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August 12, 2017 18:06

Black bathroom design in black and white combination of colors ( 31 photos )

Black bathroom
  • psychological impact o
    f black
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How to get away from excessive gloom?
  • combination with other colors
  • black and red
  • Black and white
  • Why is hard to find a black bath?
  • Decorating the room (walls, floor, ceiling)
  • Choose black tile

Black - the most mysterious and ambiguous of all colors.How many mysterious images he himself carries.This "black eyes" a beautiful girl from an old song, and the "black cat" of children's horror stories and even a "black box" - the most inexplicable work of art of the XX century.

In European culture the black - the color of mourning.For centuries, people have associated it with death, sadness, loneliness.

only relatively recently began a triumphal procession of the black world. Now Black has become a classic, a sign of good taste. Remember "little black dress" Coco Chanel.Now black is almost never looks out of place, and therefore are increasingly found the interiors, where the dominant color is black.

psychological impact of black

Black belongs to the neutral color scheme, and therefore has soothing properties. It relieves tension and causes a feeling of security, but at the same time is able to provide and the negative impact on the psyche .Permanent location surrounded by black can cause depression, sadness and apathy.

Black bathroom - psychological effects

Psychologists say that people who choose black color, have a rather complicated character.It is secretive and suspicious nature.Often, they are prone to mystical moods.Fans of Black knows his own worth, they like to, first of all, a sharp mind and the ability to manage other people.Power is of great importance for them.

Advantages and disadvantages

Black - a rather complicated color, but its proper application will create a unique contrast design.


for bathroom black suits, no less than for all the other rooms in the house.After bath - a place from which to start, and that ends our day.In the morning, we will invigorate ourselves and gain energy and strength under the cold shower, and in the evenings relax in a warm bath after a hard day.In this regard, the black - one of the best colors for bathroom design as well as on the one hand, it helps to focus on the other - relaxes and soothes.

Bright black bathroom

In addition, black color gives the room rigor and generosity.The black floor-to-ceiling bathroom, of course, will look very impressive, but only if it is quite spacious. If you are not rich square meters, but to give up the black does not want to, it is better to use it in combination with other colors.

Black color goes well with the entire colorful palette, and this is its great advantage.

The combination of black and white in the bathroom

Taking the color design of your bathroom black, you can pick up to his companions any color.Black color perfectly sets off the bright, saturated colors, and therefore will look amazing in combination with crimson or bright turquoise.And by using combinations of black with bright colors, you can visually change the dimensions of the room.


As mentioned above, the black color should be used with caution in the design of small rooms.

If a small room painted in black tones with floor-to-ceiling windows, it will seem even smaller and, in addition, will create "oppressive" feeling.

Gloomy black bathroom

But even if your bathroom is huge, black still requires special handling.

  • known that black absorbs light, so the presence of the interior reflective elements is prerequisite decoration black bathroom. These can be mirrors, chrome plumbing, glass and crystal lamps.
  • Another disadvantage of black bathroom can be considered that on the black tiles and sanitary ware are perfectly visible soap stains.But this - the lack of easily reparable, you just stock up with special cleaning agents.

How to get away from excessive gloom?

Excess black can make the bathroom too dark and gloomy. You can handle this in two ways:

  • first way - is to dilute the basic color other colors.Using a different color tiles can be divided space into zones, and you can create beautiful patterns on the floor or on the walls.
Zoning bathroom black

If you do not want to combine a black tile with any other, to dispel the darkness that reigns in your bathroom and add it light and heat will help multi-colored accessories.Do not be afraid to experiment!Black has excellent capabilities of different color combinations.

  • The second way - to add a room light.Ideally, if the bathroom is a window, but it is, unfortunately, a rarity in our bathrooms.Replace it can be a large mirror.
We depart from the gloom

combination with other colors

In this article, we do not have just mentioned that the black goes well with a variety of colors.According to the number of possible color combinations can be compared only to that of white.Although black is much better than the white shades other colors, it makes them play more vividly.

Black and purple bathroom

truly luxurious blend will look black with all shades of pink, purple, lilac and red.Of course, it is not superfluous to the use of white color which will not only create an interesting game of contrasts, but also add light to the room.

The black -red- white bathroom

blue, green and brown tones are also excellently combined with black. True, it is better to use lighter shades of these colors to the room was not overloaded with dark, somber colors.

Black-and- white-green bathroom

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black and red

combination of black and red - the most passionate color combination that you can imagine. However, if you opted for this pair, then some of the two colors will need to use a very dosed to the room did not look gaudy and do not irritate the eyes.

Black and red bathroom

can dilute the black and red combination of white or another light color: get a very effective combination.

Black-and- white- red bathroom

Black color is also perfectly matched with the closest relatives of the red - orange and yellow.True and disadvantages in these combinations are the same as the previous pair.Therefore, here as elsewhere true rule of "less is better".Let blotches of bright color will be small, but spectacular.

A lot of useful information about this combination, you can read our article about the red bathroom.

Bright accents in black bathroom

Black and white

See also our article on the white bathroom.

contrasting colors of black and white is a classic.This pair is the best way to look at the interior of a bathroom. White - a great partner for the black, as it compensates for the main drawback - the absorption of light.

bathroom, executed in black and white color scheme never goes out of fashion, will always serve as a model of elegance and style.In addition, one way or another positioning elements of black and white, you can "play" with the proportions of the room, visually resize it to suit your wishes.

example, white color, like no other, is able to make the room appear larger than it actually is.Therefore for bathrooms small sizes better color balance to shift in favor of the better white.

black vertical stripes on the white walls will help visually make the ceiling higher, and horizontal stripes - to push the walls to make the room a little more spacious.

looks interesting combination of colors of the walls.Often they make a white wall, and three - black or vice versa.

The horizontal black bars in the bathroom - pushing the space
Black and white bathroom
Black and white bathroom

But combine the black and white tiles on the floor with caution. So, curb black tiles on the perimeter visually reduce the room, and the checkerboard pattern, on the contrary, will not only look beautiful, but also add a few square centimeters in area.

Design black and white bathroom has been discussed in detail in our other article.Read on and take the good ideas on the note.

Black combined with gray

said that black in a pure form can not be found in nature.Most often, what we take to be black, it is a dark shade of gray.That is why these two colors are so well blended.As a combination of black and white, black and gray combination is considered a classic.

Black and gray bathroom

monochrome, gray-black bathroom requires special lighting, especially if you choose a darker shade of gray.Light in this case should be as much as possible. This "brutal" bath not prevent blotches and other colors.At least - white. It definitely will not be superfluous in this triad, as well with both colors.Bright elements are also welcome in a similar interior.


When choosing plumbing for the bathroom black, stop your choice on the traditional white plumbing.This - a win-win.The white elements of the interior will make a profitable contrast and add freshness and light, so necessary a dark room.

However, if you sickened classic, the black plumbing - this is what you need.Black bathtub and sink will look very impressive, especially if they are made from expensive materials.Black plumbing with shimmering particles or pearlescent creates a captivating atmosphere around luxury.

Black equipped bathroom

Consider a more interesting option - a tub or sink with stylish abstract pattern.

Zebra bath

Why is hard to find a black bath?

Black bath, will certainly be the main decoration of your bathroom, but to find it in the shops will not be so easy. Make a bath on the order also not agree on every production. The fact is that most manufacturers use the technology, which has many disadvantages.

enamel that covers the bath, which was originally white.In order to paint a bath in black, manufacturers will need to buy a special color.But this color is usually neprotertye and sand similar in consistency.Therefore bath surface, if it is covered with a black color scheme, will be rough, like sandpaper.

Black bath

You can buy a ready-to-use color pureed and mixed it with white enamel.Then the bath will not black and dark gray.But for this it is necessary that the color scheme was made on the basis of this very enamel.A correctly determine the type of enamel can not every specialist.

If producers still be able to find the right color in front of them there is another problem.This is a problem faced all those who tried to paint something in a darker color.In the painting, while the paint is still wet, it gives a very strong glare, so the entire surface appears uniformly colored.Once the paint is dry, immediately become visible all defects.Re-staining often does not solve the problem.When painting bath in bright colors such difficulties do not arise.

If a black bath remains your "blue dream", you can find a compromise, such as a bath, which will only black outer surface, and she will shine white font.

White tub with black surface

But there are modern technologies that can receive high-quality black bathroom.So be sure to consult your advisor before ordering, as the paint bath and whether it comfortable to take water treatments.

Decorating the room (walls, floor, ceiling)

Using black as a basic recommended only in very spacious premises in the presence of bright light.

These bathrooms are very effective, but remember that not everyone will be comfortable to be in this room.

Black bath

For small bathrooms, it is desirable to finish the basic color was white and black was present only in the form of small inclusions. Suffice it to lay strips of black tiles in order to visually increase the space vertically or horizontally - at your discretion.

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White- black bathroom

But if the soul asks the ease and diversity can be safely spread on the walls and on the floor of any patterns and create bright accents.In large rooms, they do not "eat" space as in small.Budget option would be plastic panels or painting walls waterproof paint.

Finishing the floor and walls

ceiling in the small bathroom is better to make white.Stretch ceilings - is the perfect solution for the bathroom.Besides the fact that they are aligned ceiling, helping to conceal wiring and they conveniently mounted lighting fixtures, ceilings help to avoid unwanted "leakage" from the neighbors above.

more budget option - a special plastic panels.

The large bathroom is a luxurious look glossy stretch ceiling black.If you choose the right lighting, the ceiling will reflect this light and some details of the interior, creating the effect of infinity.

Effectively will look black ceiling with the effect of a starry sky.

ceiling with the effect of a starry sky in the bathroom

can put black tiles only one wall, while others combine the black tile with a color or completely put their tiles of a different color.

The combination of black and white walls in the bathroom

Choose black tile

choosing black tile for the bathroom, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • First, for small bathroom tile preferred smaller and vice versa.This is due to the psychological characteristics of visual perception.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to take into account the texture of the tiles.It can be matte or glossy.Glossy tiles serve as an additional reflective element in the interior of the bathroom, but it requires more care than matte.
  • Thirdly, the black tiles with colored patterns should be used with extreme caution.Try to dose it, combined with a monochromatic tiles, otherwise the impression of excessive clutter the bathroom.
Black tiles

Finally it is worth mentioning the monochromatic embossed black tile that mimics a variety of textures.It looks very impressive, both on the floor and on the ceiling, but it is more suitable for spacious bathrooms.


role properly sized lighting in the black bathroom can not be overestimated.