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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design bathroom 3 sq .m .: a shower , a bath, a combined version

Design bathroom 3 sq .m .
  • Drawing plan bathroom
  • Plumbing
  • choice of colors of finishing materials, sanitary ware
  • Finish
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors and accessories
  • Hiding washing machine
  • use the space above the dooropening
  • How to create comfort
  • Tips

the question of repair in the bathroom must be approached quite responsibly, as this room will be constantly in demand, and therefore the level of convenience when using must be in the first place.Do not overload the room with unnecessary items, especially when the room has a small size: first of all, a bathroom - a place for personal hygiene, so it is necessary that it was easy to keep in order and clean.

Draw a bath plan

It is best to choose one or a few examples that fit your plans, and have them make a start in the design.When planning the location of items in the bathroom, preference should be given to the angular position of the interior and furniture of small size with streamlined edges. Try to use every centimeter of free space!

Small bathroom


In the classic version suite is divided into several areas in which there are a shower, sink, tub, bidet and toilet.But this option is suitable only to the holders of a large bathroom.If the size of the bathrooms does not exceed Q3.m., in order to save space will have to replace some of the details on the more compact.

For example, if we replace the bath shower, you will be free space, which can be used for the installation of hinged shelves.A variety of finished showers, presented in the stores, will pick up any option - as the most usual, without additional functions, and with the radio, lighting, telephone and Jacuzzi.

Small bathroom with shower

If you are installing the shower - not your option, note corner bath , which takes up less space than standard, and fit in a corner of the room.You can make the outdoor shower, but you have to be sure to use the tiled floor to ceiling.

wall or hanging plumbing is considered an ideal solution for small bathrooms thanks to its modest size and the fact that is attached to the wall, while leaving more space.Suspension sink, for example, can be placed over the washing machine of a small size.And you can pick up the toilet with overhead tank, so its length is equal to the seat without water tanks.

A small bathroom with a corner bath

choice of colors of finishing materials, sanitary ware

Bathroom is most often associated with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to create a calm tones work best, in contrast to the flashy patterns and bright colors, visuallyreducing the room.

order, to visually enlarge the space, it is necessary to give preference to paint or tile light colors, best beige, white, blue or any other color of cold.

Finishing tile with a glossy surface will reflect light and make the room larger and more spacious.

A small bathroom with white sanitary ware and towels

Consequently, plumbing, too, should choose single color, it is desirable to toilet or shower was not the contrast and color harmony with the already selected color of the walls, floor and ceiling.


When selecting materials for finishing should prefer those that are resistant to high humidity conditions.This, for example, tiles moisture resistant paint and other materials.But if you decide to use wallpaper or wood, which are unlikely to last for a long time without any additional care, do not forget to put on top of a special coating that protects against water.

A small tiled bathroom

desirable that tile was of small size, in this case it is necessary to follow the rule - the smaller the space of a bathroom, the smaller the size of the tiles should be. Do not use large tiles and a lot of decor. will look good mix of bright tiles and a few decorative elements, such as strips or tiles, two or three walls.

For registration ceiling will be a great solution glossy version, especially when in the flat low ceilings - thanks to the glossy surface will create the impression that their height is much higher.The color of the ceiling should be bright cold tone, any other dark color narrows the already very small room.

A small bathroom with decor


Due to the fact that now the market can find furniture not only in standard sizes, in the bathroom the size of three square meters room can pick up small items interior.It is not necessary to acquire a large sink with a large cupboard, it is quite possible to be replaced by a variant with a pedestal, thus saving some space.

It is important to gather pieces of furniture fit the dimensions of the room. Avoid cabinets and drawers large, which not only take up too much space, but also visually make the room look even smaller.It is better to choose a built-in or wall cabinets, which frees up space on the floor, leaving him free to install plumbing.

A small bathroom with minimal furniture


The best lighting is natural, which, as a rule, deprived the owners of the small size of bathrooms, but it's pretty easy to fix.Try placing a few bulbs that will emit ambient light in the ceiling or walls.For example, look good will be spotlights on the ceiling, and near the mirror at the sink, you can install an additional light source.This option allows to increase the brightness of light when necessary.

Little bathroom lighting

When installing light fixtures on the ceiling is worth remembering that when placing lights along the walls visually expand the boundaries, and if you place them in a staggered manner, the volume of the room increases.But do not buy the very bright light bulb, especially in the presence of a large number of mirrors in the room, which will only enhance the power of light that will not be pleasant to the eye.

Mirrors and accessories

As for the mirrors, if the room is an empty space or niches, for example, in the corners of the room or in the sink, there is hang shelves with mirrored doors.As is known, mirrors expand the space , and in addition, you will have the extra space for storage of detergents.

Using a large number of decorative elements and accessories not considered a good idea, as the abundance of unnecessary items creates the impression of disorder.It is best to choose one or a pair of bright elements, original cabinet or mirror, which will give the necessary emphasis in the bathroom.

A small bathroom with a mirror

Hiding washing machine

washing machine, which is increasingly made to establish in the bathroom, with a deficit of free space is better to move to another room, such as the kitchen or the pantry.

But if this is not an option, you can hide it under a hinged shell, making at the same time convenient and compact combination.

Sink over a washing machine - a very practical option.About this arrangement read our other article.

A small bathroom with a washing machine hidden

washing machine can be supplied separately, but in this case it is necessary to choose a small size, and always with a horizontal load, then the surface of the machine can be used to store cosmetics.

use the space above the doorway

Typically, the space above the door is often left blank, although it can be used with advantage, especially when in the apartment has high ceilings.Here you can place decorative shelf or closed cabinets , where you can store a variety of items, detergents and cosmetics.

This option makes it possible to accommodate shelves for extra space for storage, particularly in the case where the post cabinet or shelves in a different place in the bathroom does not allow the area.

Small bathroom

door in the bathroom can also be used with advantage, placing her towel holders.

How to create comfort

order to give a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom floor is to make warm, that will be especially important in autumn and winter.This will maintain a comfortable temperature and you do not have to worry about installing additional batteries for heating.

A bathroom can be decorated with fresh flowers, but the main thing is not to overdo it: a small bouquet will be enough to make the room comfortable and residential feel.

If fresh flowers do not suit you, you can use any decorative elements, such as marine theme, which will always create summer high spirits.

A small bathroom on the marine theme


to create a comfortable atmosphere in a small space, it is best to use a minimalist style.Total should be in moderation, it is better to do without unnecessary decorative elements and interior items.

If the water heater is located in the bathroom, it is necessary to hide it in a locker or replaced with a smaller product, to save space.And if you have time and budget better to move it to the kitchen.

A small bathroom with a small amount of furniture

When choosing accessories and terry products, it is best to pick them up in the same tone, so they do not catch the eye - so the room becomes larger.

For bathroom small room is to choose a door that opens to the outside, in which case you do not have to free space required for opening.

If you want to give unusual design in bathrooms, while perfectly suited sliding doors made of natural wood - it will look beautiful with any interior.Even more modern ideas for bathroom design can be found in another article.Read and experiment!

A small bathroom with a door