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August 12, 2017 18:06

Yellow bathroom : white and yellow design and other color combinations ( 29 photos)

Bathroom in yellow
  • color Energy
  • Color Effect
  • shades Variety
  • combination with other colors
    • combination with white
    • beige
    • With Blue
    • With green
    • with purple
    • With red
    • with brown
    • With black
  • Suitable styles
  • Decorating the room (walls, floor, ceiling)
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing fixtures and furniture
  • Accessories
  • Tips

going to make repairs in the bathroombut just can not decide on the color?Make it a yellow!Yellow bathroom is gaining popularity and it is no coincidence.Active use of yellow color simply vital for the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere.Bright bathroom will be charged positive, warm on cold days and to compensate for emotional hunger for sunlight.Adding to the bathroom a bright sunny mood!

color Energy

Yellow filled with the energy of the sun, optimism, joy. Do not forget that the yellow - the color of gold.Therefore, he is able to fill the room a sense of financial well-being.He also carries the energy of maturity, self-reliance, knowledge and wisdom.It may be associa

ted with the fall.

Bright yellow bathroom

no accident that it is called intelligent color.He is able to have a positive effect on memory, thinking and creative processes.

Color Effect

basic yellow color has a positive impact on the psyche. Causes a surge of vitality, positive, self-confidence.During his perception meets the right hemisphere of the human body.It also defines the creative inclinations, ability to think and remember.Therefore, the yellow has a positive effect on these processes and can help in discovering talents.

From the physiology of yellow normalizes the bowels, stimulates digestion and minerals, especially calcium.So.deficit that color can have a negative impact on the locomotor system.Beneficial effect on the skin, allowing you to restore skin elasticity and softness.

Yellow suite has a positive effect on the psyche

Impact on human subconscious shades of yellow different.For example, lemon color symbolizes morning, charges cheerfulness and stimulates brain activity.a rich honey is perceived, in turn, as the shade of the evening and has a calming effect.

not recommended to create a design with dominant juicy yellow tinge. Long stay in this room tedious.The abundance of bright colors will create the desire to escape from him as from the scorching sun.

also yellow color is not suitable for the development of self-control and combat insomnia.

The variety of shades

palette of yellows is varied, the main ones:

  • lemon
  • sand
  • mustard
  • canary
  • amber
  • cream
  • pearl

freshness and coolnessin design will help make the lemon hue;Heat - canary, and cream colors are neutral enough, and perfectly match with any color.

Yellow bathroom with flowers
Yellow bathroom with mosaic
Bathroom in yellow

combination with other colors

Having bathroom in shades of yellow, you can create your own sun on a few square meters.A kind of "charger" for replenishment of energy and positivity.But in order not to ruin the interior of the bathroom, yellow should be skillfully applied and competently to combine with other colors.He also has his companion colors.

And how stylish and impressive looks yellow tub!

Yellow bath

As a bright color with a strong energy, yellow harmony with the more simple colors - white, beige, black.It is interesting to look, and its combination with the blue range of shades.

combination with white

White - the color of universal in nature.Paired with yellow gives the most favorable combination.At the same time to create a yellow bathroom white color may dominate in the finishing facilities, and create the right mood yellow accessories and furniture.

White-yellow design is perfect for small, deprived of windows bathrooms.The room visually becomes more spacious, filled with freshness and light.

Yellow and blue bathroom
Yellow and white bathroom
Yellow and white bathroom


Beige - light shade of yellow palette.Neutral by nature, this color will "extinguish" the intensity.Unlike white, beige yellow does not reflect but absorbs it gently.

Organically Union looks slightly beige and rich, warm shades of yellow.At the same time finishing the walls, floor and ceiling can also be done in beige tones and yellow make as separate elements.

The yellow- beige bathroom

With Blue

Blue (blue). yellow-blue combination will be appreciated by lovers of autumn mood and unobtrusive cool interiors.The combination of warm yellow and cool blue reproduces the effect of the autumn sky.Smooth temperature disagreement blue-yellow bathroom will use soft colors, or use white.

Yellow- blue bathroom

With green

Green, as well as blue, the color of a few "cool down" the yellow fever.This bathroom in yellow and green tones gets a spring mood, creates a sense of freshness, peace, youth.

looks interesting combination of colors of the walls, where one wall - the same color, and the other three - the other.It is possible to add the white color, which only emphasize the power of yellow and green colors.

Yellow- green with white bathroom
Yellow- green bathroom
Yellow and purple bathroom

with purple

Purple and lilac distinct addition to yellow.However, the combination of bright shades of yellow and purple can be seen aggressively.You can dilute these colors are different.

preferable to use a combination of soothing, light shades.Also in the interior of a yellow bathroom saturated purple can add a little accent.

With red

red-yellow combination of the most "hot" in the interior of any room.Bathroom in this design is for those who want to recharge energy to the maximum.

However, we recommend lowering the temperature of the colors soft neutral shades.

To create a "beach" atmosphere in the bathroom perfect combination of bright yellow, red and orange.

Yellow- red orange bathroom

with brown

Use tandem brown and yellow colors are best when you make a large bathroom.Chocolate Brown will organically look at the background of muted shades of saffron.Ideal for oriental style.

Effectively looks on yellow background shell brown.
Hazel bathroom
Brown yellow sink in bathroom

With black

for bathroom design in black and yellow combination should be used with caution.

Bright yellow hues, accented with black, can cause anxiety.

However, adding these colors to white, you can get a bright, extravagant interior, causing interest and not irritating psyche.The proportions in the composition of the white-black-yellow is better to comply within the 80% -10% -10%.

Yellow-black bathroom
Yellow and black wall in the bathroom
Yellow and black bathroom

Suitable styles

Suitable styles for bathroom design in yellow, you can call:

  • minimalism;
  • Nouveau;
  • ethno;
  • country;
  • Provence;
  • high-tech;
  • classicism.
Yellow walls in the bathroom

Properly combining colors and artistic techniques, you can create the perfect bathroom in shades of yellow.

Yellow and gray bathroom

Decorating the room (walls, floor, ceiling)

advantageous to furnish a yellow bathroom will look at a combination of light-colored walls and chocolate on the floor.Good bathroom and geometric patterns, lined with tiles of different shades of yellow or companion colors.From yellow mosaic or complex patterns are not the tile is better to refuse. This color in itself sufficient textured pattern and abundance of small parts can weight the perception of the interior.For this reason, you can completely renounce the use of ceramic tiles in the decoration of the walls.For maximum artistic effect walls can be painted or wallpapered.

Painted walls in yellow bath

floor in yellow bathroom with a filler.White floors emphasize the freshness of design and dark wood tones will add solidity.Organically fit into the interior and wooden flooring.

When trimming the ceiling should give preference to lighter tones: white, light gray, beige.Interesting effects can be achieved by mounting in a yellow bathroom suspended ceiling depicting the sky with clouds.

Yellow bathroom with the sun on the ceiling


should not be abused too bright light in the interior of the bathroom, if you are using bright shades of yellow. This design is too harsh for the perception and, consequently, will cause rapid fatigue.For relaxation bathroom interior, executed in soft shades of yellow, ideal for soft, unobtrusive lighting, emphasizing the relaxing atmosphere.As for the lighting, everything depends entirely on your preferences.

Yellow bathroom lighting

Plumbing fixtures and furniture

When choosing furniture and sanitary equipment generally contrasts to be observed for the yellow bathroom.If the room decoration involves a lot of yellow, the color of sanitary equipment and furniture should be different, to stand out on a color background.But in a small bathroom with bright yellow trim embody design is using a pair of towels, mats and yellow stools.

profitably in a yellow interior will look white plumbing, you can use the cream shades. If you want a fantastic energy boost, you will certainly look for plumbing rich yellow color.For example, in the bathroom with white walls and floors, mahogany such plumbing may look somewhat futuristic, challenging routine.

Yellow copper bathroom


How and when you create any design with bright colors, yellow bathroom effect can be achieved at the expense of the desired color accessories.Role playing: mat, tumbler brushes, towels, mirrors.By the standard set of accessories, you can add ceramic ware with ethnic patterns and live plants in bulk tubs.The size, color and number of accessories will be dictated by the chosen style design and size of the room.

Yellow bathroom accessories


Yellow bathroom may be the most striking and positive area of ​​your home, place the tide of creative forces and a relaxation area. Do not be afraid of yellow. main thing - do not abuse it, use it wisely shades and combinations.

Yellow bathroom