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August 12, 2017 18:06

Red bathroom : white , red, black and red design , and other combinations

Red bathroom
  • psychological impact
  • Contraindications
  • problems that may be encountered
  • Recommended bathroom area
  • Popular combinations
    • With white
      • lot of red (the red walls and ceiling) and whiteplumbing
      • little red (white background, red furniture and accessories)
      • red accents (white background and red plumbing)
    • with white and black
  • red tile
  • Wine shades
  • Styles

morning begins not with coffee, the morning begins with a visit to the bathroom.And from that in which it is framed color it depends largely on the mood of the day.

Traditionally what colors WC designed to emphasize its purity.Hence - the predominance of shades of white and light blue.But these colors are not energized, but rather calm.If you do not like, it is worth trying to issue a bathroom in red colors.

psychological impact

Red - the color of fire, festival, fun.The color of the male Yang energy and leadership.The color of courage and determination.Most often it is chosen emotional, self-confident people, capable

of rapid decision-making and spontaneous actions.

Red and white bathroom

If you want to change in your personal life and career promotion, red bathroom - exactly what you need.


Red multifaceted.By exciting the nervous system, it can provoke a wide range of emotions and personal qualities: joy and anxiety, joy and anger, power and rebellion, stubbornness and leadership, energy and aggression.It stimulates the appetite and stimulates sexual desire.The interior of red creates a feeling of luxury, wealth, warmth.

Red bathroom
White- red bathroom
Red bathroom with beige


Red is widely used in chromotherapy (color treatment).But, as with any medicine, using this color in the interior have to be careful.It is not recommended for people with an easily excitable psyche, having excess weight, high blood pressure.

«Overdose" red faces irritability, aggressiveness, and, as a consequence, most psycho-emotional exhaustion.

Red bathroom
White- red bathroom
Beige and red bathroom

problems that may be encountered

Perhaps the only difficulty that may arise in the design of a red bathroom can be to find plumbers desired color.If you simply choose a bath or shower, the toilet and find a red shell can deliver a lot of trouble.

Red bathroom

Recommended area bathroom

The use of red in the bathroom design is limited by your imagination and the area of ​​the room.

If the area is less than 4m2, then the idea of ​​creating a red bathroom will have to give. This color fills the entire space and just crush you, and stay in a bathroom is not joy but a burden. maximum that you can afford - red inserts on the tile light-colored, and a few red accents: a glass for toothbrushes, towel, mat.

The more floor space, the more red you can use in the interior.However, you should avoid all-out operation of this color.Hard overdose distorts space.

Red small bathroom

Popular combinations

Consider the most popular combinations that look very impressive.

With white

classic red for the bathroom is a tandem white and red.This combination brings a note of modernity and style, making the bathroom a bright, attractive.The red-and-white scale can beat a number of ways.

lot of red (the red walls and ceiling) and a white plumbing

When selecting such a combination should not be used too bright shades of red.White sanitary ware, diluting the red, at the same time make it more juicy.In addition to the plumbing would be appropriate white lamps, towels, holders.This color reception, undoubtedly, a youth variant, when every day - this is a new victory.Visit a bathroom helps to wake up, energizes and excitement.

Bathroom with red walls
The red bathroom with white sanitary ware
Red and black bathroom with white sanitary ware
Red bathroom
Red and pink bathroom
Red and white bathroom sink

little red (white background, red furniture and accessories)

This combination is the most successful.Red dilutes and warms the cold sterility of the white, without tiring overexcitation nervous system.This color scheme makes the interior a refined, filled with a sense of light and creates a romantic mood.The main thing - such a room is not "addictive" and feelings of everyday life.

Add red color can not only by the furniture and accessories.Part of the wall, or several bright stripes tiled desired shade, will help to create an interior color scheme and zoned space.

Red bathroom furniture
Red furniture - Bathroom
Red furniture in bathroom

Red accents (white background and red plumbing)

Red plumbing on a white background - a win-win combination.By selecting it, do not skimp on brightness - the juicier is red, the more effective will the interior.But the realization of such a project could cost dearly.If acrylic tub is comparable in price with a cast-iron, then find and buy red sink and the toilet is not every one is able and can afford.

Read more about the red bath read this article in another.You will learn many interesting things!

Red bath in the bathroom

with white and black

Black color fits perfectly into the red and white mix in the interior of the bathroom.It allows you to add glamor, luxury, seriousness and depth.

Bathroom: black red and white colors
Black and red bathroom
Red bathroom in combination with white and black

No luxury interior is not without black.This is a great version of the guest bathroom.

But the black color as red, you must correctly dosed.It is not recommended to issue a bathroom in black and red colors.Both colors are saturated and the energy to suppress the psyche of the owner of the bathrooms.Harmonious looks just a trio of black, red and white shades.

Red Tile

Proper use of red tiles in the interior of the bathroom - always a winning option.You can use it to zone premises "charge" his energy and heat, and to emphasize the individuality simultaneously.Excellent will look red tiles with a black floral pattern.Add luxury to the interior of gold ornaments.A red tile with texture of wood or leather will make an exclusive design.Manufacturers offer a collection where red supplemented with a variety of colors from the familiar red and white scales to the unusual combination of green and blue.You can pick up a ceramic tile of any color from the palette: from the deep, close to the brown tones (bronze, terracotta), cold fuchsia, cranberries or raspberries to bright orange-red colors.

Looks great combination of white tiles with contrasting red accents.

More red tile was discussed in our other article.Read and invent your own original designs!

Red tiles for bathroom
White tile with red accents
Red mosaic

Wine shades

Claret-red, Beaujolais, Burgundy - the wine shades will create a feeling of luxury in the bathroom. But they look good in the spacious rooms, and small oppressed.

Do not let dominate the wine.The exception may be a bathroom in the Arab style, Art Deco or bohemian style.

These colors are perfectly combined with white and beige.Good dilute interior silver accents.

Maroon bathroom furniture
Wine bathroom
Maroon bathroom
maroon bathroom
Beige and burgundy bathroom
maroon bathroom

With black wine tone should be combined with caution.There is a risk, "crush" the room a powerful energy of these shades.


bold design solutions - such as the use of red - of course, allow you to create unique interiors, but do not forget about the styles.Classical, minimalism, eclecticism, Japanese - more than 20 styles.Each of them characterized by their artistic techniques and home furnishings.

Japanese style

One of the main conditions for the design of a Japanese-style bath - separate toilet.For this purpose Ofuro - barrel depth of 81 cm, made of larch, cedar or oak.

According to this philosophy, the country bath - a place not only physical purification, but also spiritual.

In the interior it is desirable to use stones and bamboo.The main range of make up the warm colors of yellow shades.

Ofuro bath in Japanese style

Modern Japanese style

This style appeasement.It is characterized by the use of natural materials and patterns: foliage, straw mats and flooring made of bamboo, stones.

can also be used yaposkie symbols and national ornaments.

Walls can be decorated with pictures of cherry blossoms or characters.But do not clutter the interior of many details.Japanese style to a certain extent can be attributed to minimalism.

Red bathroom with a Japanese dragon pattern
Bathroom red

Classic style

Only a sufficiently large space allows to issue a bathroom in a classic style.Because classic - is a luxury, and luxury is not huddle on the 5 square meters.No plastic in the decoration only natural materials: marble countertops, facades made of solid wood, wrought-iron fixtures.Flowing lines of sanitary ware is combined with rectilinear forms of furniture.Small accent shades welcome bronze, silver and gold.With all the luxurious classic style is concise enough, so do not be satiate space Bathroom in small interior details.

Bath red color in a classic style

Art Nouveau

Red bathroom furniture in the Art Nouveau style

He modern style.Its distinguishing feature is the color zoning premises, a combination of "incongruous" materials and contrasting hues.Technique used modern, functional and comfortable as possible.Strict canons of design is not, so you can bring a modernist in any room and any budget.

Red bathroom in modern style

Country style (rustic)

Rustic style in the design draws simple shapes.Natural, soft colors, artificially aged furniture facades, abundance of wood in the decoration and, of course, textiles with vivid colors - this country.In such a bath, you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the big city and, as they say, relax.

Red bathroom
Red and white bathroom in country style
Red bathroom


bathroom decorated in red tones - a bold design step.This will add color to your life energy and passion.Classical in creating interior can be called a red-and-white palette.Want to create a glamorous design, add to this the color black.And bring a note of luxury in white and red design, you can use black and gold.The main thing - to observe "dose" of red.

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