed after the tile laying and fixing is done on a hot plate.Therefore, this installation also purchased when facing work completed.In determining the size of the boxes take into account the height of the opening, because when high design, it for its full opening of the shaft will meet a greater number of turns of the slats.
  • vnakladku. Such a method is used in the thin walls in the bathroom, for example, if they are made of plasterboard.Then the box is just outside and is provided with the lower guide.Such mounting does not reduce the height of the opening and does not require fixing to the ceiling.This box design is reliable and simple.
Options shutters mounting

Watch a video on proper selection of shutters.