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August 12, 2017 18:06

Blue bathroom - design features white and blue and other combinations

The blue color in the interior of a bathroom
  • Impact blue on human
  • Choosing the right shade
  • combination of blue with other colors
  • dark blue bathroom
  • Suitable styles

Enough rare to see a bathroom inwhose decoration is dominated by blue.Perhaps the owners fear that blue bathroom is too "cold".Although some more color, but the color of water, may be better suited for the bathroom?

With accents of blue color can liven up the interior of any bathroom.In a small bathroom blue also indispensable.Beating different applications and shades, the room can add volume to push the walls and even to raise the ceiling.Naturally visually.

not take much to create a mood in the bathroom of the sea, using a blue color. And the room is filled with a sense of freshness of the sea breeze and the quiet whisper of the waves.Just need to start repairs "meet" with color, and then blue bathroom definitely will not disappoint you.

Impact blue on human

Physiologically blue color has a strong influence on the person. Medicine has proven that with a

long stay under its influence decreases blood pressure.Blue gives a positive result in the treatment of rheumatism, eye inflammation, burns, headaches and even baldness.Also blue stimulates growth and helps in the fight against bacteria.

Blue bathroom with white bathroom

on the human psyche blue acts as a sedative, as if nervous cooling intensity.It is not recommended to use the blue color gipotonikam and people calm psycho.But for those suffering from hyperactivity blue suit perfectly.Chromotherapy blue choleric temperament will help curb and learn self-control.

As the temperature saturation of blue and green Sister.However, the blue color has a more pronounced effect on the psyche. Prolonged stay in the room with dark blue trim can cause lethargy, depression, anxiety. But Blue has many colors, and they can have different effects.

Blue bath
Blue bathroom
Stylish Blue bathroom

Choosing the right shade

Blue endowed with a rich palette, in which there are more than 30 (!) Colors.They are divided into warm and cool shades of blue, dark blue.Most popular: turquoise, aqua, blue, cyan, cornflower, azure, blue, cobalt, indigo, sapphire, ultramarine.

Blue bathroom with turquoise

Blue shades of blue on the impact on the psyche is similar to green.They help to relax, get rid of fatigue, overcome insomnia, favorably affecting the general physical condition.But to use the blue shades still is metered, like any other color.

Shades of blue middle gradation contribute to finding peace of mind and discipline.The interior are filled with freshness and depth of the morning sky.

dark blue shades require great care during use. Otherwise there is a risk to make a deep depression on the background of the regular and intensive exposure to dark tones.But with dark accents in the interior dark blue can be a good alternative to black.

Blue bathroom
Dark blue bathroom

combination of blue with other colors

Bathroom blue with silver

The blue bathroom well will look gray and silver colors. For example, it can be chrome-plated handles, faucets, towel holders, or simply gray stripes on the walls.

Blue and white

This combination is a classic.

But in contrast to the compositions of white with yellow, red or orange, when added to the blue it should not be too much.Otherwise, the blue color will simply be lost on a white background, and blue design you simply will not work.But this does not mean that it will be a faceless and uninteresting.

This game of contrasts almost everyone will like.

White and blue bathroom
Blue and white bathroom
Blue and white bathroom

Blue and purple

goes well with blue purple.In the palette of these colors are related.Delicate purple shades will help to raise the temperature a few refreshing blue.

Blue and yellow, orange

Excellent color Partners blue - yellow and orange.

Blue and yellow bathroom

This interior temperature and turns emotionally balanced.Yellow and orange will warm and blue neutralize their excessive stimulating effect on the psyche.Universal can be called a combination of blue with cream-colored shades.

A combination of orange and blue, read our article about the orange bathroom.

The orange- blue bathroom

Read more in our article about the yellow bathroom.

Blue and green

blue-green bathroom is able to act on the human as a tablet of a powerful sedative.To stabilize this combination, you can use warm shades of blue with the cold tones of green, or vice versa.

Blue- green bathroom

Looks great combination of blue and turquoise.

Blue and turquoise bathroom

Blue and black

With black blue should be combined with caution.Do not use in bathroom design saturated blue tones and black.Better if it will be light blue shades.This interior is emphasized elegant and rigorous.

The blue- black bathroom

main rule - the color of the companion that you select for the blue, must balance the base color.For example, if a saturated blue, the second color is better to choose a lighter shade.The exception is the orange and yellow colors.

The original blue- white bathroom

Marine mood

first association, which will cause a bathroom in blue color - is the sea.

Bathroom in a marine style
Mosaic in blue bathtub
Dolphins in blue bathroom

to create the mood of the sea is perfect mosaic tiles of blue-green hues. It can be a combination of the cyan, blue and azure with point interspersed dark blue tones.This mosaic will play a game of waves and add dynamism to the interior.

strengthen the impression of a blue ocean bathroom accessories will help marine theme.An even greater effect will create a panel with a nautical theme.

dark blue bathroom

bathroom design in dark blue colors can be recommended for people with overactive mentality. This room choleric can just, as they say, relax by yourself.Dark blue bathroom quite strongly associated with the night, the atmosphere is filled with mystery and tranquility.

This design impresses and can be good for the guest bathroom.Golden hues will add a dark blue interior luxury.

Using a wooden floor or furniture will bring a sense of confidence and comfort.

Blue bathroom with laminate
Dark blue bathroom with mosaic
Dark blue bathroom

Suitable styles

Blue fits into many styles. It can be high-tech, minimalism, modern, classicism, ethnic styles, country, art deco and of course, Mediterranean style.With blue you can play with the same success as the grand classical interior and sleek contemporary.

Blue and white - bathroom

When creating a blue bathroom most effective to use several shades of blue palette. This will be especially useful if you want to zone the space.

Do not let the blue dominant in the bathroom, because it requires the use of metered.

Blue and white bathroom

Plumbing fixtures and furniture

Ideal fit into the interior of blue bathroom sanitary white color. It will be beneficial to look at the background light blue walls and dark blue floor.

Blue bathroom with white sanitary ware

can purchase plumbing and blue hues, if desired.Basically, it is made of acrylic.

Blue bath

Plumbing equipment is blue and made of more precious materials will likely have to be ordered in custom designed products.

Blue sink

Choosing furniture for the blue bathroom is limited only by your imagination and the size of the bathroom.But it is better not to clutter the space, so as not to disturb the harmony of the sea expanse.

Dark blue bathroom

Decorating the room (walls, floor, ceiling)

The decoration of the bathroom blue room is actual use of ceramic tiles.Especially good artistic effect can be achieved with the help of a mosaic.The combination of small size tiles a few midtone blue enlivens the room.

Blue and light blue , white bathroom

to the floor and wooden floor suitable.Natural wood shades live well with blue.

Blue bathroom

will look good and floor tiles made of several contrasting colors.

But for ceiling suitable light shades: white, light gray, pale blue.For blue bathroom is extremely suitable ceiling imitating sky with light clouds.

The original wall decoration in blue bathtub

original and stylish is mirrored ceiling, which we were told in detail in another article.


Remember the Sea, which opens when immersed.It is a world filled with a soft light, but the light source is not visible. therefore well suited for intensive warm lighting blue bathroom.

Lighting is best to disperse throughout the bathroom to meet the functionality of the room and not attract attention.

The blue bathroom with light blue

particular note highlighting facilities, which will bring originality to the interior.

The original bathroom with backlit


Finishing the interior give Accessories: holders, coasters, mirrors, towels.

particularly relevant for the blue bathroom accessories and marine naval theme.Good will look shells, waves hewn stones, pottery, decorated with Mediterranean motifs.

Accessories blue bathroom

curtains for the bathroom, you can also pick up a maritime theme.

Shower curtain

Invent original stuff, and let your bathroom will be the most favorite room in the house!