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August 12, 2017 18:06

Orange Bathroom: features orange and white design and other colors

Orange bathroom
  • color Energy
  • Color Effect
  • shades Variety
  • combination with other colors
    • With green
    • With Blue
    • With black
    • with lilac, purple
    • With white -is the winning combination
    • beige
  • Plumbing
  • Decorating the room (walls, floor, ceiling)
  • Orange furniture
  • Tips
  • Conclusions

Manufacturers tiles annually produce dozens of new collections of a wide variety of colors and sizes.But the blue-white stereotype finishing bathrooms and today is not inferior to their positions. Want to get rid of the routine?Take the orange bathroom! It will fill the gray days of the holiday feeling, warmth and energy.And remember, the design project Orange bathroom is doomed to success.

color Energy

Orange - This color of the sun, heat, holiday.It symbolizes independence, determination, freedom and eternal youth.

Orange with black bathroom

Orange - the best assistant in the fight against fear and stress. Experts say that this color is best suited to young, cheerful, goal-oriented people.But it makes sense to use it an

d for those who do not possess these qualities, but tends to change.

Color Effect

on the effects on human orange has practically no contraindications.It promotes the development of creative abilities, energizing and positive, pushes to creation.

Bathroom in orange
Bright orange bathroom
Orange and yellow bathroom

beneficial effect on the immune system and even on the work of the stomach, increases the tone.But do not abuse the orange in the children's room in mind and without the high mobility of the child's mind.

shades Variety

palette of orange is devoid of cold tones and has more than 10 warm shades : orange, pumpkin, amber, mandarin orange, carrot-orange, gamboge, peach, coral, orange, peach, dark, salmon, rust, terracotta, bronze, ocher, copper.At the same time with many flowers of orange is very well combined.So the designer imagination is where carousing.

Designer Orange bathroom

If you want to fill the bathroom a feeling of warmth and joy, but the familiar orange color scares you, then peach shade - exactly what you need.It is less active and more delicate.Peach bathroom will be filled with freshness and romanticism.

To create a bathroom in the Oriental style is well suited tandem orange and brown colors.This may be copper, terracotta, mahogany.These shades are deep enough and rich, and together with the heat in the interior will bring a fraction of tranquility and wisdom.

Orange patterned bathroom

combination with other colors

When choosing a companion for the orange color we must remember that this color can not be combined cool shades. If you want to dilute the orange bathroom design using blue, be sure to choose his warm subtone.

To climb into the jungle art color combinations, bathroom design can be filled with several shades of orange group.For example, a pale peach walls, the floor is well suited honey-colored, terra-cotta and bronze furniture accessories.

course, orange goes well with white.In this combination will look successful and other colors.

This tandem can be diluted with bright accessories in contrasting colors.

Orange bathroom with white sanitary ware
Orange with white suite , green and pink accessories
White- orange bathroom

With green

If New Year - your favorite holiday, you can easily make out the bathroom in orange and green colors.Visit in the morning so the bathroom is a good injection of positive for the day.The main rule - choose green warm spectrum.

Orange- Green

The most common design of orange green bathrooms used as small accents that make the room more interesting and harmonious.

Orange- green with white bathroom

With Blue

Excellent combination of orange and blue.This companion colors.Calm blue harmoniously dilutes the irrepressible energy of orange, and vice versa.Excellent will look flooring, made of orange tile 30 to 30 cm with a picture marble and blue tiles (it is possible, too, marble), but the size of 10 by 10 cm. Laid such coverage parallel to the walls, but through the use of tiles of various sizes pattern will move ondiagonal.

used strong and shade should be warm.

Orange with blue bathroom

A combination of orange with blue, read our article about blue bathroom.

With black

can use a combination of orange and black to create a brutal bathroom design.Black enhances brightness of orange and makes the interior more aggressive.Therefore it is better to dilute palette calmer colors: gray, white, cream.

Orange- black bathroom

with lilac, purple

for extravagant people possible to design the bathroom in orange and purple tones.But it is quite a complex combination.

Striking orange and purple bathroom

orange-lilac bath can be very romantic, and the better use of small accents in a combination of colors, placing a contrasting colored furniture.This combination is recommended to dilute the white color.

orange-pink tandem is the most unfortunate and is in the black list of designers.

With white - the winning combination

White loses its sterility under the influence of cold orange.Even with moderate use of orange in the design of the bathroom, the room will be filled with warmth and an eternal summer.To implement minimalist style bathroom this combination fits perfectly.

Insanely spectacular will look orange bath on a white background.

A combination of orange and white flowers and read our article on the white bathroom.

Orange bath
Orange with white bathroom
Orange and white bathroom


Harmonious design can be obtained by a combination of orange with cream, beige, light yellow or gray.These shades delicately soften the intensity of the main color.This color scheme is versatile enough as neutral on the impact on the psyche.

Yellow- orange bathroom

Suitable styles

Decorated orange bathroom you can use styles such as: the retro style of the 60's avant-garde, country, art deco, etnostili, pop art.Richer subtone orange (terracotta, bronze, copper) can be used in the Empire style, the rococo and classical.


in orange design will look good classic white sanitary ware.You can pick up the equipment delicate peach shade.But ardent fans of the orange, set out to install plumbing in the bathroom orange, have difficult.Usually in the general sale can be found only acrylic bathtub.They produce almost any color.But the toilet and sink, or cast iron bath-colored orange - the goods still exclusive.

Orange with white bathroom

Decorating the room (walls, floor, ceiling)

When decorating the bathroom in orange tones rules dictated by the size of the room. excess of bright color scheme in a small area irritating psyche.For small bathrooms is best to avoid a monolithic color reproduction.Orange will be here quite a few bands or frame around the mirror.Better will also be simply confine orange accents in the interior: bath screen, shower doors, towels, shower curtain, a shelf.

Read more in our article about the design of a small bathroom.

Effectively will look geometric composition of the tiles orange palette.

Orange walls and floor in the bathroom

Bathrooms large on the walls, floor and ceiling allowed the monopoly use of orange and shades. main thing, do not do the ceiling dark walls and try as much as possible to dilute the concentration of the orange by light furniture and sanitary ware.

As for finishing materials, but today more and more designers are advised to give up the tiles, and just paint the walls in the bathroom or wallpapered.As one of the decoration of the walls can be made of wood.Also good in the bathroom will look, and wood floors, as they often stain wood has shades of orange.The ceiling can be mounted tension with built-in lights.

If your bathroom has an area of ​​3 square meters.m., read our article on the design of the bathroom 3 sq.m.

Or check out our tips on bathroom design Q4.m.

Orange bathroom with a tree


Do not abuse the bright light in orange interior.Lighting should be unobtrusive.

Excellent cope with this task lamps and sconces chiseled above the sink.Although you can use the traditional and central lighting.

Orange bathroom lighting


Interior bathroom in orange tones is not recommended with plenty of clutter furniture.By itself, color already fills the space.Therefore, it is more expedient to stick to minimalism.

Orange bathroom plumbing matt

Orange furniture

Furniture is better to choose a contrasting color.Interestingly looks orange furniture in white or gray.Such a combination of modern looks especially good in the Art Nouveau style.

Such furniture improves mood and positive charges.Background better to do neutral.

Sometimes the orange bathroom furniture put on background orange walls.Accent color when it is not, everything seems a whole.But contrasting combinations look much more attractive and more suitable for the bathroom.

Bathroom Art Nouveau - orange furniture
Orange Orange bathroom furniture
Orange bathroom furniture


In a small bathroom, you can create an orange design, without changing the color of the walls, or plumbing.You just have to add to the interior accessories necessary shade.It may be curtains, a rug, jars and candles on the shelves, pictures with bright orange frame.The Orange bathroom will look good fresh flowers in large pots and ornamental palms.

And, of course, the main accessory of any bathroom is a mirror.Its shape, size and framing should be in harmony with the overall interior concept.

Orange bathroom in classic style
Orange bathroom mirror
Orange bathroom


There are a few simple rules when creating a design in orange bathroom.

  1. Orange should not be more than 50% of the color palette of the room
  2. furniture and walls must be of the same color.Otherwise, the room space will be merged into a single background.It is best to use a contrasting transitions.
  3. Do not use in tandem with orange cool shades.They will only enhance the brightness of the base color.Such interior may seem attractive, but a long stay in a bathroom is not only not allow to relax, but also to enhance the voltage


started a repair in the bathroom, try to get away from the well-established rules and try something new.In addition, orange bathrooms are gaining more and more popularity.This design is great for bathrooms Russian realities with a prolonged cold period.Lack of sunlight and heat will be more than offset by a bright shade of a bathroom.And believe me, melancholy winter you for sure is no longer threatened.