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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tumble dryer in the bathroom - how to choose the best (16 photos )

Dryer in the bathroom
  • Types of Materials
  • Types according to the method of installation and mounting
    • sliding
    • Suspension
    • Foldable
    • floor
    • Custom
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • What dryers can be doneindependently
    • On battery
    • hinged
    • Wooden wall
    • to testify

Improvement bath room is not easy.Space is small, problems which must be solved a lot.For example, where it is better to dry clothes?If you can use the balcony, in the cold season, this problem is most urgent in the warmer months.Clothesline over the bath, sagging under wet things slowly but surely fading, they are uncomfortable and not aesthetically pleasing.

researchers found - to dry clothes indoors in a residential safe for health, but sometimes it happens that there is no other choice.A reasonable choice in this situation is to use a tumble dryer.But here we are faced with the problem of choice, and what kind of dryer is suitable for your bathroom?Proper selection of dryer for clothes is not an easy task, I want to it and combined usability and space

savings, which is not much in the apartment.Let's try to find out what today we offer cutting-edge technology, engineering thought and the world market of goods for home.

Modern clothes dryer in the bathroom

Types of Materials

There are two basic material from which made a tumble dryer: plastic and metal.From plastic do basically sliding dryers for the bathroom, which is located inside the ropes.

The vast majority of dryers are made of metal, but do not trust the apparent reliability of such material.It is important to carefully study, material from which it is made dryer, for example, aluminum construction proved bad during operation.In second place model with enamelled metal, it is quite practical, is not compromised the integrity of the enamel, but after its partial destruction of the exposed metal can rust stains remain.And palm to confidently hold dryer chrome-plated metal and stainless steel, today they have proven themselves best, combining all the essential qualities: reliability, compactness and ease of use.

chrome heated towel rails

Types according to the method of installation and mounting

There are several main types of dryers: sliding, hanging, which are mounted on the ceiling or wall in the bathroom, folding, mounted on the floor or directly on the bath.Let us examine each in more detail.


frame such dryers mounted on the bathroom wall, at a convenient height, usually 30-40 cm from the ceiling.Inside the dryer has a string (or a strong rope) which during attachment are extended to the desired length.Two hooks on the opposite wall is sufficient to firmly fix it.This dryer is very convenient and compact, suitable for small apartments, bathrooms are not very large in size.

Wall sliding dryer


Compared with sliding, hanging dryer design to order more difficult.Its base is attached to the ceiling, to it on the rollers mounted tube, inside which there is a rope.

locking system in such dryers fixes it at a certain height, depending on the tension of the rope and linen gravity.This dryer is recommended to place in large bathrooms.It is also convenient to be placed on the balconies.

most qualitative considered hanging dryer, made of stainless steel.

Ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom


Folding dryer works on the principle of "bunching".It is mounted on the wall of a pair of brackets.Dryer, depending on its variety, it can be folded in both length and width.Here the important material from which made the basic framework, most often it is aluminum, but this kind of load on the dryer - this is not the best choice.But the dryer from the "stainless steel" on the contrary, have a good performance and do not sag under the weight of the laundry.One of the main advantages of such a dryer that assembled it practically does not take place, it is convenient for small baths and the main disadvantage - a small area for clothes.

Folding Drying Rack


This is a simple, but comfortable and reliable design.Rollaway base and metallic threads, stretched parallel to each other, and on which to hang clothes.The undeniable advantage of this type of dryer is a huge area for laundry, in such dryers to dry convenient all - from socks to bed linen.

It is mobile, it can be put in the bathroom and elsewhere in the apartment where space allows.The malted form, it can be easily removed and is almost invisible in the apartment.

Not so long ago appeared on the market new - folding-dryer shelves.This is a multi-level structure that allows several times to increase the area for laundry.Principle of operation it has exactly the same way as a normal floor dryers.

outdoor dryer


I would like to mention about the non-standard types of dryers, they too are available in today's range of products for the home.For example, "Dryer-triangle" - it is placed directly on the edge of the tub or the battery dryers, which hung on the radiators and the dryer is accelerated by the heat from the radiators.

Dryer in the bath


We have considered the "classic" types of dryers, but the engineering thought is not standing still and is now on sale there were electric dryers.I would like more detail to understand this issue.What is it and what are the pros and cons of electric dryers?


  • Drying takes several times faster.
  • Folded electric dryer is very compact.
  • variety of shapes, sizes and modifications.
  • Many electric dryers have additional functionality, such as an ionizer or a humidifier.
  • thermostat with which the temperature can be controlled, depending on the type of material which is dried.



  • socket is in the room with high humidity.
  • additional energy costs.

Style Electric driers designs are also divided into 4 types:

  1. floor;
  2. wall;
  3. ceiling;
  4. sliding.

Now consider what features have different types of dryers and what you should pay attention when it is selected.Before you go to the store, you need to answer yourself a few questions, and then the choice of the dryer will be very simple.

In what room it will be located?

on the installation location of the dryer depends on the choice of design.The standard apartment is usually only two such places: a balcony and a bathroom.But in the modern world there is a solution for even the smallest dorm room.

What manufacturing material is best to choose?Here much depends on the taste and style of the room.For example, wood dryers, spray paint ordinary suit perfectly vintage style bathroom.Not practical, but it will support the overall style.For the bathroom in style hi-tech ideal plated or chrome-plated design.For a small space, you can buy built-in, portable or sliding model, then the choice of material depends entirely on your preferences.

Electric dryer wall
Compact dryer
Organizers Bathroom

purchasing a dryer, look for the assembly, quality fasteners and the weight of the laundry, which can be dried on it.Almost all are now washing-machine, and you can easily understand what is the weight of the washed clothes.With careful operation dryer will serve you for many years and become a reliable assistant.

What dryers can be done independently

Unusual dryer

among us a lot of creative people with creative brains and the "golden" hands if these qualities are united in the same person, there is no limit to the ideas and tumble dryerYou can do it yourself.Let's look at some interesting ideas, when such a banal thing as a dryer can be original and interesting addition to the interior.

On battery

E the aesthetic and user-friendly design, which allows to use the heat from the radiator to good use.It is easy to fit into any interior, if you pick the right color gamut.For its production need: two wooden panels, the height by a few centimeters above the battery.

top between them mounted several small diameter metal tube.The front pipe connecting the two panels have a slightly larger diameter.This is a convenient and beautiful design for drying small items.

Dryer on battery


Comfortable and beautiful wood dryer practical and takes up very little space.On the wall mounted wooden canvas, which can decorate in the style of your interior.From bars strays grill for 4-5 bars.

With the door hinges fasten the resulting lattice to a wooden base, decorative top Fasten hook that will keep the dryer in a closed form.Bottom fixed lattice nailed decorative hooks for small things.This dryer is environmentally friendly, easy to fit into any interior, and its production does not take much effort.

Folding clothes dryer

Wooden wall

stylish and at the same time functional interior detail.

For its production we need:

  • balusters,
  • wooden canvas,
  • steel corner.

role holders laundry perform balusters, they should be smooth, without relief.With a square hand cut off, and with a semicircular shorten it.Fasten hinges on the main wooden canvas.Set this design in a convenient place for you.

decorate wooden structure can, at its discretion, from the stain to the art of painting.As a result, we get the multifunction dryer, which can be easily expanded and is quite spacious.

Wooden towel dryer

to testify

very interesting, creative, but a bit difficult in the performance of the dryer.On a wooden canvas drawn tree outline with branches.On this circuit is cut out two identical pattern, polished and painted in the color you want.

At the ends of the branches are drilled holes in which are fixed ropes.Dryer dig in the ground, the rope tightened.Number of branches and ropes, respectively, to be used for hanging clothes, every woman can adjust to fit your needs.

Dryer cottages

about how to make the dryer with your hands, is described in detail in another article.