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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hood for bathroom and toilet : types, selection and installation of your hands ( 15 photos )

Hood Bathroom
  • Types ventilation
    • Natural
    • Forced
  • Diagnostics ventilation
  • How to choose a new fan
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Noise
    • functionality
  • HoodBathroom and toilet
    • in private homes
    • The wooden houses
  • Prices
  • Installing the hands - milestones

Bathroom - this place with constantly high humidity, often without windows.To prevent the formation of mold and mildew on the walls, damage to interior items required quality ventilation that removes excess moisture out of the house.

Types ventilation

Ventilation in the bathroom can be natural or forced.Below dismantled the advantages and disadvantages of these types of ventilation.

ventilation in the bathroom


In the old Soviet houses and modern buildings of economy class, as a rule, use natural ventilation.airflow occurs therein due to a temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air.Additionally, the deflector can be installed at the outlet of the ventilation duct.Deflector enhances traction in the ventilation system in windy conditio

ns due to the Bernoulli effect.

This system is cheap, easy to install, requires virtually no maintenance, do not require electricity to operate. At the same time it should be noted disadvantages of natural ventilation - it does not work well in hot weather (no temperature drop) and, moreover, it is very sensitive to the ventilation channels clean.

natural ventilation


Forced ventilation is carried out by means of fans or other mechanical devices.It is independent of weather conditions and can, with the right selection of fans, to provide any necessary ventilation mode. forced ventilation Minus - it needs energy and therefore need to lay wires to each fan.

Forced ventilation

forced ventilation system it is advisable to do if you do not handle a natural or plan to install a steam generator elektrosaunu.

Forced ventilation in the bathroom

Diagnostics ventilation

for simple diagnosis of the ventilation system you will need a candle. Bring a candle to the vent.If there is air flow - the flame is deflected, indicating its direction.If ventilation is not working - the flame will remain vertical.

Often ventilation does not work not because of clogged canals, but because of the lack of fresh air.For example, this problem occurs in older homes with replacement of wooden windows with plastic.To avoid this - choose windows with special ventilators.

Diagnosis of the ventilation system

How to choose a new fan

new fan

The bathrooms are usually set small axial fans for bathroom and toilet productivity 60-250 m3 / h.

If the hood is installed in an existing ventilation duct, pay attention to its shape and size correspond to the shape of the channel. Choosing the right hood must fit in the ventilation duct.Outside, there is only a decorative grille, the shape and size of which can be matched to the interior of the bathroom.


Hood, like any electrical equipment for the bathroom should have a water resistant enclosure that prevents the ingress of water on electrical components.Standard designation degree of protection of the device is IP code.The code consists of the letters IP and two digits.The first digit indicates the degree of protection against access by unauthorized items, second - degree of water resistance.

to bath is recommended to take the devices with degree of protection IP45 or higher.Such devices are protected against water jets.


For bathroom needed 6-8 fold turnover of the air.P roizvoditelnost selectable hood must be not less than six times the amount of your bathroom.

example: the size of your bathroom 2h2h2,5m, its volume with 10 m3.Do you need hood performance is not less than 60 m3 / hr.


In a small room bath room fan noise clearly audible.Noise over 35 decibels can irritate the human psyche.Therefore, give preference to low-noise models.

Fan Noise depends on the shape of its blades and speed of rotation.If you have a choice - take a fan of large diameter with a small speed.With the same performance he will be less than the noise of a small and fast.

the fan in the bathroom
the fan on the wall
low noise fan

When installing do not forget to treat all joints with silicone sealant to prevent vibration and chatter during operation.

silicone sealant for bathroom


Current models of fans are supplied with various additional devices that make their use more comfortable and economical:

  • check valve - prevents airflow from ventilation ducts, even when the fan is not running into the room.Required if the vent on the total number of premises.
  • humidity sensor - detects the presence of excess steam in the air and allows the fan to operate only when necessary.
  • motion sensor - includes hood and lighting, when people are in the room.
  • Timer - allows the hood to operate for a while after it is turned off the switch.
  • silencer - a device fitted to the fan and reduce the noise from it.

Hood for bathrooms and toilets

in private homes

In a private house should be designed ventilation at the stage of construction, pre-paving the vents and channels for wiring. If the volume is small and the bathroom she used 1-2 people, it is possible to manage natural ventilation.In other cases, it is necessary to install the hood.

When designing ventilation remember:

  • intake ducts must be below the top of the extraction facilities;
  • best to set the hood on the wall opposite the door;
  • inner surface of the duct must be as smooth as possible;
  • vents should be made for the possibility of direct or with smooth corners;
  • for rooms located on different floors should be separate ducts.
hood in a private house

The wooden houses

in a wooden house not only the excessive moisture will spoil the appearance, but also can damage the bearing constructions.Therefore, be sure to need more ventilation in places with high humidity (bathroom, toilet, kitchen).

hood in a wooden house


Prices extracts depend on their performance, noise, housing material and the availability of additional options.The cheapest models cost from 500 rubles.The price of expensive models can reach up to 5-6 thousand rubles.

extractor fan in the bathroom

If you order the installation wizard, you will have to pay another 2-3 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of the work.

Installing the hands - Milestones

For installation drawing must be in advance (before finishing) lay within the walls of the channels for wiring. do in the bathroom can not open wiring.

Hood can be equipped with a separate switch or switched on simultaneously with the light.There are models include the sensor or moisture movement.Plan the wiring diagram and arrange the wiring in accordance with it.

When connecting the hood remember the switch should be installed per phase and not to zero.If you are not confident in their abilities, call a licensed electrician.

extractor fan in the bathroom with their hands installation

Mounting directly extract is quite simple.In apartment buildings, it is usually inserted into the existing vent.Fastened to the wall with screws.Additional work is required.

If the hood is set after laying tile, then so as not to drill the tile can be glued hood using silicone sealant. To do this, drip silicone in the corners of the hood (near the holes for the screws) and insert it in the right place.If excess silicone emerged outside, should be cut after curing them with a sharp knife.