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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is the water heated towel rail better ratings , types and manufacturers

Water heated towel rail unusually shaped bathroom
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  • Stainless steel - a worthy choice?
  • on what features to pay attention?
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To reduce the humidity in the bathroom and have the opportunity to dry wet towels, install a special device called a heated towel rail.The most common type of such plumbing is water heated towel rail, which is connected to either the hot water or the heating system.What are the characteristics of this plumbing device made of what materials and how not to make a mistake when choosing the right option for your bathroom?

Water chrome heated towel rail for the bathroom


  • This device supports a long time in the room dry and warm the bathroom.This helps to protect the room from the formation of mold and mildew due to high humidity.
  • Unlike electric models are not dependent on the power supply and is more economical (no need to pay for taking the extra electricity) and requires no grounding or special water-resistant receptacles.
  • In addition, the use of water-typ
    e towel safer, because there is no risk of electric shock.
Lower water heated towel rail in the bathroom with towels - dignity
Side water heated towel rail in the bathroom


  • device will not work unless terminated hot water (in case of failure or during planned outages) or end the heating season.
  • Installing towel warmer water is quite complicated, so the self of the work you need to have experience and expertise.
Wall large heated towel rail in the bathroom


Towel, bought for the bathroom, can be one of these types of plumbing devices Data:

  1. to electric. These towel warmers are powered by the mains, so you have to pay more for electricity bills when they are installed.
  2. to the water. Their work is based on the circulation of hot water inside the device.
  3. To combined. They are quite expensive, but combine all the advantages of the first two species.The main advantage of the combined device is to work all year round - in winter by heating, and in summer on electricity.
Electric chrome heated towel rail for the bathroom
Water heated towel rail in the bathroom wall
Combined white towel warmer in the bathroom

Towel water depending on the type of connection is the bottom or side. Lower variant is more common, but the installation side can easily hide the communication, which affects the appearance of the premises.


Water heated towel rail is:

  • standard - M-, P- or a MP-shaped.
  • Lestnitseobraznym.
  • ring-shaped.
  • zigzag.
  • With shelves.
  • individual forms.
Zigzag Water heated towel rail for the bathroom
Water heated towel rail with shelves
Water heated towel rail unusual shape


use such materials include water heated towel rails:

  • stainless steel.
  • galvanized steel.
  • black steel.
  • Brass.
  • Aluminium.
  • Copper.

Models of galvanized or black steel involve operating safety, ease of installation, good technical characteristics. Copper and brass items are cheap and attractive in appearance, but are not very long (up to 6 years).

Copper water heated towel rack with shelves for towels
Aluminum water towel warmer with towels

Stainless steel - a worthy choice?

products of stainless steel can be called one of the most durable.They are characterized by high strength, corrosion resistance and long life.Such steel heated towel rail can be 20 years or longer.

Water heated towel rack stainless steel bathroom

on what features to pay attention?

One of the common mistakes buyers towel warmer is a device selection based on his appearance.First of all it is important to take into account the peculiarities of application of such plumbing, and only at the final stage of selection - whether the product will fit into the interior.

Water side (wall ) towel warmer white

Buying water heated towel rail, it is necessary: โ€‹โ€‹

  1. Make sure that the product provides a passport, as well as the warranty card.
  2. Inspect the chimney.First, make sure that it is solid.If you will be connecting towel dryer to the heating system and live in high-rise building, the water pressure in the pipes will be high, and in the presence of a seam on the pipe there is a high probability that it will disperse.Next, find out what material is made pipe coating.It can be enamelled or chrome, with the first embodiment is more reliable.
  3. Make sure that the device has, vent valve.In its absence, a heated towel rail in the air can enter, so that his work will be difficult.
  4. Take into account the nuances of the installation in your bathroom.For example, connecting towel dryer to the heating system, you make such sanitary ware useless in the summer.If you connect the device to hot water, the towel warmer temperatures will be determined by the draw capacity.If the selected connection to heating, it is important to take into account the pressure in the system.With centralized heating pressure swings are very common, but they do not happen at independent, since the pressure is constant.
  5. Choose shape of the product, taking into account the features of the house where it will be installed.For multi-storey buildings are advised to choose a coil that, when heated, the product is not deformed or destroyed.
  6. Check whether the diameter of the chosen approach to the towel warmer in the bathroom pipes.If the diameter differences are found (and it is often found when buying foreign-made model), it should be added to purchase an adapter.
Water heated towel rail with thick and thin pipes
Water heated towel rail chrome bathroom

Overview manufacturers

You can purchase such a heated towel rack manufacturers:

  • Sunerzha. This Russian company is offering 15 models of sanitary devices of various shapes.Among them are connected to the water and to the heating system.Set can be vertically or diagonally.
  • AkvaStal. products from domestic producers that attract a modern design and lots of positive feedback from customers.
  • Energy. Products of the Russian manufacturer is different in different design solutions (Sales have 17 models), high quality, guaranteed for 5 years.Products made of stainless steel.
  • Margaroli. Towel from this Italian company's durable and reliable, have a certificate of quality, presented in a wide range (over 20 models), functional and easy to operate.They are easy to install, have the original form, are connected to the heating system.
  • Dvin. products from this Russian producer are made of carbon or stainless steel.They are economical to use, a variety of different form, additionally have a glass-lined, brass, chrome or nickel plated.
  • Nick. company manufactures plumbing device made of stainless steel and is one of the leaders in this industry.
Water heated towel rail Sunerzha from producer
Water heated towel rail from the company Akvastal
Water towel warmer from the brand Margaroli
Water heated towel rail company Nika

also very popular models of German manufacturers DM, Zehnder and Emco, Global Ship of the Italian company, the Norwegian producer Varmos,Swedish company LVI and the Finnish manufacturer Korin.They are heated evenly, with shut-off valves, and can be installed perpendicularly.

Tips for Choosing

  • To go look towel rail should be in specialty stores.So you will be protected from buying low-quality goods or counterfeits.
  • If you open the heating system, it is better to buy a steel heated towel rail, and copper, brass or aluminum is used for closed heating systems.
  • Going to the store, measure the place where the towel rail is installed to your product fit into the selected part of the bathroom.
  • Pay attention, does the manufacturer warranty on its products.On average, the warranty period is five years.
  • are going to establish one of the models of water towel warmer in high-rise building in advance to find out how much pressure is the maximum allowed.To this, add a few more items to the device can transfer the hammering.
  • When buying, make sure that are included or fasteners should be purchased separately.
Water heated towel rail in the form of hangers
Lower water towel warmer with a radiator


Many consumers do not recommend to buy Chinese products, because they lose much of domestic producers and European firms.Guided by price when choosing such a sanitary device is also not advised, so you do not pay for the repairs.

According to reviews, it is best to pay attention to stainless steel products.At the same time be sure to check the documentation, since the market there are many fakes.

In addition, people who have already installed the towel warmer at home are advised to first invite electrician to get rid of the problem of stray currents within the water system.

Water outdoor heated towel rail made โ€‹โ€‹of stainless steel with three rungs under the towel