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August 12, 2017 18:06

Blue bathroom - design in white and blue colors , the combination with other colors

Blue bathroom - mosaic finish
  • Psychological effects of blue
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • combination with other colors
    • With red
    • orange
    • With green
    • gray
    • with brown
    • Cwhite with beige
  • Choosing tile
  • Ceiling Lighting
  • Plumbing fixtures and furniture
  • Accessories

Elements of air and water combines the blue color and its shades.For bathroom design, this color is better suited than any other.Freedom of heavenly space and calm water surface - these emotions will give a blue bathroom.

The blue color in the interior of the bathroom - it's a classic and style, proven for decades.A variety of colors will allow to realize any "blue" dream.Your bathroom can tune playful aqua color, crisp light blue or pale turquoise.

Psychological effects of blue

Blue - the color of peace and reconciliation. Under his influence a person acquires the ability to look objectively at the circumstances and find an optimal solution to the problem.It helps to find calm in a conflict situation and minimize its negative impact.Blue -

the color of hope and self-confidence, promotes self-expression, the ability to articulate and express thoughts.

Blue bathroom

to influence the emotional state of the blue color has almost no negative properties .It helps to relax, to balance the emotional balance, neutralizes aggressive and rough impact on the psyche.For people with high emotional excitability blue recommended even more than green.But the dark shades of blue close to blue, long-term exposure can provoke a sense of apathy and depression.

Calm blue bathroom design

But still recommended to dilute the color blue, otherwise it can cause sadness.The most common combination - is, of course, tandem blue and white.

Blue and white bathroom


Blue color is indispensable for the creation of a bathroom in a maritime style, because blue - the color of water and sky.

If you have the spacious rooms, can accommodate a real aquarium in the bathroom!It will be a highlight of your entire home.

inert in nature, blue is versatile enough. Using various shades of blue and combining it with other colors, you can create a truly fantastic interiors.In any case, in a blue bathroom design will never lose its relevance.

Blue bathroom with an aquarium
Blue bathroom in marine style
nautical theme in the bathroom


As a tinge of blue spectrum, blue is often perceived as a cold color.Therefore, it is ideal for creating a fresh, unobtrusive interior.However, his palette has warm and subtone.Depending on the hue and color companion, blue bathroom can be associated with different times of day and even the time of year.

Blue bath with mosaic

As the dominant color is recommended to use light shades of blue.The predominance in the interior of its saturated colors initially creates a sense of celebration.But with a long stay in a room a feeling of joy may be replaced by irritation.

bright blue bathroom

If you draw the wall to half the height of the floor and in a darker shade of blue, the bathroom will get the visual effect of depth.

combination with other colors

best color scheme in the design of blue bathroom is a combination of several shades of blue, without the inclusion of extraneous colors.This is because the blue color is enough independent and fully fills the space with energy without the companion colors.If you still have a desire Bring accents that stand out against the background of the main panel, it is necessary to consider the rules of combination of colors with blue.

Blue - orange room

interesting artistic result can be achieved by combining traditional shades of blue with light colors close to the purple or dark blue palette.

With red

Red-blue bathrooms are extremely rare.This is because red and cyan are opposite and emotional temperature.Even experienced designers are hesitant to combine these colors in one interior.

combination of blue and orange
Several shades of blue in the interior of a bathroom


But much more successful is a combination of blue and orange. Such a decision is indispensable for the creation of a bathroom in a Mediterranean style.Orange accents create a feeling of spring freshness, making the dynamics of the palette.

The combination of blue with other colors

With green

combination of green and blue can be recommended to design a bathroom.But it requires mandatory inclusion of white.As an option can be combined shades of blue and blue green palette: wall decoration in turquoise and navy blue combined with pale blue ceiling.

The green color in the design of blue bathroom


Gray in blue interior looks very organically. Grey gently absorbing the energy of blue, making its presence is not so active, but does not suppress it.Combining steel gray with a blue interior creates filled with brutality, determination and dedication.The perfect combination for the realization of high-tech style.

"брутальная" ванная комната в серо-голубых тонах

with brown

be successful alliance of brown and blue.Incredibly will look stylish bathroom, made in 2-3 shades of blue and complemented by elements of dark chocolate hue.This interior impresses confidence, strength, simplicity and luxury simultaneously.Such a tandem needs to be complemented by white or beige shades.

Blue brown bathroom with white

Small green plants look good in blue bathroom, regardless of the selected colors and complementary colors.

plant in a blue bathroom

With white

Classical solution in the design of blue bathroom - a combination of blue and white color.This interior brings an atmosphere of purity, freshness and tranquility.White will serve as a backdrop for blue, emphasize the depth of color, at the same time helping to avoid the effect of "Aquarium".

Union white and blue - perfect for those who love the cool winter interiors .This bathroom is obtained detached, indifferent to everything.She does not care about your mental state.It will swallow your emotions as snowfield.

Add dynamics in blue and white design of the bathroom tiles can help with small inclusions saturated blue hues, turning into blue.If you are afraid to emotionally "frozen" in a bathroom, it is sufficient to use a bright accents of warm colors.The main thing is not to rush to extremes and try to warm the cool blue hot flame-red.

Mosaic in Blue bathroom
White and blue bathroom
White and blue bathroom


If the blue-white combination is associated with a winter dawn, the duet of blue and beige can be called by the sea in the evening.The interior is decorated in similar colors gently envelops the warmth and comfort.In general, blue looks great with sandy, beige and cream shades.Using beige will help to create a classic style.Cream is indispensable in the light of romantic interiors.A sand tint treat serenity sunny beach.

Finish Bathroom in beige and blue

Replacing white tiles on beige fundamentally changes the degree of mood space.

Choosing tile

Choosing tile is better to abandon a brilliant, glossy surfaces.Of course, this will fill the bathroom tiles with light, but also strengthen the "cool" impression of the room.Good will look matte ceramic with shiny silver decoration.But the specificity of the blue allows to get away from the traditional anchor tile size to the area of ​​the room.

Blue and white bathroom

As we have said, the place is tile with nautical theme.

Tile Blue Dolphin

Originally looks registration shower.It is like a wave, it fits well into the room.

Shower like a wave in a blue bathroom

Images vessels are widely used in the design of blue bathroom and evoke thoughts of the sea journey.

Blue tile with ships

An essential attribute of a bathroom in marine style - a mosaic of several blue shades.Its design makes use of a dynamic, bringing to the interior of the game navy.

Mosaic in Blue bathroom

The smaller the room, the greater must be the predominance of light colors.A dark colored suit only spacious bathroom.

Spacious bathroom dark blue shades

sure to use a mosaic of several blue or blue shades and mosaic Mount the dot diode backlight to create designs in the style of a Turkish hamam.

Blue bathroom in the style of a Turkish Hamam


Traditionally, bathroom blue make white ceiling.But you can go the other way and be more original.The ceiling depicting the sky or simply blue ceiling adds originality to the interior.

blue ceiling in the bathroom


Use bathroom blue color as the main best in rooms with window.Sunshine "warm" cool blue interior.In addition, the window may act as an accent color, making the space more dynamic.

Warm Blue bathroom design will bright warm lighting spectrum .It is important!

Strongly recommended to use the bright cold light.The effect is dazzling frosty morning will be guaranteed, and this room will be extremely uncomfortable for a longer stay.

a window in the bathroom

The greater presence of blue color in the interior, the brighter and warmer should be illuminated.

Plumbing fixtures and furniture

choosing bathroom fixtures and furniture blue bathroom, do not get involved with modern rectangular shapes.Right angles can make the bathroom inhospitable and aggressive and cold.Better to let it be a classic flowing lines.They fit harmoniously into the design and help create comfort.

As for color, it will look good sanitary white and beige and can be blue if you wish.The main thing - that its tone was different from the tone of the walls and floor.

Blue plumbing


  • Ideal fit in blue interior chrome holders, taps, handles.
  • Add luxury and extravagance is possible, using elements of copper and gold.
  • to create comfort and warmth in the blue and white bathroom is perfect soft white mat.
  • If you arrange a Mediterranean-style bathroom, be sure to use the accessories sand and light orange.Well suited ceramics Ethnic painting.

Remember that perfectly fit into the design of the furniture in white or beige.

Accessories in blue bathtub