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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design project Bathroom : small , with a washing machine .We select a tile

Trendy accents in the bathroom
  • project Visualization
  • bathroom Style
    • Classic
    • Modernity
    • Ethnic
    • Country
  • color bathroom
  • original plumbing
    • Sinks
    • Baths
    • Showercabin
    • Toilets
  • Optimize space in a small bathroom
  • new solutions with minimal budget
  • What can you do with your hands
    • Updating old bath
    • Shelves
    • Update walls
    • Mosaic

any well-designed and high-quality repairs must begin by making a design project.The project design includes documentation, including a flat drawing, estimates of works and construction materials, as well as the terms of reference.Often in a design project includes a set of sketches showing the detail of the interior design: styles, finishes, placement of furniture and other.

Design project Bathroom

It is considered that the creation of a design project best left to professionals.Usually they come to the aid design agencies or companies involved in construction and repair work.Meanwhile, the self-holding for the development of the design project of your own apartment, you can save not onl

y time but also money.Spending a few hours of their time, as a result you get a project that fully meets your requirements and financial possibilities.

to get the hand is better to start with a small space, such as a bathroom. sure your bathroom has long been in need of some alterations, so why not breathe in the old building a new life?

Possible changes in the design of the bathroom

Visualization Project

to start construction arm meter, pencil, paper and a ruler.Measure the room and move the drawing on paper.Remember the lessons of school drawing - always check the drawing of the door and window openings, location of plumbing risers.Be sure to include the height of the ceilings.

Further, based on the size and shape of the room, experiment with the arrangement of furniture and sanitary ware. better to use computer programs for visualization of the interior. Online you can find many of these programs.Among them are very simple to understand which will be able to even a novice user.

Take note current trends in bathroom design of our articles.In it you will find a lot of interesting!

The result is a bathroom computer visualization

Having achieved the optimal balance of key elements of the interior, think about conducting electricity, connection to water supply and ventilation systems.Based on the location of washing machines and other appliances, check the location in terms of outlets.From the location of the toilet bowl, sink, bath, shower and bidet will depend distributing water and sanitation.

dealt with energy supply systems, proceed to the most pleasant part of the design project: search for stylistic and color decision bathroom.

style bathroom

In order to decide on the future style of the room, draw his aid media: flip through magazines, look on the Internet images of TV programs and records, dedicated repair and interior.

Choose the ideas you like and try to apply them to your bathroom: whether the technical parameters of space requirements, which presents a particular style interior?In other words, if the same desired and actual?For example, the classic interior, which suggests the presence of high ceilings, columns and pedestals of various difficult to implement in a standard combination bathroom, an area of ​​3 m2.

Combined small bathroom

Let's look at some of the most popular styles of solutions for bathrooms.


Classic is suitable for spacious bathrooms with high ceilings.To recreate the classical interior should be guided only by natural materials - stone and wood.If your budget is limited, you can use an imitation, but only quality.Plumbing should be white, preferably porcelain.The main decoration of the bathroom can be a vintage claw-foot bathtub.For all metal products is better to choose a gold, bronze or brass finish.In classical bathroom will look great crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, as well as lamps, candlesticks simulating.

Bathroom in classical style


main requirement is a modern interior ergonomics.Modern bathroom involves organizing the most comfortable space with all the latest technological advances.Here you will be able to accommodate built-in furniture, shower or corner bath.Special requirements to the size of the premises and the use of materials is not shown.The modern interior is eclectic in many ways, it allows mixing of different stylistic elements.

Modern style


The basis of this style you can select any country, be it India, Norway, China, or any other.The basis of style takes a certain color scheme: for the southern countries - the brighter, the northern - more relaxed and complemented by matching accessories.Here you may find useful souvenirs brought back from his travels.The decoration and furniture is better to use natural materials, but if this is not possible, you can simply complement the interior of national patterns.

Bathroom in oriental style


It is also called country style.If we apply imagination, the re-creation of this style will require minimal financial costs.In such a bath should be the maximum number of items from the rural flavor, you can make yourself or find in the bins grandmothers.Plumbing here need the most simple.The main item of expenditure - is finishing materials that mimic natural stone and wood.The color scheme should be natural - all shades of brown, green, yellow.

Bathroom in country style

color bathroom

color design bathroom will depend primarily on the selected style.For example, for a classical interior it will be white, black and gray colors for the Scandinavian - blue, blue and white.

In addition, the choice of color can affect the size of the room.Design a small bathroom in need of light.He pushes the walls visually.Dark colors under pressure and visually narrow space.

Bathroom in bright colors
Bathroom fuchsia
Zoning bathroom color

The large bathrooms is better to use two or three colors in the decoration of the walls and floor to divide the space into functional zones. By choosing the colors for the bathroom should be taken very responsible, since the colors are able to exert influence on the physical and psychological state of the person.If you are prone to depression and apathy, stop for a warm, rich, sunny colors.In order to find peace of mind and calm the nerves better to choose a quiet pastel shades.

Finally, pay due attention to the compatibility of colors.Get yourself a palette-fan and play with different color combinations, you may find there is quite unexpected and original color scheme.

original plumbing

decide on the style and color scheme of the future bathroom can proceed to the choice of plumbing.In addition to standard white acrylic bathtubs and toilets from sanitary ware, sanitary ware modern market offers a variety of new and innovative solutions.


Conventional shell mounted on a pedestal, leave in the past.In their place comes a new, more modern design.For example, a sink, worktop, which leaves plenty of space for storing cosmetics and accessories.

also popular outdoor sink in the form of huge vases.

For a large family is perfect sink with two bowls, which allows you to turn the daily washing and cleaning teeth in a fun time together.

A double sink bathroom

Owners of small bathrooms are increasingly opt for special shells, which can be installed under the washing machine.

Sink in the washing machine

materials used for the manufacture of a variety of shells - faience, porcelain, marble, metal.Especially popular transparent glass shell.They make the interior of the bathroom more ease and play of light.

Glass sinks


Over the past decade in the design of bathrooms, there were also some innovations.Firstly, this regards shape.In addition to standard models oval, now in stores you can find tubs of different shapes: round, rectangular, square.

Baths with angular arrangement helps considerably save space.If, however, at your disposal there is a large room, consider installing baths of irregular shape.The modern bathrooms feature a variety of methods of installation options.For example, you can put the bathtub in the center of the room and set it on its feet, the podium or a decorative frame.

Bath - bowl

Pay attention to the original faucets for baths.Now especially popular Mortice mixers that are installed directly on the bath side.Mixer-counter, which is a metal column, will look great in a modern bathroom.Another interesting solution - water lighting.

Faucets with backlight

Modern technologies allow to make the bath a variety of colors.If we apply due diligence, you can find even black.Thus, whatever the style and colors of the room you choose, you can always find a suitable color bath.

Beige corner bath with hydromassage


For those who do not like to take a bath and wash prefers a quick, good solution would be the shower.Showers are available today in a variety of configurations.Almost all of them are equipped with hydro-massage, and especially advanced models are able to provide you with services of sauna, aromatherapy, infrared saunas, can entertain you with music and movies.

Modern showers


toilets on the market in recent years and some changes have occurred.First of all it concerns the emergence of new structures.For example, there were suspended toilets, whose only visible bowl and the drain unit is mounted over the false wall.

Also popular candy bars - in the toilets of the bowl and drain constitute a coherent whole.Corner toilets suitable for small spaces.

Fantasy designer sanitary ware sometimes knows no bounds.So, you can find a toilet, drain the barrels which is a toilet tank or in the form of a royal throne with backrest and armrests.

Modern toilets for bathrooms and toilets

Optimize space in a small bathroom

question rational use of space is particularly relevant when it comes to a small room, in this case - the bathroom.To start take care of visual expansion of the room - this will help you light colors, horizontal or vertical stripes on the floor and on the walls. mirror and glass elements interior also will play in your favor.

further consider whether it is possible to save space in the bathroom through the plumbing?Corner bath model, toilet and sink significantly ease your task.Perhaps you are willing to give it a bath and give preference to the shower?In this case, you will get exactly the extra square meter of space.

Bright small bathroom

Also do not forget about the furniture.In the organization of storage you will come to the aid of built-in furniture for the bathroom.Towels, cosmetics, household chemicals - all this must be stored somewhere.Apart from the usual hanging lockers and cabinets, suitable for this cabinet, which is mounted sink.All you need for cleaning, as well as the tools and the remains of the building materials can be stored under the bathroom.It is sufficient to install a special sliding screen.

Design a small bath

For many families is very topical question: "Where to install a washing machine."Desperate to find a place for it in the bathroom, some of it back to the kitchen. A good solution is to put the washing machine under the sink in the bathroom. To do this you will need a special model basin, but to find it in the store will be very easy.

new solutions with minimal budget

If your budget is limited, but still want to change, try to start with small changes that do not require large expenditures.

If you need to update the wall or the ceiling, instead of cheap tiles, you can use plastic panels. The store has a huge selection of flowers and textures.If necessary, these panels can be quickly removed and replaced with something more expensive and permanent.

Decorating the walls with plastic panels

good alternative to buying a new bathtub - acrylic bathtub insert.It costs quite expensive, and its installation takes just a couple of hours.Your old bath will again shine white.Ennoble the space under the bath will help a sliding screen.The most inexpensive option and is made of plastic panels.

Acrylic insert into the bath

Now it was the turn of accessories.They are able to shape the style of the room.Dispose of old curtains, mats, towels, soap dishes and so on.Buy new things in the same style or color scheme.Your bathroom will sparkle once in a new way!In addition to mandatory, useful accessories in any bathroom a place for a totally useless but beautiful things.Look, you can find where to place a vase, candle holder or a statuette.

decor options

If there is a small extra amount of money, you can also change the towel rail, mirror or lighting.

What can you do with your hands

If you come to such an important and interesting case, as an update bathroom with the invention, and not to spare his time and effort, the repair will cost you mere pennies.

Here are a few useful tips.

Updating old bath

Update old bath can be with liquid acrylic bath.The advantage of this method is not only low cost, but also in the fact that you can choose absolutely any color.Work will take you just a few hours, and in the bathroom a day can already be used.


make shelves for bathroom room can be anyone who knows even a little contact with construction tools.The easiest option - shelves made of wood or chipboard.The cut parts can be painted in any color of your choice (it is better to use for this water-resistant paint).You can make shelves and glass or plasterboard lined with tiles, however this will require a little more cash costs, building skills, tools, and materials.

Homemade wooden shelf

Update walls

Skills tiles wall decoration can boast one.If you already had this experience, then you can save a few thousand, if you do not call for help of professionals and try to cope on their own.If you do not want to take risks, but do not have the extra money, it's possible that your option - a PVC panel.