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August 12, 2017 18:06

Dryer : floor , ceiling , sliding .How to make your own hands

  • Where better to dry clothes?
  • Varieties of designs and methods
  • installation Electric dryers
  • Features
  • How to make your own hands drier

good to those who live in suburban homes - for them the problem of drying laundry is solved very simply.It is always possible to hang freshly laundered linen in his yard or on the porch, where he will not be a threat neither to other people's eyes, no soot and dust.

But for urban residents the question "where to dry clothes?" Is still relevant.Several decades ago, the problem itself did not exist - all preferred to dry clothes on the streets, in the courts, which sometimes even installed special dryers.But now the concept of "court" is gradually disappearing.In today's backyards is not always a place in the playground, not to mention the linen dryers.But even if there was a place, after a drying linen would have to wash again, as clean air, free of dust and gas content can not boast of any big city.

Where better to dry clothes?

Holders city apartments available are not many places for drying laundry.Those who were lucky enough to have a large glazed balcony or loggia, it can set the dryer Rollaway or the old fashioned way, under the rope to pull the ceiling.It would be, perhaps, the best way out, but free space on the balcony there is not always.

Normally balcony is used for storage of various relevant and not things or perform any useful function - the pantry, the smoking room or terrace, where you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee while admiring the cityscape.In general, a balcony, rarely is superfluous, unnecessary location, you can not take the loss function of drying laundry.

Outdoor Folding clothes dryer

Another solution is to install a folding dryer in any empty corner of the apartment. Normally this area becomes the corridor.If you do not do laundry every day, then there is nothing wrong in that, to establish such a dryer for one or two nights a week.But if you have a family with small children, the washing and drying laundry becomes a permanent process that lasts for months.In this case, the fold-dryer loaded with clothing, will be a fixture in the apartment.

is worth noting that this place takes a lot dryer and, in addition, is a great attraction for the kids, that and strive to topple the whole structure on his head.

great way out - it's dryer, designed specifically for the bathroom room.Bathroom just perfect for drying.Usually it is the cleanest room in the house, where no access to small children and pets.Special dryer for bathrooms are ideal for small apartments, where every centimeter of space counts.The variety of designs offered by the dryer allows you to install almost anywhere in the bathroom.

Dryer Bath

Variety of designs and installation methods

strained over the bath in several rows of rope designed for drying clothes - is not new.Today, the design of more modernized, so it has become much more comfortable to use.

Ceiling tumble dryer are two brackets that attach to the ceiling.In brackets are suspended thin metal rod.With the help of a mechanism consisting of rollers and ropes, rods (one or all at once) can be omitted for hanging clothes.Mounted this dryer is very easy: with dowels brackets are attached to the ceiling on both sides, and the design part is attached to the wall in order to fix the ropes in a certain position.

more modern modification of the ceiling wall of the dryer can be considered dryer .Brackets are attached in this case not to the ceiling, and one or two walls of the bathroom.Between the brackets are tightened ropes, which will hang the laundry.rope length is adjustable roller mechanism.Ceiling dryer can be fixed or retractable, which can be removed if necessary.

Folding dryer attached to only one wall that does not allow her to place a large amount of laundry.Outwardly, it resembles an accordion, which is folded practically does not take place on the wall.This dryer can also be used as a towel holder.

floor dryer is a collapsible structure according to the type of the ironing board. It takes a lot of space and therefore only suitable for spacious bathrooms.The strength of a dryer depends on the manufacturer, so it is better to choose a more expensive model.An important advantage of a folding dryer is that it is very easy to fold and hide, for example, a cabinet or behind a door.

Ceiling clothes dryer
Wall dryer
Outdoor Folding clothes dryer

the battery dryer - a compact design, which is more suitable for drying towels and underwear , than clothes or bed sheets.It looks just like the ceiling dryer, only attached to the battery.Batteries, however, there is not in every bathroom, so some of this dryer is attached directly to the bath.It's not very convenient, since the difficult approach to the bath, and to protect the drying laundry from splashing water and household chemicals do not always succeed.

Dryer on battery

Most probably, impractical option - it Dryer bath .It is a triangular frame with taut ropes or rails, which is put on the bath rim.The device is very unstable and, in addition, a lot of clothes in the dryer is not a weight, otherwise the whole structure can cater directly to the bath.However, if you use it only occasionally and mainly for drying of small things, such a dryer can be very convenient, because a lot of space for storage it does not need, and set it will not be difficult even for a child.

Dryer in the bath

Electric dryers

Electric dryers allow you to save time spent on drying laundry, reducing it to a few hours.It is very convenient, as a dryer can be put on the night and the morning remove and it will not take up too much space in the apartment.Stopping the choice on an electric oven, remember that you need additional outlet in the bathroom.

elektrosushilok Some models are equipped with additional functions such as air ionizer or a thermostat that sets and maintains the desired temperature throughout the drying time.

There are several types of designs of electric dryers, but the most popular are floor model.They may look like a normal fold-floor dryer, and may be in the form of a ladder is heated by pipes or clothes hangers.

Wall elektrosushiteli often are small Swedish wall or panel with hooks.

There are also ceiling electric dryers .They are fixed in the same way as conventional.Manage a dryer with a special remote control.

Electric clothes dryer
Wall Electric driers for laundry

better to buy Electric driers made of stainless steel instead of aluminum.They are much more durable and will last you much longer.In addition, avoid dryers with corrosion-resistant coating.They are short-lived, since this coating is very quickly erased.


So, when choosing a tumble dryer should pay attention to the following features:

  • design. Choice dryer design that depends on where in the bathroom, it will be located, and how often you will use it.
  • manufacturer. If possible, try to pay attention to the products of famous brands.For example, the well proven and Leifheit dryer Gimi firms.
  • Quality. Before buying, try to test the strength of the design and pay attention to the material from which it is made.Material must be moisture resistant.
  • linen weight is usually indicated on the package or on the instructions of the dryer.Do not disregard these instructions, because if you overload the dryer, it does not serve you for a month.
Tumble dryer in the room

How to make your own hands drier

Today in the shops there is a huge selection of clothes dryers wide variety of designs and sizes.It would seem that even the most picky buyer will certainly find what they need.But and homemade dryers can be advantages.

Firstly, it is a way to save money.Although for the most part dryers are quite inexpensive (the simplest model will cost you a few hundred rubles), the extra money the family budget is never hurt.

Second, you can definitely vouch for the quality of materials and the strength of a self-made design.

Tumble dryer with their hands

Owners bathrooms unconventional and irregular shapes homemade clothes dryer can be a real salvation.

easiest option - a ceiling or wall mounted dryer , placed under the ceiling.For its implementation will need only brackets, plugs and a few meters of rope or wire.

Dryer of ropes

more complex designs require more time and materials, as well as some engineering skills .

Here's one way.

Prepare a square frame made of wooden beams and a few bars - wooden or metal (the number depends on the size of the frame).The bars make holes for the rods.Fix the bars in the holes (make sure that the bars sit tight and do not jump out when pressed).Putting the frame with screws.Next, prepare the plywood or wooden plank equal to the width of the resulting frame, but by 15 cm long.

The frame for the clothes dryer with their hands

connects both parts design with one or two of furniture hinges that attach the bottom of the details.After that, the dryer can be painted.Then, on top of the dryer set clip (select the most suitable option), and on each side - folding mechanisms.At the bottom of the dryer can be placed hooks for clothes.Fasten the resulting structure to the wall.

dryer is ready!