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August 12, 2017 18:06

The design of the bathroom 4 sq .m .: design with shower , WC and other

The design of the bathroom 4 sq .m .
  • Draw a bath plan
  • Choice Plumbing: bath or shower
  • Transfer toilet
  • Color Selection
  • Decorating the walls in the bathroom
  • bathroom floor
  • The ceiling in the bathroom
  • Furniturebathroom
  • Lighting Mirrors and other little tricks
  • use the space above the doorway
  • How to create comfort

We congratulate the reader with the decision to update the design of the bathroom.Many may think that this procedure is complex, but if you properly prepare for the transposition or the creation of a unique style of the room, you can do everything very quickly.We offer to go directly to the cause.

Draw a bath plan

The best way to get started - to draw a plan of the bathroom scale.This method requires patience and precision, but allows you to more accurately model the future "picture", and conveniently positioned, for example, a washing machine.

Disposition of the bathroom 4 sq .m .

for planning the bathroom, there are two ways:

1. Use the special program. Go to a search engine, typed "program for modeling the bathroo

m", download and use.Software allows you to create three-dimensional model of the future by simply moving the bathroom toilet models, shells and so on.Note that it is not necessary to try to understand the complex design software - a fairly simple program.

2. The traditional way. This method involves the use of planning skills on paper.To do this we will need graph paper, tape measure 5 meters, gum, tape, pencil, tracing paper and a couple of sheets of plain paper.Draw a sketch Dimensions of each element and create a bathroom bath plan in scale 1:10.

It remains to be noted that even in the case of a plan with the help of the computer will need to make measurements with a tape measure.

Regarding the plan offer an interesting look at the video:

plan can be ordered from a specialist, but will be very nice if you put your effort in an updated bathroom.

Design combined bathroom 4 sq .m .

plumbing Selection: bath or shower

Of course, the opportunity to take a bath after a hard day's work - a great way to relax and relieve stress.If possible, install the bath should be for everyone.

Modern design projects often involve the replacement of the bath to shower. In fact, this decision is a literate, if only because the room becomes more spacious.

to skeptical citizens can find a compromise - shower box, which will be a wonderful alternative to the large bath.The main advantage of this shower is that such a system provides the opportunity to warm up almost as in this bath.

Bath in the bathroom
Shower in the bathroom
Shower - shower box in the bathroom 4 sq m

Conclusion: The change in the shower bath can be, especially if you want to make the room more spacious.Many make the shower with a drain in the floor, it looks more "air" and takes up less space.

small corner bath can blend in with the room.When planning a good think over the space for free movement.

Transfer toilet

Now we will focus on co-variant bathroom and toilet.

consider it necessary to immediately warn you that any movement of the toilet is fraught with the organization of a new supply of sewer pipes. Despite the fact that this procedure is not very complicated, need to purchase high-quality fittings.In any case, the replacement of outdated models or corner wall structure will save additional space.

But in order not to change the bathroom, you should immediately take responsibility for planning plumbing in the bathroom. Suspended toilet will look modern and beautiful. And if the model is narrow, it will create an additional visual effect of increasing the area of ​​the bathroom.On 4 square meters of additional space will be more than welcome.

Suspended toilet bowl in the bathroom

Color Selection

As for color, then to finish a small room is to choose bright colors that will not only raise the mood of the owner, but also visually increase the space.

As additional background, you can choose vertical patterned decorations, which have recently become very popular among contemporary designers.

Today in vogue deep red color, but we recommend something more "easy" and air - this will help to further relax in a warm bath.

With red or burgundy accessories can competently assign color accents in the interior.

can use a mosaic of different colors, which will also increase the space and bring originality to the interior. Actually colors is important not only to create a unique style - properly selected color helps to create the mood.In any case, the choice remains with the owner of the room.

Vertical pattern in the bathroom 4 sq .m .
We select the color in the bath
Design bathroom 4 sq m .

Decorating the walls in the bathroom

Decorating the walls plays an important role in the process of creating a unique design of the bathroom - they attract the greatest amount of attention.You also need to pay special attention to the material, which should perfectly cope with high humidity.

Modern manufacturers offer a huge number of options for the walls, and we offer to pay attention to the most popular alternative:

  • Ceramic tiles;
  • agglomerate;
  • plastic panels;
  • Marble;
  • paint.

Ceramic tile is a classic option, and she always looks great.It has a low moisture absorption coefficient and is at its lowest in the ranking scale radiation emission.

some interesting information about the tiling:

With regard sinter , then the qualities he outstrips even ceramics.The fact that it is not prone to wear and easy to packing.

plastic panels - this is one of the cheapest options for finishing.It is resistant to moisture and durable.

Agglomerates in the bathroom
Ceramic tiles in the bathroom design
Plastic panels in the bathroom

Marble is considered one of the most luxurious and versatile materials because it is used not only for decoration, but also as amaterial to create decorative elements.

Bathroom in marble

paint is applied in if the wall surface is flat - it is also one of the cheapest finishes.Note that the paint should be water-resistant.

The paint in the bathroom 4 sq .m .

bathroom floor

And now let's talk about the floor finish.At this stage the material to choose correctly.It will not be easy, as the modern market offers a lot of options for finishing.

most often in the finishing bath following floor coverings are applied:

  1. Linoleum. It is much cheaper than ceramic tile.It is best to use a textured linoleum, as it slides lower.
  2. Stone. Despite the use of rare, this type of material is very beautiful.However, it is expensive and in contact with water it heavily slides.
  3. self-leveling floor.On primer poured polymer mixture that hardens and turns into the floor.This option is great for bath as perfectly repels moisture.
  4. Wooden floor, laminate or hardwood floor. The main thing here - to use a moisture-resistant wood (larch or teak), which will be further treated with a special water-repellent substance.
Natural stone floor in the bathroom
Linoleum in the bathroom
Self-leveling floor in the bathroom 4 sq .m .
Laminate flooring in the bathroom 4 sq m

design and colors floor must comply with the overall style of the bathroom.

Do not clutter the floor laundry baskets - they discreetly conceal the space.Find another place for it.

The ceiling in the bathroom

We have devoted a separate article the choice of the ceiling in the bathroom.

In terms of design it is very important for it to be smooth, and its color match the overall color scheme.By versatile colors include white, turquoise and other "light" tone.

worth noting that not necessarily acquire ceilings, as they are expensive, it is much cheaper to paint.

When choosing guided by the fact that the most important to you: price, aesthetics and beauty or durability.

The ceiling in the bathroom

Look closely mirrored ceiling - they can become a highlight of the interior in the bathroom.

Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

bathroom furniture

Any professional designer will advise avoid choosing bulky furniture for one simple reason - it visually "squeezes" the space, even if you do not take up much space.

Modern bathroom furniture

In the case of bathroom design 4 m² better use of open design with plenty of glass or metal. furniture of white color and looks great in the bath - especially good if it is suspended.In this case, it not only saves space, but also gives the room of "modernity."

Hanging bathroom furniture

In no case can not allow a situation where after the upgrade in the bath becoming cramped.In this case, the owner will have nowhere to put toiletries, and hang towels.

Remember, shelves, fitted in an inconspicuous place, can accommodate a large number of items that are rarely used.

Try to use the full height of the walls for the construction of more compact storage system.

Cabinet in the bathroom

Read about bathroom design our article Q3.m. You will find even more interesting ideas.


As for the lighting, among designers There is one rule - it is impossible to establish a single source of light in the middle of the bathroom.This will create a visual effect of "compression" of the space due to the fact that the corners will remain in the shadows.

For out of this situation will need to use multiple ceiling and area lighting fixtures.

Furniture in the bathroom

tone of the coverage should depend on the overall color scheme of the room.We recommend that you read the articles on the color of your bathroom.

Mirrors and other little tricks

Throughout this article we have mentioned many times about the mirror.In fact, their role in expanding the boundaries of the bathroom can be attributed to a particular category.In addition to the mirror over the sink, you can install one or two more on the other walls.

The most important condition - it is not to overdo it and make sure that they are not an abundance of annoying landlord.

function mirrors can perform and the glossy surface of the furniture.


most impressive and modern look mirrored ceiling, which you can gaze, taking a warm bubble bath.However, professional designers consider it necessary to warn of the presence of mirror tiles - in appearance it is very beautiful, but extremely brittle and difficult to care for her.

Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

Mirrors visually increase the space because of the ability to reflect light.

A large mirror in the bathroom

use the space above the doorway

look carefully at the doorway - how much free vertical space can be used here!Most often, this area is in the bathroom the most free and it must be filled.

for rationalization of space to hang recommend shelves, which will be a means for personal hygiene. Again, the main condition for registration of the design is the creation of the shelves so that they did not violate the general style of the bathroom.

Shelves above the doorway

How to create comfort

Let's sum up and remember the basic ways to create a comfortable bathroom.After all, we are interested in the fact that the room was everything you need, but want to make it more beautiful and spacious.

Bathroom 4 square meters.m .

main methods:

  1. Use monochromatic color scheme or mosaics;
  2. We try to put small furniture;
  3. install multiple light sources;
  4. Do not forget about the space above the doorway;
  5. Use mirrors to visually expand space;
  6. can move the sink and hide it under the washing machine;
  7. ceiling and the floor must be smooth and waterproof.
Stylish design bathroom 4 sq.m.

Here we come to the end of our article on the establishment of a competent and beautiful style inside the bathroom.It remains to add that the owner of the apartment itself can be creative and add your own ideas that you can pozaimstovat of articles about the design of the bathroom.