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August 12, 2017 18:06

The screen for the bathroom: species selection .How to make your own hands ?( 19 photos )

Bath Screen Transparent

How many times in your soul righteous indignation rose after some of your family members flooded the entire bathroom floor during water treatment?How would carefully you did not try to wash, water droplets always fall on the treacherous wall, and the bathroom floor, creating dampness around.This can be a real threat to your health, there is a high probability of slipping on the wet floor and seriously injured.

Someone is trying to solve this problem by using a special curtain for the bathroom.But look, such blinds are generally cheap and tasteless.Moreover, if they accidentally touch up, they begin to stick to the body unpleasant.Perfect alternative to it can serve as a screen for the bathroom.

These simple,

but at the same time, robust construction, used all over the world for several centuries.Of course, over time, their design and manufacture of materials have improved.In this article, we will tell you all about the screen for the bath and help you to find the screen that best suits you.

The child in the bath for a curtain
Decorative outdoor screen for bath


First screens in the bathroom were used not so much to protect walls and floors from moisture, as solely for aesthetic reasons.These screens were made of wood and had become an ornament to the bathroom, defending the man who washed, away from prying eyes.

now screens for bath for the most part is made of two materials: glass and plastic.

Design a cover of plastic


Polycarbonate - a versatile material , which in recent years has been used all over the place - from the construction of greenhouses and roofs to manufacturing of lenses and CDs.

Polycarbonate imposes the following useful physical properties:

  • is heat-resistant and provides excellent resistance to even large temperature differences;
  • has high strength and toughness, so that you do not have to be afraid that you accidentally split the screen and get hurt during the adoption of water treatments;
  • Polycarbonate is resistant to chemicals, making it easy to clean;
  • Polycarbonate - a lightweight material and design of it obtained virtually weightless;
  • It is easy to mount, as plastic bends, and the probability of crack or scratch when installing in times less than in the glass installation.
Polycarbonate Screen

All these properties make it an ideal material for use in the bathroom.In addition, plastic screens, usually are much cheaper screens of glass.


Pros use screens made of glass:

  • Glass is resistant to aggressive environments;
  • It is hygienic, does not rot, and it is not formed of germs and mold;
  • Glass screens have low thermal conductivity,
  • Their service life is much higher than that of the plastic screens;
  • Regarding the choice of painted screens, it should be noted that staining glass screens is more stable.
Glass cover for the bathroom

Transparent glass screens can fit perfectly into any bathroom interior and create a unique play of light, which is not able to repeat any other material.

classification structure

All screens can be divided into two major groups: fixed and mobile.

Frame screen for bath
Frameless screen for bath
Multi-section cover for bathtub

Mobile screens mounted on the rim bath and attached to the walls around her.

By type of construction, such screens are divided into:

  • Frame - have a special plastic or metal frame that allows the use of thinner glass or plastic.Such designs are considered to be more durable and reliable, and will not allow a single drop of water fall on your floor.
  • Frameless screens.As a rule, for the manufacture of thick tempered glass is used.The most common model is the screen covering half bath, with smooth rounded corners.They are called the corner.
  • Combination or multi-section of the screen, as the name implies, combine both of the above types of structures.
  • screen also can be solid and composite.

Depending on the type of shutters, screens are:

  • Opening - in which one or more of the valves opens push outward.
  • Sliding - in which either one door on the roller pulls to one side, or two doors are leaving in different directions.
  • Folding - door that folds on hinges.

first option with opening doors is not the most convenient and suitable only for large-area bathrooms.

The opening screen for bath
Sliding screens for bath
Folding blinds for bathrooms

role in the design

The screen is no less important element of the room decor than tiles or plumbing, because due to its impressive sizenot notice it in the room is simply impossible.What you need to consider when choosing a design registration screen for your bathroom?

  • Those who do not want to cover it in the bathroom was too noticeable, ideal screen made of transparent glass or polycarbonate.
  • If you live in the apartment a few people, a bathroom and toilet you have, it is better to use a matt screen or screen with a dense pattern.
  • Moreover, as a glass or plastic screen can be executed in a certain color.It should be selected in accordance with the color scheme of your bathroom.
  • screen for bath can be supplemented with original design touch, if you put on it some beautiful picture or create an interesting texture on it.
  • We advise giving preference Still translucent screens light shades.Otherwise you will have to think more carefully lighting directly above the bathroom.
Transparent cover for bathtub
Screen with frosted glass
Screen pattern sandblasted

How to make a screen for the bathroom with their hands?

If you are in the store could not find the desired screen size, color or design, you can make it yourself.In addition, the self-made screen will cost you much cheaper than the purchase.In the manufacture of home-made screens, better yet, give preference to plastic, as this material is much easier to work with.

Screen of plastic pipes

We need the following materials for the work:

  1. Polycarbonate Sheet required height and width;
  2. profile for frame manufacturing (we will do a screen skeleton);
  3. Screws and screwdriver;
  4. Construction roulette;
  5. Bulgarka / stationery knife / hacksaw;
  6. handle for which a screen will open.
Blind Polycarbonate Bath

of work stages:

  1. With a tape measure the exact dimensions of the screen of the future.You must consider that between the top edge of the screen and the ceiling should be a clear space for entry of light and fresh air.Otherwise, the screen will accumulate for too moist air, and you simply have nothing to breathe.
  2. Mark the polycarbonate sheet the size and neatly cut the excess in any suitable tool available to you in the present.
  3. If you plan to make a fixed screen, the bottom profile is fixed to the side using the bathroom sealant.Before proceeding to the next steps, allow sealant to harden completely.
  4. Side profile will be attached to the wall.First, you need to make markings in those places where you plan to place the attachment.Then make the appropriate places in the hole and fasten the profile to the wall with screws.
  5. Insert the polycarbonate in the profile slots and make sure that it is firmly seated and not falter in it.Pin
  6. remaining profile along the upper edge flaps and a second side.
  7. attach the handle at a comfortable height for you.
  8. Check the screen.
Screen for bath

With a strong desire, you can make the screen, starting from the side not the bathroom and the floor.However, in this case, it makes sense to think nothing of purchasing shower.As you can see, the process of making screens for the bath with his hands is not complicated.If you purchase special rollers and the corresponding attachment, you can even make yourself sliding or folding screen.

glass screen, in principle, can also be set independently.The truth in this case, you have to go to a special shop where you cut out a piece of glass of the desired size and shape.Also, install the glass in the profile and strengthen its better not alone, and with any partner.As we mentioned, the glass is heavier than plastic and it is likely that it will slip out of your hands and break.During construction, use special gloves.

Designer metal screen