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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of meters of cold and hot water with their hands in the apartment and a private home

Installation of water meters
  • expediency
  • In
  • apartment in a private house
  • How to choose the counter?
  • installation cost possible to install only for the calculation of hot or cold water?
  • scheme
  • When you need to call a specialist?
  • How to choose a contractor?
  • What documents should I get?
  • Setting his hands
    • Compliance Vodokanal
    • Site Selection
    • Preparation
    • Installation
    • Commissioning
  • Possible problems

Each user of water from the central water supply system may have a separate counter, whether it isa resident of the apartment or private home.In the absence of the counter are used special factors that significantly increase the cost of water.But many citizens and before the entry into force of Act established a counter, because it really saves money.

Please note that the full cost of the work is not necessary to pay a lump sum: management company can help establish counter in installments over 5 years.Furthermore, in many regions some categories of beneficiaries (the disabled, pensioners, etc.). Ins

tallation is due to the budget.

Elevated rates for those who do not want to put the meters will just be used to finance the installation of meters for people with disabilities.In addition, the meters do not need to install and residents of damaged houses.

Water meters to be installed in the apartment


If you are not completely sure of the economic feasibility of installing the meter, you can spend a small arithmetical calculations.So, if the apartment is officially spelled out 4 people, and is home to 2, the feasibility of the installation do not hesitate to counter.In this case, the average amount of water charged per prescribed human.If the month is used 5 cubic meters of water, it will have to pay for 20 or more.Even if the actual number of people living with the same amount prescribed, it is usually necessary to pay about 20-25% percent less.Of course, this is at the economical use of resources.

disadvantage may be an option of accommodation of more people than prescribed.

The apartment

Layout appears on the amount payable for water. In some multi-storey buildings with the Soviet plan for a bathroom there are 2 separate pipe hot and cold water, 2 more - for the kitchen, and 1 - toilet. meter is installed on each pipe, in such a case should be installed immediately 5 meters for 1 apartment.Of course, this option is not profitable and has never itself does not pay.

Many homes have a common counter, mounted on the trunk.The principle of charging in this case is as follows.From the amount of water consumed, which showed the total water meter, the volume is subtracted, used owners of apartments with individual meters, and the remaining water is divided between the rest of the consumers home.It's not exactly a fair option because someone spends more water and some less.In this case, its own water meter is the best alternative.

Installation of water meter

In a private house

owners of private households have to think about it, that it is more profitable.Indeed, many summer watered with central water supply for garden plots, small vegetable gardens.In this period, the counter will count quite a large fee.

But the rest of the month will be a significant savings.

Therefore, most home owners should also install the meter.A watering is better to dig a well or drill a well.

How to choose the counter?

A variety of counters for water today is very great, and choose a suitable among them is not so simple a simple man in the street.Experts recommend buying turbine mechanical devices.There are also electronic meters, but they are more expensive and often break down.And if the repair of the meter is not possible, it must be replaced, which means the passage of the installation process again, including walking on the public authorities.

Turbine Water Meter
Electronic Water Meter

Absolutely all counters vary in their design, adapted only for cold or hot water.To do this, they are marked in blue and red, so it is impossible to get lost here.

All counters sold in stores have been officially certified and can be used, but not all are approved for use in Gorvodokanal.So before you buy, read the list of allowed to use counters Gorvodokanal, since otherwise the contract after setting the counter you will not sign.

When the meter is installed and sealed, it is responsible for its functioning, the home owner.

Do not buy expensive models, because they believe the amount of water in the same way.By making a purchase, you need to pay attention to packaging.Together with the main unit should be the filter elements are connected to the nipples, nuts, gaskets and valve.Chasing cheapness, some citizens buy kits on the market, which then turn out to be incomplete.Therefore it is recommended to apply only proven shops.

pay attention to the product data sheet.It must be printed, with a stamp of the manufacturer and a serial number that matches the number on the product.pass the test of public authorities will be difficult without such a passport.

cost of installing

installation of meters by a special organization.The cost of their services is different and depends on such criteria:

  1. device model.
  2. installation method.
  3. mounting features.

Depending on them, the cost of installation varies from 1.5 to 4 thousand rubles.For legal organizations, the price will be higher by about a thousand rubles.Some category of people may be eligible for discounts (pensioners, invalids, soldiers), or even completely free installation (residents of public housing, receiving subsidies and other).

Since often have to mount more than one meter, many prefer to perform this operation himself.And it is not strange, because it is no big deal.Much more time and the headache goes away for permits from government agencies.

Installing a water meter

Can I install only for the calculation of hot or cold water?

Many quite naturally raises the question of whether it is possible to install a water meter for a pipe.More often than not prefer to put the counter only to hot water, which use less than there were at the standard is not installed on the cold water, because it costs much less, and the installation of the counter it can pay off any time soon.This option is quite possible, because no regulations prohibiting in most regions do not exist.


Standard installation scheme consists of:

  1. locking elements.
  2. Cleaning Filter.
  3. Counter.
  4. Reverse crane.

on how and in what sequence these elements are assembled, influence the state of the place of work, a section of pipe, the presence of free space, and so on.

This sequence is used for horizontal and vertical sections.In the latter case the water goes from top to bottom, so the valve is mounted directly in front of the counter.It provides regulations, because the impeller unit must always remain in the water.

The scheme of installation of the water meter

When you need to call a specialist?

As a rule, the installation of a water meter is no big deal.But in some cases, can not do without the help of a specialist.Such a case could be the presence of 2-htrubnyh hot water or a fire hydrant, significantly complicating the process of installation.Specialist can be called from the local water utility or private institutions, which are in all major cities.

How to choose a contractor?

If you have decided to use the services of a specialist to perform the installation, you should conduct a thorough selection.The fact that the contractor can be trusted, say the following facts:

  1. license to operate.If it is, then we can assume that the employees of the contractor have the required skills and have the special tools.
  2. guarantee.Qualified contractors should provide the guarantee on the work carried out, which pledge to make free repair in case of failure of the system.
  3. documentation.Documents should be provided on the work performed, namely, the act or the contract, which then held service.

contractor has a valid license, is responsible for the correctness of all operations.If necessary, the customer can demand the full implementation of the obligations of the company.Accessing it ensures quick and correct installation of the water meter in accordance with the law.

What documents should I get?

After all the work on the installation of the counter, is made the act of acceptance.It lists all of the data on the device, and consumer water installation specialist. document signed by all parties.Apart from him, from the landlord remains:

  1. Technical counter passport.
  2. counter Inspection Report.It further indicates the date for future verification device.

To test the device, it must be removed and taken to the specialized group.This procedure is carried out once every 4-6 years.

Setting his hands

Before installing the counter with his hands suggested to see the following video.In it you will learn about the basic principles of installation.

Self installing the meter consists of the following steps.

Compliance Vodokanal

total of three requirements:

  • According to the first, the meter must be protected from various debris and large particles that are in the water.To do this in front of him set the coarse filter, which increases the service life of the device.Furthermore, the meter must be in the list of authorized use.
  • According to the second request, you need install a check valve after the device, so no one was able to put air in the water, thus blowing the filter.
  • last requirement - it oplombirovka counters that held water utility employees.They are also checking the correct execution of all works.

Site Selection

device should be placed closest to the inlet pipe into the room.A skilled artisan can quickly determine the installation location.To solve this issue in the apartment easier than in a private home.As a rule, in apartment standard installation place is a toilet.And here in the house meter must be located at more than 20 cm from the outlet pipe from the surface.Special demands are made in the presence of water wells, which is also sealed.

Selecting a location for the installation of the water meter


filter is connected before installing the meter to it, then the non-return valve.Without the latter, it is impossible to put into operation the water meter.Ensure the availability of fasteners, nuts, seals and special tools.Also checked the tightness of all pipes, safety shut-off valve.


installation process depends largely on the condition of the plumbing and pipe materials.It is much easier if the plastic is polypropylene or tubes which are easy to cut and connect special soldering. In this case, the installation consists of the following stages:

  • in pre-marked position is cut pipe and connects the counter.At the same time a water meter with a blue stamp put on a cold pipe with a red - hot on.Used tow for sealing joints;
  • conducted froze place reciprocal thread;
  • extra parts pipes emit, make thread or mounted fitting.Soldering irons are connected plastic sections;
  • disconnected from the counter-return valve and fasten it to the pre-arranged end of the tube;
  • finally connect together all the elements of the counter;
  • spun pre-closed valve with water to check for leaks.


If there is a water leak, the installation of the device is successful. needed only oplombirovka its specialist water treatment plant. Usually, after application specialist comes in a few days and quickly draw up a report.To do this, the client must be prepared in advance documents about the installation, the device passport.A senior official records in the act of reading the water meter, and is conducting oplombirovku service contract.From this point the client is already beginning to pay for water on the counter.

Oplombirovka water meter

Possible problems

In some cases, there are problems with the water supply system or by the counter after it is installed:

  1. Bad water pressure.The reason for that may be clogging the filter.Alone it can not be cleaned, because the need to disrupt the seal.For this purpose is called a water canal specialist.
  2. Random failure of the seal.If you accidentally tore sealing, it is necessary to state water utility in the same day.For the new seal will need to pay a small fee.But if the specialist during a scheduled scan detects a failure, it threatens a large fine.
  3. Big water consumption.Some users have noticed that the counter counts excessively high water consumption.In this case, the customer is entitled to an unscheduled free system scan.

Thus, the water meter - it is a necessary device in apartments and private homes in order to save money.Install it can independently obtain the necessary permits and making thorough preparations.