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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tile for the bathroom : tiles on the walls and floor , the design features ( 24 photos )

Tile for the bathroom
  • basic requirements
  • Types
    • Bikottura
    • Monokottura
    • monoporosa
    • Clinker
    • Gres
    • Cotto
  • classification, sorting and symbols on
  • packaging Influence tile colorsthe perception of space
  • Features selection
  • New style
  • tile from one collection
  • options combining
  • savings!Creating mosaic tiles from waste

undisputed favorite among the materials for finishing the bathroom and the toilet is a tile - ceramic tiles, made from a mixture of clay, sand and minerals, and baked in a special way.Various types of tiles are used as surface coatings of walls and floors, as well as a decorative part of the room decoration.In this article we will focus on what are the different types of tiles and how to choose the appropriate tile you.

basic requirements

When choosing tiles, as well as other decorative and building materials, which are used in rooms with high humidity, special requirements:

  • Tile for the bathroom must be watertight and practical.
  • tiles in the bathroom have to be washed f
    requently to her did not form plaque and mold, so this tile must be resistant to chemical detergents.
  • Bathroom tile needs to be hygienic and possibly consist of only natural materials.
  • tile for the bathroom should be resistant to any external effects and does not change its color when exposed to sunlight, steam, and other factors.
  • tile should be solid.Installation and dismantling of the tile - it is very troublesome.If the wallpaper is easy to re-stick if necessary, to change the tile in the bathroom is not so simple.In addition, its cost is much higher than that of the wallpaper or in plastic panels.Therefore, the choice of tiles should be approached responsibly.
  • you have purchased tile must comply with well-established size for this type of tile, as well as having the correct angles and even surface.
  • the case of glazed tiles, you must also carefully monitor that glazing coating was smooth, without streaks and irregularities.
Tile for the bathroom
High-quality tiles for bathroom


Tile itself is a subspecies of ceramic tiles.However, it, in turn, is divided into several types.

In fact, in some places it is planned to lay the tiles, tile is divided into tiles:

  • for inner lining;
  • for exterior cladding;
  • pool.

In addition, tiles can be wall and floor.Floor tiles are generally more durable and less slippery than with the wall.

types of tiles

Depending on the technology, the following types of tile:


Bikottura - enameled ceramic porous tiles low strength, which is most commonly used for finishing interior walls.It made for double-fired technology, and that led to its name.Its main advantage is the incredibly rich variety of different decors.

Bikottura in the bathroom wall


Monokottura - more durable compared to bikotturoy tiles which are fired only once.This tile is used for floor and wall, and some of its types and all are frost resistant, making it suitable for exterior spaces.

Bathroom lined monokotturoy


monoporosa - close in manufacturing technology monokotturoy, monoporosa physical properties more like a bikotturu.It is used exclusively for interior decoration and mostly for the walls.A distinctive feature of this technology is the ability to produce large-sized tiles, which considerably facilitates the laying process and generates less seams.

Bathroom lined monoporosa

Clinker Clinker - custom tile geometrical shape, which is mainly used for cladding steps and stairs because of its high strength.This tile is not afraid of water, chemicals and other aggressive environmental influences.

Clay tiles

Porcelain Gres - tiles, characterized by high strength and resistance to abrasion.Typically, such a cut tiles mimics natural stone, such as granite, marble, etc.

Bathroom lined with ceramic granite

Cotto Cotto - a special kind of tile, easily recognizable thanks to its unique design.It can be done in various shades of terracotta, antique.

Collection Cotto Artistico

classification, sorting and symbols on the packaging

Due to the fact that each type of tile has its own specific physical properties, has developed a special labeling system, which is designed to give the buyer the most complete picture of thecommodity.

So, marking primarily serves to indicate the tile varieties.There are only four types of tile: from I to III, where I sort of stands for the highest quality tile and III grade - the lowest, as well as the so-called commercial grade.Commercial grade, in fact, the same third grade, only featuring high strength and lack of a rich selection of colors.

How to understand the number of color varieties:

  • I grade marked in red;
  • II grade - blue or blue;
  • III grade - green;
  • Commercial Grade - also green.
Choosing tile for grades

However, there are other labeling tile.The next type of marking tell you about the attrition rate of the tile.

There markings goes from I to V, where:

  • I group - tiles for interior design bathroom, toilet, bedroom;
  • II group - tiles for areas with limited traffic areas such as a kitchen, corridor, residential buildings;
  • III and IV group - Tiles for areas with high traffic;
  • V group - tiles of retail and commercial activities, government agencies, etc.
Symbols on the tile

by how disastrous for the tile may be the impact of the chemical elements, tile is divided into four classes:

  • AA - tile does not change its properties and qualities under the influence of chemicalsubstances;
  • A - tiles can slightly change their appearance under the influence of chemicals;
  • In - tile varies considerably;
  • With - complete loss of the original form of tiles.

There are other markings, but they are not significant and guess their meaning is much easier:

  • image snowflakes on the box means that the tile is frost resistant,
  • drawn trace from the soles meansfloor tile.
  • marking the square with small colored tiles means that in one pack will tiles of one sort, but different shades.

impact on the perception of color tiles premises

Choosing tile for the bathroom is also important from the point of view of the room decor.After correctly selected tiles can not only beautify, but also visually expand or, conversely, narrow space.

  • for appropriate use of the bathroom room as a warm and cool color tones.
  • is not recommended to buy the bright, acid colors, as they quickly get bored and begin to irritate the eye.If you want to add a bath of color, it is better to make a small contrasting blotches.
  • dark floor tiles makes the room visually larger.
  • visually expand the room is also using mirror tiles on the walls.
  • Black tiles visually narrows the space.But do not be afraid of the dark shades of the tiles - just need to be able to use them competently.
Mirrored walls in the bathroom
Color accents in the design of bathroom tiles
Tiles of dark tones in the bathroom

If you are not very good at matters such as the choice of tiles, it is easiest to take a plan of your bathroom and seek with hima consultant at the store.It not only tells you what kind of tile, a collection and what colors you use the better.

If desired, it will create for you the so-called 3D-visualization of charts, where on a sheet of paper is a detailed plan, in which part of a collection of bathroom tiles and color better use.

3D-visualization of the bathroom

Features selection

As we have mentioned above, the tiles in the bathroom should be moisture-proof, the least porous and resistant to chemical cleaning agents.On matte tile almost no noticeable streaks and dirt, and with glazed easier to clean, so the choice is entirely up to you.

Tile for the bathroom walls of unusual shape

Before buying you need to decide on the form (rectangular or square) and size of the tiles.Tile large size is easier to install and it forms a smaller joints, which then will accumulate bacteria and mold.However, it is worse than holding on the walls and beneath increasingly empty cavities are formed.As for the rest, pay attention to its labeling when choosing tiles.

With regard to the physical properties of the tiles are applicable all the same selection criteria as for wall tiles.

There are two main differences between floor tiles from the wall:

  • It should have a surface that does not slip and can not be the cause of injuries.For this reason, many prefer a matte floor tiles.
  • Floor tiles should be at least twice the thickness of the wall.

In addition, the floor tiles should be resistant to abrasion.

Floor tiles in the bathroom

New Style

Choosing ceramic tiles for the moment is so great that manufacturers are trying in every way to interest your potential customers the most unusual colors, patterns and textures.For those who like to carefully design property of the apartment, and will not settle for a standard white or pastel tiles manufacturers regularly release tile collection in various styles.

It should also be borne in mind that if you decide to run a bath in any particular style, not only tile, but also, furniture and other items in the bathroom should be made in the same style.

Bathroom in loft

such styles as country or vintage, it is better not to use the bathrooms small area.It would look ridiculous.For a small bathroom will be more appropriate, modern style high-tech or modern, thanks to which a small space of the room can be used to the maximum benefit in terms of functionality.

Different tiles to create a bathroom in oriental style

tile from one collection

Any collection contains two main types of wall tiles: the background, monochromatic tiles of several colors and shades, and decorative, with various patterns.It also provides a special decorative ceramic tile for steps, handrails and curbs.In some collections and floor tiles also present.Buying tile specific collection, you can choose the right and wall and floor tiles in the tone, and you can buy tiles from other collections.

Tiles in the bathroom from the same collection

options combining

Ceramic tiles can be easily combined with other materials.The main thing is that all finishing materials used by you had on the water repellent features.

tile in the bathroom can be combined with:

  • wallpaper;
  • mosaic;
  • glass tiles;
Ceramic and glass tiles in the design of the bathroom
  • natural stones;
  • bamboo;
  • PVC panels;
  • and even wood paneling with an appropriate water-repellent coating.

In addition, the combination of different materials in the bathroom can be used for the purpose of the zoning of the room.

Tile , mosaic and natural stone in the design of the bathroom

savings!Creating mosaic tiles from waste

One option is to furnish the bathroom with mosaic decoration.Of course, if you use a mosaic to finish all the walls of the room, it will "ruffle".It is better to use it on any one wall or a small space bathroom.

Advantages of mosaic:

  • This original - mosaic can put any picture or pattern to your taste;
  • This economical - you can buy chopped tiles for mosaics, which is several times cheaper than usual;
  • This is convenient - mosaic tile is much easier to style than usual.No need to make sure that the joints are perfectly smooth.
Mosaic panels in the bathroom

When choosing a tile should pay attention to the quality, strength, firm-manufacturer, physical properties, as well as take into account the compatibility of different colors and styles.If you consider all the above tips in the article, tiles will delight you with its appearance for many years.