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August 12, 2017 18:06

Audit hatch under tiles : sizes sanitary manholes , pressure , invisible magnets , how to make their own hands

Sanitary hatch under the tiles in the bathroom
  • Types
    • Lever design
    • hidden, invisible
    • magnets
  • Dimensions
  • Components
  • position of the hatch and side opening
  • Installing hidden hatch
  • Facing
  • Grout, sealing
  • How to make your own hands?
  • Tips

More recently, in the bathrooms all communications were in sight, and it was considered perfectly normal.But time does not stand still, now they hide behind gipokartonnymi designs, making lavatories in stylish rooms with a minimum of piles.Save access to the counters and faucets, and not to spoil the beauty help audit sanitary manholes.They can buy or make yourself.

Inspection hatches in the bathroom under the tile
Audit hatch under the tile
Audit hatch under the tile


In zavisismoti from an object hidden behind a hatch, hatches are the following:

  • power;
  • sanntehnicheskie;
  • ventilation.

By location:

  • floor;
  • wall;
  • ceiling.
Wall tiles under revision hatch
Floor hatch audit Tile
Ceiling hatch audit Tile

Particular requirements for the strength to impose a floor and ceiling hatches.Floor models must be resistant to external physical effects, have a robust design, frame, with additional equipment, moisture-pr

oof and sound-proofed.Ceiling door must have low weight, thoughtful option of closing that door accidentally swung open.Such windows are used in commercial buildings, public areas, garages.

in homes and apartments are more willing to use wall hatches for several reasons (space savings, a wider choice of models, simplicity and ease of installation).

traditional forms for sanitary manholes are square and rectangular.If necessary, you can make or order custom doors, but their installation and use will be slightly different.

Sanitary inspection door under the tile

By material manufacturing stand out:

  • Available plastic models.Usually with a handle or push.Often used in white color, but can be found on sale, and other popular colors.A large variety of sizes.
  • Metal doors are colored coating (powder coating), their love for strength and stability.
  • Other materials.Make sanitary manhole under the tiles can be from scrap materials (drywall, particle board), that allows to put on top of the masking material.For such a door frame is usually made of aluminum or metal to provide durability.They can be beat and hide in a traditional design.This is an elegant solution that is becoming popular not only among designers, it is like and simple townsfolk.Especially such an option is good when it comes to non-standard shapes and sizes.

The inconspicuous inspection hatch in the interior, the better.Therefore, more and more interest are models such as magnetic, hidden, and push.

Sanitaryware ( audit ), plastic hatch bathroom
Metal sanitary manhole under the tiles in the bathroom

Lever design

They are made on the push-systems Roller mechanisms.Often combined with the mechanisms of invisibility, spatial loops, double that save space and not use the pen.The doors may be sliding, folding, swing open in one or both sides.Mechanisms better to choose from trusted manufacturers.

Pressure hatch under the tile
Pressure sanitary manhole under tiles

feature Dumb push systems is that they open in two stages: after hard pressure door is slightly shifted to the side, after which it becomes visible.In this state, the lid is easy to pull to one side.In practice, so decorate sanitary manholes small and medium sizes.

Pressure sanitary manhole invisible under tiles

hidden, invisible

Popular system invisible nuances combine other options, and allow us to make great invisible door.

Typically, they are used in residential buildings in the bathrooms, to visually enlarge the space, as well as decorate the niches of communication, providing an approach.The use of special hinges and drywall on the lid helps to "adapt" the auditing hatch under the wall.However, assembly of such a window in advance must be considered when designing niche.For a complete renewal of the repair under the "invisible" can be inconvenient and, on the other hand, will ruin the whole look.

Hidden hatch audit Tile
Sanitary hatch invisible under tiles


designs on neodymium magnets are used in floor and wall of viewing windows.Magnets possess great strength and can withstand considerable weight.Making these invisible cover helps tricky approach: slot hatch is a little less to the door itself was under the flooring (tile, laminate piece) masking it.The large-performance materials or heavy lid equipped with a handle for convenience.Lightweight and small hatches can be removable and without handles, often make large folding.Magnesium helps to keep the lid in some embodiments, it simply shifted to the side to ease the attraction in the floor, they complement its own force of gravity of the lid.

Sanitary hatch invisible on magnets under the tiles


Standards revision hatches suggest a minimum size as the square of 10 cm x 10 cm. Among the finished products used hatches the size of a conventional tile 20 * 30.

working with arbitrary parameters, masters seek to bring them to this embodiment, on the curtain to fully fit could ceramics.Such an approach would "hide" the hatch.The specific dimensions depend on the purpose of the door and the position of pipes, cables.

Inspection manholes of different sizes under the tiles in the bathroom

biggest of ready options considered doors 120 cm Homemade door other than the normal parameters, is closer to this: at least 5 - 50 mm tiles stock on fixative to the wall, no.more than ½ of its own tile options with the free hand.


structure of concrete manhole depends on its type.Standard wall-mounted version includes an aluminum frame, lock the door and looped structure.

material hidden santehdvertsy usually make moisture resistant (eg, treated plasterboard, particleboard, OSB).The frame is mounted in a niche or wall.Castle "react" to external influence, holding the door in niche slots.

The loop mechanism and regulation - an important part, which determines how the hatch opens, in which direction.In its simplest form it can be mounted or furniture hinges.The tricky - twin with additional adjustment of nodes.

Audit sanitary manhole invisible under tiles
Sanitary hatch under the tile

position of the hatch and side opening

usually try to determine the location of the audit of the hatch so that plowing it does not touch other objects in the room, as well as provide the necessary overview.Conveniently the opening of the door to the left and right, with a few exceptions.The vertical opening is accompanied by a more responsible place of preparation.

rash is the angular position of the window: the corners of the door will interfere with, the design will be weaker.Very close to the floor is better to do door: the lower edge of the floor can scratch and leave marks.Usually whole tiles and this extends the time of installation.

Audit sanitary manhole invisible trimmed red ceramic tiles

Installing hidden hatch

Mounting a secret hatch begins with a frame mount.The drywall constructions pre-cooked profiles to connect the hatch frame with the frame with screws for metal.The slots for them are drilled in advance.If the installation is carried out through the opening in the brick or block wall, using dowels, nails, and the gaps between the frame and the wall zapenivayut.In this case, the door is removed from the frame and mounted readiness after the sealant (freezing overnight at removing excess contour).

Installation of sanitary ( audit ) of the hatch in the bathroom

After mounting frame made niche cladding material with overlapping frames.The surface of the frame must be flat.Check after installation work hinge mechanism, it is possible to debug the Allen key.


hatch finishes and walls made simultaneously.To glue the tiles to the door of invisibility, should be primed work surface.Lever mechanisms fix special fasteners, door burden weight or use a pull bolt.On plasterboard tile glue on liquid nails or use special cement mixture.In the wood-based panels pre-installed reinforcing mesh.When applying the adhesive to allow for future gaps ceramics.For high-quality tile fixer, adhesive must hold not less than ½ of its surface.

mixture should not flow into and clog the space between the door and its frame.Eliminate any excess should be faster.The mixture will seize the next day, then you can remove the excess from the tile.

Facing sanitary manhole invisible in the bathroom
Facing sanitary manhole invisible in the bathroom

grout, sealing

processing of hatches invisible has its own characteristics: they are not overwritten on the edges.The remaining space of the hatch cover structure as well as the entire wall.To accurately determine the place, the edge of the construction process tape, freeing up a small gap.In it lay the silicone sealant layer lining the fingers.To mass behaved obediently hands should be moistened with soapy water.Then carefully remove the cling film.On drying silicone takes 2 days.The final touch: a cut through the perimeter of the hatch.Make out under the angle 45 °, trying to get a knife to the base construction, using 1 movement on each side.This helps to avoid the "fringe" around the edges.

With open hatch remove excess sealant.

Sealing flap auditing invisible in the bathroom

How to make your own hands?

not always ready to satisfy the needs of auditing hatches.In this case, you can spend a little time and effort and make the necessary detail for yourself.

If you want a small window, it is well suited magnetic variations.To do this, the magnets in the corners of the door, and on the edges of the frame - magnity- doubles (of leaves 8 magnets).It is better to equip the lid trim handle, so it will be more practical.As usual, use the handles furniture accessories.

Homemade sanitary manhole invisible magnets in the bathroom

In the manufacture of large doors, furniture parts also come in handy: convenient ready to mount a push system and conventional hinged loop.

  • Spend measurements, mark the future location and check its level to avoid distortions.
  • Prepare the base and frame.You can use ordinary aluminum profile under the frame, frame made from strips or from the same profile.Set the frame.
  • Making the cover: the base must be sound, use wood-based panels.Coverage depends on the layer thickness and the planned activities.It is better to apply drywall: finishing work on it are more successful than on prepared wood.Carefully connect the parts with screws cover.
  • Prepare slots for the hinge mechanism: pull back of 10 mm on both sides and drill.By combining loops with a cover, attach it to the frame to make the marking holes mechanism.
  • Set loop in the frame.You can now hang the door in place.The lid must keep pace with the untreated wall and did not rise above it.Luke should be a gap, so that it is easily opened by pressing (note facing the future).
  • Secure the door with special bolts, use the goods.Clean the door of the dust, and prime with to begin lining.
  • After drying tile adhesive, check the door mechanism.Adjust if necessary.
  • At the end of the pressing mechanism is mounted.
The box is made ​​of plasterboard , sanitary hatch opening for the invisible in the bathroom with their hands
Homemade sanitary manhole invisible in the bathroom
Facing ceramic tile homemade auditing hatch in the bathroom


Remodel santehdvertsy - not an easy task.The plain interior elements require careful attention to itself.Many only after purchasing and installing understand how it would be better to carry out this procedure.It is useful to ask the neighbors from the top or from the bottom, they have decided this issue and remained there satisfied.

Pay attention to such moments:

  • When buying finished sanitary manhole check whether the orientation coincides with the desired (vertical or horizontal).Often the size of 20 * 30 confusing and buyers and sellers.
  • During installation, use level.
  • small window set immediately with a lid, a large dismantled at the details.
  • Wall covering is better to do right by the door stealth system, leaving the lower number nadpolny last.Thus adjusted tile size and avoid random distortions.
  • Unsuccessful operations by cutting the sealant can fix: Apply silicone on the edge and close the hatch.Speaking mass remove and leave to dry again.
  • If the wall is prepared for painting, you need to cut through the seam after shpatlevanija, to dry the mixture.

With a little experience, you can pretty quickly establish a complete audit hatches, but if you want - to create his own hands.Case Wizard afraid!

Sanitary invisible hatch in the bathroom and its installation
Sanitary hatch under the tile
Inspection door invisible under tiles