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August 12, 2017 18:06

Projects bathrooms - design , designing small bathrooms ( 38 photos )

Professionally Decorated bathroom
  • Design features
  • Choice
  • design Choosing plumbing
  • Zoning space
  • Features of designing small bathrooms
  • Redevelopment
  • design projects in different colors
  • Design projects in variousstyles
  • Bathroom with window - decoration options

Bathroom is a special place in the whole house, because it helps us to wake up in the morning, and relax after a hard day's work.Therefore, you should make the design of the bathroom so to make it a multi-functional and sought-after location.

Design features

If properly design repair in the bathroom, then in the future you can perfectly relax.After all, it is taking a bath, so I want to enjoy the atmosphere of peace and comfort.

When designing the bathroom space should take into account the wishes of not only women but also men. stronger sex representatives also like to spend a long time in this room, to relax body and soul.Therefore, in the creation of the project should involve all members of the family, so that everyone can express their wishes

and preferences.

Highlights in drafting the bathroom:

  • New lighting around the mirrors and shower.You can just buy a mirror with built-in lighting.
  • Heated towel should be placed so that when you open the door, he was not for her.
  • Depending on the growth of family members must be chosen shell size.
  • tiles should be purchased with a margin of about 10 to 15 percent, because usually at the extreme ranks it should be sawed.
  • sizes of ceramic tiles may differ from those that are written on the packaging.To begin to measure plitochki to further problems have arisen of its shortage.
  • not recommended to use natural wood in the interior of the bathroom.But if you do it with wooden furniture, the heating elements warm floors should not be placed directly under the furniture.Wooden interior elements can be set at the level of 10 - 20 cm from the floor.
  • presence of acrylic baths frame means everything to her, since the board is quite fragile.
  • In a small room would be preferable fixtures that are not afraid of moisture.The best solution would be a lamp with a closed cartridge.
  • on the floor can not be laid granite, this option will be very slippery.The most common tiles for flooring is lappatirovannaya.
  • To put personal hygiene, you can purchase hanging lockers.
Sinks in the bathroom on two levels
Acrylic bath with frame
Bath for two
Hanging cupboard for storage of cosmetics

Look, what do the symbols on the tile.

Symbols on the tiles

Consider the following features:

  • color palette on the walls of the room lighting affects.Light colors best suited for the bathroom, make it lighter.
  • to the ceiling make better use of suspended ceilings, which do not lose their appearance, if you suddenly flood the neighbors above.Plasterboard ceilings are not very popular.Their installation is only possible in a room with good ventilation.
  • Create a small door in the tile so that you can get to the bath in case of breakage.
  • angular placement of the bath is a must for small premises.If the bathroom is large, there are no restrictions.
Corner bath in a small bathroom interior

design Choosing

Bathroom design can be done in the same style as the entire apartment or house, or bring a totally different style in this room. course, all largely depends on the area and shape of the bathroom, but nevertheless, you can create any style with the help of a professional designer to attract.

The bathroom can be represented in a variety of styles as classical, minimalism, hi-tech and more.To create a unique harmony can combine several destinations in different elements of the space.The choice of style depends entirely on the taste of the landlord.

If it is difficult to choose a particular stylistic direction, then we can begin to see the different catalogs with projects bathrooms.

in the style of fusion Bathroom

to imagine what would look like a bathroom with a view of selected parts better before proceeding with the repair, create the visualization space.It will see the end result.

Any style of your bathroom with the help of floor tiles will be transformed, add originality.Excellent quality only appreciate and not take any unnecessary trouble.All dreams can be realized, and the color palette, and in the drawing or mosaic.Even geometric shapes on your floor can emphasize the uniqueness of the interior.Tile good beats light that fills your room with light and make it visually more.

Choosing tile size depends entirely on the area of ​​the bathroom.For example, a large space allows to combine different tiles with marble columns, and can be used in the interior of mosaic tiles with any pattern, or create a unique pattern.

Bathroom in minimalism style
Visualization of a bathroom
floor clearance project in the bathroom

Choice plumbing

If the room is small, then it is necessary to approach with special attention to the choice of plumbing, it should be used rationally.

, should follow a few rules in choosing a modern design sanitary equipment to expand the space visually:

  • models need to be compact and small-sized.The same rule applies to the choice of sink or toilet.
  • A good solution would be the angular models of baths, shower cabin and washbasin.
  • gidroboksom encouraged to use, because they replace a bath and shower.
  • usually in small spaces do not make the bath, and preference is given to shower.With their help, you can save space bathroom.
  • All water pipes and sewage systems should hide behind walls or under the floor.
  • Shower cubicle should be chosen with the opening of the door inside to get more space.
  • Instead of conventional doors can be used sliding doors.
Gidroboksom for a small bathroom
Plumbing in a small bathroom
Sliding doors in the bathroom

Zoning space

To optimally put all the equipment in the bathroom, you should make a visual division of space in the working area and a seating area.If the bathroom size allows, it should be using partitions separate toilet area from the rest of the room.It is convenient and hygienic solution.

Zoning Option bathroom
The partition between the toilet and the bathroom
Zoning - partition and bath on the podium

room Zoning produce in order to achieve certain objectives:

  • convenience and comfort in the use of the entire space
  • the use of modern techniques in designinterior
  • visually increase the room.

If the bathroom to be a bathroom, it is better to protect the relaxation zone, to which the tub or shower cubicle and a wash basin.

This can be done quite simply.To create partitions using plasterboard.Separation should not be carried out completely from floor to ceiling, otherwise this plan will "crush" on you. height partitions can be up to 1.5 meters, then there will be office and visual space is reduced.

Features of designing small bathrooms

correct interior design can create a beautiful, cozy and comfortable environment even in small bathrooms.

In design projects are often used a lot of mirrors to visually expand the space.Designers prefer light shades to create an atmosphere of relaxation.The presence of suspended ceilings help make the height of the room visually larger, because the glossy ceiling reflects the wonderful bath items.

For smaller bathrooms, you can create a functional area in an alcove, where the washing machine, boiler, shelves for personal care and household cleaning products.Created partition will help visually expand the space and improve the aesthetic side of the bathroom.

Top room better to make white space and then the height of the walls will increase significantly.Before you can use the bottom of a dark color that will enhance the room below.

Use contrasting materials in color for the walls and floor are also welcome minimalism with respect to furniture.

Little bath with a niche for the washing machine
Mirror and ceiling with lighting in a small bathroom
Minimalism in a small bathroom

To put hygiene products and household chemicals, you can make a few glass shelves.They are not afraid of moisture and give additional shine premises.

more information, see our article on the design of a small bathroom.


To make alterations, should begin to make repairs in the bathroom from scratch.A very important step is the preparation of a bathroom plan, clearly thinking through all elements and placement of plumbing.You may also want to paint the bathroom a plan on paper or in a special program.

plan bathroom

If you plan to combine the bathroom and toilet, read our article on the design of combined bathroom.

To begin to replace the entire sewage and water system, and then check its serviceability to repair after an unexpected accident happened.

repair starts with leveling walls and tiling.After installing a bath or shower cabin.For small rooms is better suitable shower, which can be installed in a corner.Then set all the plumbing.The final stage is the installation of the toilet, so that during the repair did not scratch or break.

before installing all of these plumbing components should design alterations, to use space to the maximum.This will help make a bathroom functional.Please consider, which will be all the elements, and only then carry out the installation.

Draft bathroom

For example, for a rectangular room measuring 1.7 m by 2.3 m in the left corner of the door, you can put the shower and on the right - the washing machine. To save space, it is better to buy a washing machine and dryers laundry.Near the washing machine to install the toilet and make a low barrier to separate this part of the total space.In one of the corners of shelves to put all the necessary hygiene and cleaning.Near the opposite wall from the door to put the washbasin.This option helps save space and make the room multifunctional.

Compact bathroom

design projects in different colors

Traditionally, many people in the bathroom design uses a combination of white and black.You can create fabulous interior, working only with these two opposite colors.

bright colors in the interior of the bathroom can be a means of spot lighting and lamp near the mirror.To emphasize the play of colors, you can use these colors in decorating elements.For example, it is appropriate to a small pad with black and white flowers.This will give the room decor modern and unique.You can make the contrast of gray and beige and purple color that is displayed on the walls and plumbing.

Design project Bathroom : black, white and purple

popular are beige, white and light gray colors.

more information, see our article on the design of the white bathroom.It is stylish and modern.Just be sure to dilute the white color with bright accents.

If you want a cozy bathroom, read our article on beige bathroom.

If you like bright colors, you should consider several aspects in the design of the bathroom:

  • all the walls to make one color;
  • combine two colors.One wall make bright color, usually around this wall is a wash basin, and the rest - do in beige, gray or cream tone;
  • create the desired style using the details.Then, all the walls are a neutral color, and all parts be used only in a bright color.For example, buy a purple towels, shower curtain, mirror frame.
Red bathroom

Also read our article on the design of a purple bathroom.Bathroom in this color will look noble.

passionate nature offer to read the article about the red bathroom.

design projects in different styles

Classic style is versatile and never goes out of fashion. for him to be selected natural materials such as granite or marble.You can also use a high quality imitation, such as wallpaper resistant to moisture can convey the texture of silk.

Bathroom in classical style

Selection plumbers to do the round form in gold or bronze shade.Home Appliances is better to hide under the decorative panels.The highlight of this style can make a bath "on their feet", or use in the decoration lamps.

Bathroom in classical style

for extravagant and energetic people the best option will be the Eastern or Arabic style. It is characterized by warm and rich color schemes.For example, you can safely experiment with red, gold, yellow, blue, or turquoise.This style should be used mosaic tiles and also only small.Another option involves tiles in standard sizes, but with floral ornaments or with oriental motifs.

Bathroom in oriental style

very simple and concise is the Japanese style, but it is not suitable for bathrooms, in addition, do not use shower. This style should be to raise the floor level to the brim bath to create the illusion of immersion, only natural materials are used, and the colors should be calm.

Bathroom Japanese-style

modern style can come to a standard bathroom.To create a room design in this style, you should use straight lines in the interior of furniture and decoration of all surfaces, appliances can not hide, plumbing chosen on the basis of functionality.

Bathroom Art Nouveau

very popular destination bathroom design is a maritime style. It fills the space of freshness, it helps to relax, and looks very organic in the bathroom.Therefore, developed many design projects in this style.

To create a marine style are mostly used white and blue color scheme.Decorating the walls should be done in the blue color that conveys maritime space.On the walls you can draw different marine animals or fish with the help of photo printing.You can also tap and yellow, which will transmit the sand of the coastal landscape.

Making Mirrors can create a window of the underwater marine vessel.Its shape must be round and a successful lighting create a wonderful game of colors.

Bathroom in a marine style
Bathroom with a round mirror in a marine style
Bathroom with spa bath

often used for marine mosaic style for decorating the walls, as well as to the floor covering.