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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design combined bathroom : zoning, especially small bathrooms

Design combined bathroom
  • Advantages and toilet combination of deficiencies with bath
  • Ventilation
  • Tips
    • Vizulnoe expansion of small bathrooms
    • Accommodation plumbing
  • Zoning
  • Finish
    • Walls
    • ceiling
    • Paul
  • Choice plumbing

Getting repairs in the bathroom, many are thinking about whether to combine the bathroom and toilet.Often, the reason for that is to fight for the square meters, which is so lacking.In recent years, designers try to make a bet on the space savings in the apartment.For this purpose the door removed, septum, reduces unnecessary anyone wide corridors, so popular earlier.The choice is not unique, so should first weigh the pros and cons and well thought out design combined bathroom.

advantages and disadvantages of combining a toilet with a bathtub

Very often in the apartments combined bathroom and toilet, as this association has a lot of advantages:

  • versatility.The combined bathroom, you can put more accessories and equipment (such as a table-top or a washing machine).
  • Expanding space.The space is increased by the lack of walls.
  • Savings finish.As we remove one wall, to engage its finish is not necessary as well as the installation of the second door.
Combined toilet and bathroom

But this association has a number of disadvantages:

  • lack of ability to use a bath and a toilet at the same time.With such a problem faced by large families when one member of the family takes a bath, toilet and other needs.
  • Possible difficulties in obtaining permits, as well as the documentary fixation of the fact of demolition of the walls.It should be noted that in some cases, such requests could not be met as the wall that is planned to carry, is a carrier.This means that you can not clean it, because in this case the building structure reliability is jeopardized.
  • financial and time costs of the demolition of the wall treatments.
combined bathroom


should also pay special attention to ventilation.Here there are two options for solving the problem:

  • fan setting;
  • conclusion vent pipe / grille.

The first option is preferable, since at the moment there are many so-called fan-robots, which will be triggered upon reaching a certain temperature and humidity level.You can set the fan are cheaper, which is attached to the switch and will run until turned on the bathroom light.Fans differ in power consumption and power performance respectively.For example, if the area 5m² combined bathroom and more, it makes sense to take the fan capacity of 2000 l / hour.

Ventilation in the bathroom - fan

Some builders derive a small scrap of toilet pipe in the kitchen.But here again there is a possibility that all the smells that arise in the course of cooking, will, anyway, be present in the bathroom.

can make ventilation by placing a grid at the bottom of the door.However, given the fact that in most buildings bathroom is located directly across from the front door, through the same ventilation will go all the heat.

Ventilation in the door


Vizulnoe expansion of small bathrooms

owner of a modest small bathrooms should be as it should try to think about how it will be positioned plumbing.For good planning design combined bathroom and visually expand the space, there are little tricks that we share with you.

We help correctly positioned mirrors, as well as a variety of options, including plumbing and glossy tiles having reflective abilities.

should not neglect the choice of colors, in which the bathroom will be made.Ideally can use from one to three colors.Certain accessories can either blend in with the general tone and create a favorable contrast, a special mood.

The traditional suite in white color, you can add a black accent: it betrays a certain feeling of luxury.But do not forget about the sense of measures.

Bright room seem visually larger, so designers are advised to use for the walls bright pastel shades or white.

Accessories in combination bathroom
Black and white bathroom with toilet
Bright bathroom

huge misconception is the view that it is believed that the bathroom, laid out below dark tiles and light - up to the ceiling, visually lengthens the wall. contrary - the ceiling in this room seems less.

Bright light can increase the room.Unusually looks neon lighting, which is also different colors, located around the perimeter of the bathroom.

Accommodation plumbing

In some cases, it is possible to optimize the space by moving the plumbing in the other place.Let's analyze in detail the question of the location of plumbing.There are two ways to position plumbers in combination bathroom: linear and radial.

In the first case, the plumbing is positioned so that the room anyway is divided into sectors, and the plumbing is in parallel.Radial location - is the location of objects on the perimeter of the bathroom.

If we talk about traditional standard bath, it is advisable to place it against the wall opposite the door.If space is sorely lacking, installed shower or shower with a drain in the floor will be a wonderful solution.When selecting we recommend that you select an option, made of frosted glass, because this glass is not as noticeable stains.

If you place it on the so-called pedestal, you can easily hide the runoff.Pay attention to the height of the walls of the cabin was less than the height of the ceiling.It will also create the illusion of a high ceiling.

do I choose the comfort and luxury of a bath or the practicality and compactness of the shower stall - you decide.Under the sink can accommodate a washing machine or a table top with a plurality of shelves for towels or boxes.

however, is not always possible to arrange a plumber you have in mind as, for example, the toilet must go strictly the crossbar near the riser.If you still have conceived a slight postponement of the toilet, it must be remembered that horizontal location of sewer pipes is not allowed.In some cases, the spider bit utaplivajut the floor, to avoid flooding.Any ill-considered experiments with the transfer of the subject may end up more waste of money, because we are dealing with a clearly defined requirements.

WC - plumbing on the perimeter
Shower with frosted glass
Washing machine in combination bathroom


spacious bathroom allows you to have a large number of interior items.You can arrange a bathroom in a minimalist style, spaciousness content, or to create a truly gorgeous bathroom that will be a work of art.

Zoning can make a large room more comfortable and functional.

Divide the space into sectors, without reducing its size, the partition can be made of translucent glass blocks.Or walls, tiled.

Zoning combined bathroom - walls

The large bathrooms have a bath can be placed in the middle.This bathroom is also often involves two washbasins and a large mirror.

Zoning premises will help to implement the ceiling finish, walls and floors.

For example, ceramic tiles can be beneficial to highlight the zone you Interest.

create the necessary contrast and originality to give help and a combination of floor tiles with laminate.

Zoning combined bathroom - bathroom in the middle
Zoning combined bathroom laminate
Zoning combined bathroom tiles

interesting and effective solution to the zoning bathroom with the help of images.

Zoning combined bathroom - facsimile



bathroom - a place with high humidity and frequent temperature changes.It should therefore be a responsible approach to the choice of finishing materials.

most popular wall decoration material is ceramic tile thanks to the remarkable abilities of hygiene and durability.The problem can make its installation, as it requires special skills.

Combined bathroom - ceramic tiles wall decoration

Probably the cheapest option would be painting the walls, which can perform even a person with no experience, but should take into account the fact that the constant changes in temperature regular paint may peel off.Therefore, you should choose a special water-based mixture.In addition, the walls are rarely perfectly straight, so before painting them definitely need to align that require additional costs.

Combined bathroom - painted walls

Plastic panels are very easy to install, and they are not as expensive as tiles, but it should be noted that the plastic - a material, it is not suitable for the home.It is flammable and, moreover, very brittle.

Finishing combined bathroom plastic panels

Moisture resistant gypsum board is also used for the walls in the bathroom, but after the installation is required for subsequent processing.

Combined bathroom - finishing drywall

And finally, the most expensive decorative material - a marble, which has excellent environmental properties, and requires special care.

Combined bathroom with marble finish


As for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom, is most commonly used plastic, which will last a relatively long time and also reflects light well.

The trend is still vinyl ceilings, with good environmental performance.

Mirrored ceiling would be a kind of highlight of every bathroom.

Combined bathroom ceiling


Among the materials that are used for the flooring in the bathroom, the first place is again a ceramic tile.

Ceramic tiles in combination bathroom

¬ęPeople" or in other words the budget material often referred to as linoleum, which is used everywhere, including in the bathroom.

In recent years become increasingly popular waterproof laminate flooring for the bathroom.

Paul combined bathroom

perfectly flat floor can be achieved by using a special liquid polymer, the cost of which will cause many to reflect.

wooden floor is quite rare, expensive, but modern manufacturers offer water-resistant materials or special pick protect the wood from excess moisture.

Natural or artificial stone is also used for finishing the floor, however, this option is not cheap.

Natural stone in finishing a combined bath and toilet

Choice plumbing

plumbing designers offer to our attention a huge selection for every taste and budget.Due to the fact that in recent years in fashion minimalism, manufacturers of sanitary ware are models of sinks and toilets, which are mounted on the wall.This design solution can significantly extend the passage and simplify the process of replacing the tiles on the floor.

Combined bathroom - Suspended sanitary ware

Corner tubs or installing shower instead of a bath can save space, thus freeing up space for a washing machine or sink.

During the design planning combined bathroom think over colors and think about what you want the plumber.Remember that the plumbing should be selected in the same style.We wish you a creative approach to this process and be satisfied with the results of your labor!