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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fan Bath with humidity sensor : the choice to install silent hoods

Fan Bath with humidity sensor
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Fairly high humidity bathroomrooms in many cases can cause the appearance indoor mold and insects.To solve this problem and prevent frequent costly repairs capable fan.And the best example of such a device for air circulation in the bathroom is a fan, which has a moisture sensor.

At high humidity in the bathroom will help fan sensor


fan in the bathroom can be operated both manually and automatically. When manual control is provided in the device switch.It will help to save money, but is unable to change the intensity of the drawing operation and control humidity.

more cost-effective solution can be called a fan, in which the timer is present.With this device you do not need to wait for the ventilation of the bathroom, but he still has the same drawbacks as that of the manual.

Fan Bath with humidity sensor

presence in the fan motion sensor provides activate the device when in the bathroom included a man.H

owever, this version of the fan is unable to change its work according to the conditions inside the building.In fact, the motion sensor is just a substitute for the switch.

all the shortcomings of previous methods of management deprived of the fan, which has a humidistat - humidity sensor that performs analysis of air saturation with water vapor in the bathroom. Such a device will be activated only in conditions of high humidity in the room.

Ceiling fan for the bathroom

Other features of the fan with the sensor are:

  • design that is easy to install both on the wall and on the ceiling ventilation shaft.
  • fan Waterproof materials and careful insulation of all electrical components.
  • check valve that prevents the ingress of dust and odors from the air shafts in the bathroom when the fan is stopped.
Features fan for the bathroom with a humidity sensor


  • Fan operation with the sensor is fully automated.
  • Electricity is consumed more sparingly, as the fan is switched on only when the sensor is triggered.
Advantages of a fan with a humidity sensor for the bathroom


Many models are quite noisy work.

principle of operation

As internal device, and a principle blower humidity sensor with substantially the same as that of conventional fans - when the motor starts unwinding blades that drives the indoor air.

However, the fundamental feature of the fan model for the bathroom is the fact that such a device does not move the air inside the room, and is designed to display it in the drawing shaft.With air in the duct fall suspended moisture droplets, so as a result of operation of the fan is capable of changing the humidity in the bathroom.

The principle of the fan with humidity sensor


fan sensor for the bathroom can be:

  • Axial. This fan is selected to the bathroom more often.
  • Centrifugal. This type of fan is typically selected when a vent problems.
Axial fan for the bathroom with a humidity sensor
Centrifugal fan for the bathroom with a humidity sensor

Additional features

In some models, the fan in addition to the humidity sensor and the check valve is present:

  • timer.You can program the device to work within 2-30 minutes after the power is turned off.
  • motion sensor.In response to human movement, a fan will start automatically.
  • function permanent ventilation.It provides a long-term fan operation in low-power mode.
  • backlight.
  • ability to adjust power.
  • built-in clock.
Fan Bath with humidity sensor and additional features


In our market the most common fan with hygrostat from companies:

  • Soler & amp;Palau. This Spanish brand offers a low-noise fan of Silent model, which can be installed in any position and have a check valve.The devices are in high demand in our country due to the ruggedness, reliability and average price category.
  • Maico ECA Piano. products from this brand boasts a stylish design, low power consumption and a variety of options, but the high cost of a negative impact on the popularity of the fans.
  • Elicent Elegance. products of this brand belongs to the budget.In addition to the humidity sensor and a check valve in such a fan is present engine bearings and microprocessor.
Fan Maico ECA Piano with humidity sensor
Soler & Fan ;Palau bathroom with humidity sensor
Fan Elicent Elegance Bath with humidity sensor

Tips for Choosing

Fan equipped with hydrostatic transmission, copes with its functions, if you choose a device correctly.

choosing such a fan, it is important to take into account:

  1. What power apparatus is needed?To determine it is necessary to know the volume of the bathroom, which is multiplied by 3.8 (the figure is replaced by air in the room).In this case a better choice would be a more powerful model.
  2. Where is the air duct and in what way is recommended to install the fan?Many fans work as when mounted on the wall, and the position on the ceiling, but at the time of purchase should be made clear, where preferable to carry out installation of the specific model.
  3. What completeness of the selected fan?Hydrostat it can be integrated (both indoor and channel) or purchased separately and connected.
How to choose the fan for the bathroom - Recommendations

installation and assembling

When installing the fan should take into account the characteristics of the ventilation shaft, and determine whether you can fix the fan inside the duct, or better to do it in front of his hole.It is also important to check before installing the duct patency.You can use a burning match, badged to the opening of the mine.Reject in the direction of the duct light would be a sign of good traction.

If you have identified the blockage, it should be eliminated either on their own or with the help of a specialist.And only then proceed to the fan assembly.Furthermore, it should ensure a flow of air to the bathroom, which is easily achieved by a small gap under the room door.

Attach the fan casing will help you dowels or special glue.After installing the fan is connected to the network through an ordinary electrical outlet, switch, junction box, or from the lamp and then put it on the outside grill.

Fan Bath with humidity sensor

more detail fan installation on the ceiling, refer to the following video.