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August 12, 2017 18:06

Planning a bathroom - advice from professionals ( 24 photos )

The project is a small bathroom
  • Main stages
  • plan bathroom number of bathrooms in the accommodation
  • Zoning space and redevelopment
  • How to make a design project
  • Who can be trusted to plan the bathroom?
  • color role in the planning of bathrooms

Bathroom - this is perhaps the smallest size room in our apartments.But it is no less important from this.From that, in what mood we leave it in the morning, will take place depends on how our day, so it is important to combine it functionality and comfort.What you need to know to make a bathroom renovation in accordance with the selected objectives?

main stages of planning a bathroom

Repair in the bathroom - a responsible step, long and laborious.It is necessary to carefully consider planirovkui competently draft a bathroom to "forget" about the construction work there for ten years. Firstly, you need to take measurements of the room bathroom marking on the plan layout of all utilities, drains and pipe inlets. Second, consider the option of joining the bathroom toilet. Thus, we can achieve an increase in floor space and its functionality.

The project is a bathroom with toilet

Third, make a preliminary list of necessary equipment. Choose between the bath and shower, decide on the formulation of the washing machine (it can accommodate, for example, in the kitchen), to solve the question of the necessity of the urinal or bidet in the room.

The project is a small bathroom - all have

Fourth, consider the possibility of transfer of communication. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of options for this: Flexible water pipes, corrugated pipes and so on.With them, you can easily move the plumbing to a new location.

Option laying of new pipes

Among other things, the replacement of outdated pipes in the new help solve the problem of leakage.Technology, which produces new pipes, making them durable and easy to care for.

In conclusion, you need to prepare several projects within the placement of plumbing and furniture, and finally to choose the appropriate.

Project placement of furniture and sanitary ware

Number of bathrooms in a residential area

So how many bathrooms you need in the room: two or one?Should I combine two rooms together?The unequivocal answer is no.Everywhere has its pluses and minuses.

combined bathroom

Positive aspects:

  • Increase in the bathroom area.
  • Everything is in one room, there is no need to go after visiting the toilet in the bathroom.
  • Reduce the cost of materials for one wall.
  • appears scope for the implementation of bold design solutions.

negative side alignment:

  • If a large family, there may be a queue to visit the toilet.
  • disadvantage of taking a bath near the toilet.
  • Demolition of interior partitions requires authorization, which is not always easy to obtain.

In any case, the decision will be up to you, you only need to carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons."

Separate toilet

Zoning space and redevelopment

To increase the functionality of the room, designers use a method of zoning, that is, the division of space in the room depending on its purpose.A bathroom on this principle can be divided into three areas: the adoption of water treatment area (bath, shower, sink), the area of ​​personal hygiene and physical needs (toilet, urinal, bidet) and economic zone (washing machine, lockers for storing cleaning equipment).

Functional zoning bathroom

Zoning can be done in different ways: to combine furniture and bathroom fixtures to the destination in one place or select a zone using design techniques.These include the use of contrasting colors and decorative materials, multi-level ceilings and floors, osveschenie.Pri redevelopment is important to choose a model of furniture and sanitary ware, which allow to use the space to maximum benefit.Apply the corners. Look to the corner bath and toilet - they take up less space, and the functionality does not suffer.

Project - bathroom all the corners

Convenient and corner shelves and open shelves made of stainless steel.They can be placed towels and other bath accessories.

Instead tandem of floor and wall cabinets is better to use a high pencil case. It is more spacious and, if desired, can play the role of the partition separating the toilet from the adoption of water treatment area.In addition, the shape of foam cabinet very successfully expands the space of the room.

good result for the expansion of space in the bathroom gives the creation of additional structures.For example, a washing machine or sink can be hidden in a recess, and the device will put additional partition more items.

saves space in the bathroom and the installation of the system - special designs with which fasten the hinged toilet.In this case all the systems are embedded in the wall, and thus hidden from view.

Unusual designs in small bathrooms also help solve the problem of space. Bath, installed diagonally or in the center of the room, allows you to use the vacated wall for extra furniture or plumbing.

Good idea - placing the washing machine under the kitchen sink.So you will have an empty seat.Be sure to read our article about it.

Washing machine under the sink
The project is a small bathroom with special designs
Asymmetric bathroom interior

How to make a design project

a huge help in the redevelopment will design a project that takes into account all aspects: size andthe configuration of the room, ceiling height, communications and accommodation includes plans, drawings, selection and placement of furniture and equipment, accessories, as well as three-dimensional visualization of the interior.You can greatly simplify it, leaving only the most significant moments.For drafting, there are special programs, but to do the job efficiently and without errors requires professional experience and skills.Himself in such programs is difficult to understand and requires a lot of time.

3D visualization of a bathroom

frustrating it may be advisable to take advantage of free online services, which are available on the Internet.Most often they can be found on sites that sell ceramic tiles, they also can be calculated and the required amount of materials.Minus these programs is more than modest functionality, they are designed for standard bathrooms.

Who can be trusted to plan the bathroom?

Based on the above, allow yourself to trust the advice redevelop masters.Mistakes made at the design stage, may lead to irreparable consequences: shower did not come into its intended place, and the washing machine will not be able to connect to the electricity network, because you have forgotten to make the socket.Special programs do not create the interior by themselves - they are only a tool in the hands of a professional, designed to meet your desires into reality. Designers, having vast experience, will find the most convenient and technically feasible solution for your bathroom.

life at least - a bath about 3 square meters.meters

properly thought-out design small bathroom, designers can make it a functional room.Consider the case with the original size of the bathroom 1.5 m long and 1.37 m wide.In this case, you can make an association with a bathroom, dismantling the barrier between them and laying one doorway.In the resulting room of 2.9 m² is easy to fit the toilet, corner bath and sink. Under the washbasin can choose a convenient closet and will be a place for washing machine and high-Closet-case.

Remodelling a bathroom 2.9 m

chistayte Read more about this in the article about the design of the bathroom 3 sq.M.

share the space - bathroom 4 sq.m.

If you have a room with bathroom Bathroom length of 2.5 m and a width of 1.6 m, the space between the areas of personal hygiene and washing area can be separated by partitions.This plan involves the replacement of a conventional shower bath, then there is room for additional cabinets.Toilet with sink in the project are set directly from the walls.

even more ideas you can find in our article about the design of the bathroom 4 sq.m.

Bathroom 4 square meters.meter

Bath 5.9 sq.meters - with shower and double sink

If you are lucky enough to own large bathroom area of ​​5.9 m² and as much besides, a family man, consider the interior version with two sinks.First you need to remove an extra laying next to the bathroom.This will place there a washing machine, and if you remove and closet - if there is enough room for a shower.Now, in the bathroom to take a shower at the same time can be two family members.Instead of single double washbasins set. This project will be relevant in large families.

Dual wash basin for a small bathroom

All at once - bathroom area of ​​7.2 square meters.meters

This redevelopment is suitable for placement of 7.2 m² and aims to create intimate corners for taking water treatments.Bath is placed in a corner and separated from the rest of the special semi-transparent screen that performs an additional function and protection from splashes.In addition, the released space for a washing machine or cabinets.From the double-shell can be abandoned in favor of a bidet or urinal and, if desired, to hide them behind a partition.

Version 7.2 bath layout square .m

where you can choose between taking a shower or a dip in the bath, face washing alone or in the company of beloved family members.Against the wall opposite the entrance is put bath, next to which is also a shower.Instead of a single shell placed double, for this we have to push it a little deeper into the room.On the left side of the door is placed a washing machine, and next to the shower - toilet.

bathroom from 10.3 square meters.meters - intelligently use the large space

Bathroom area of ​​10.3 m² has an additional niche.If you do the right balance, in this room, you can easily organize the guest area.This will require the transfer of interior doorway and put three small partitions.This zone is located washbasin and toilet for guests.Entrance to the master's bathroom can be made private, and can pass through the guest area - then you will get additional space for cabinets.Bath and wash basin for the hosts located on a hill, with a bath bowl placed diagonally and drowned. This is the case when zoning emphasized different floor level approach.

Bathroom 10.3 square meters.meter

Bathrooms large square error in the placement is the placement of plumbing and furniture along the walls, while the central part of the premises is not involved.If we expand the bath to the center, it will put further and shower, and a second sink for washing, and storage cabinets. In this setting, it is best to look bath freestanding model. For example, on the feet.

Bathroom on the feet

color role in the planning of bathrooms

important role in remodeling plays a color.It is known that light colors expand the space, and dark - on the contrary.

White color makes the room light and airy, but the one to use it is not recommended - it is boring and without raisins, much he resembles a hospital ward.However, if for him to pick up furniture contrasting colors, such a bathroom is not never goes out of fashion, and you can easily change its interior, changing only the furniture and accessories such as curtains or rugs.

Black accessories in the bathroom white room

also never goes out of fashion blue.By itself, it is cold, so it is better to add to it in the interior of the golden or orange colors. Bathroom in light blue, shades of blue will appear more spacious.

Bathroom in blue

One of the most popular flowers for the decoration of bathrooms - green.His colors are soothing and relaxing, reminiscent of the harmony.Ideal combination of natural colors: yellow, beige, orange.

Bathroom in green

Red - vibrant color, fine in the morning energizes, but the main thing is not to overdo it.Man very quickly get tired of bright colors, in addition, a large number of red visually reduces the size of the room and the small bathrooms is unacceptable.It is the combination will look good with its neutral colors: white or beige.They compensate for an aggressive red.

Bathroom in red

Black - the color and style of conciseness, is rarely used in the bathrooms.The reason is clear: a large number of its acts on the human psyche depressing.In addition, it has the property to reduce the size of the premises.The presence of it in a small amount gives the interior a special individuality and dignity, successfully combined with gold and silver shades.

The black color in the design of the bathroom

Having outlined all the information you now without fear can move forward to create your own unique interior.