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August 12, 2017 18:06

Drill bits and tile treatment : how to choose , carbide , circular

Drill on the tiles
  • Types drills
    • spear
    • Carbide
    • Circular
  • If you want a big hole
  • Forms crowns
  • Alternatives
  • Tips for Choosing
  • drilling technology
  • Features granite

best finish coat for the bathroom tile is considered.It is quite strong, durable, not afraid of moisture and easy to clean.During or after the cladding is often necessary to drill holes in the tile to fix the mirror, furniture, faucet or outlet.To do this, sell special drills on tiles that come in different types.

Drill on the tiles

Types drills

Today, you can buy the following types of drills on the tiles:


With their help, you can just make the dowel holes, which serve as attachment for the installation of various items.Drills can be used to work with granite, but they wear out quickly.Since their cost is quite low, they are well suited for smaller jobs.

characteristic features of such drills:

  • high efficiency;
  • resistance to wear;
  • hole depth - 12 mm;
  • reasonable price.
Spear drill for tile


used such products for use wit

h a simple tile and granite.The main difference - one-sided sharpening from an acute angle.This allows fairly quickly and efficiently.

Solid carbide drill for tile


They are called "Ballerina", because during operation they are spinning like a ballerina and movement.They are used to work with different kinds of tiles, with the diameter of the holes may be 30-90 mm.The product consists of main and additional drill cutting insert.Working with him on the need of minor revolutions without strong pressure.So it will last much longer.

Круговое сверло "балеринка" для кафельной плитки

If you want a big hole

Sometimes you need to accurately drill a large opening for the pipes, sockets, or other purposes on the tile.In this case, use Ballerina or crowns.

Ballerina up of several components, chief among them - cutting drill.When centering part is fixed to the drill, the cutting often results in a circular motion and breaks the work surface. This product is best used when you do not need a custom openings or slots.Drill should only be used without the shock functions and at low speed, avoiding damage to the tiles.Also, in the operation of the device at high speeds may damage the Ballerina.The disadvantage of the product is that with its help it is impossible to obtain an opening with a smooth edge.

But with the help of crowns can be obtained with the surface almost perfectly smooth edges. device design may consist of centering pieces or without it.If such a presence, it is quite easy to drill a hole, as it vpiraetsya the treated surface and does not move over the surface of the crown.Crowns can be drilled as a simple tile and ceramic, stone, marble.

Punching a large hole in a tile

Forms crowns

Today, you can buy the following types of crowns for drilling large holes:

  1. Diamond Products. They allow you to make grooves sizes 10-70 mm, but there are products and large size.Work with them in the machine must be water cooled and acquire a centering part.Drilling them can razuyu tile and stone, but when dealing with a second material the product quickly comes to wear, because it is pretty solid.Turnovers drilling should be in the range of 200-500.
  2. tungsten carbide. They are ideal for use with tile, granite, brick and stone.As a result, out excellent slots that can be used to mount different shelves, sockets.Included are 4 different crowns.
Crown Diamond Products for the tile
Tungsten carbide bit for ceramic tiles


There are also universal drill used to create holes in any of a variety of materials, natural or artificial.Such products have deep spiral on the sides on which the output openings of dust and other materials. They are made of special steel.A special technique makes such sharpening drills most durable and efficient material handling any density and hardness.Sharpened drill can be yourself.

Universal drill for tile in bathroom

Tips for Choosing

Since each tile - this is quite a delicate product, to approach it is necessary to drill very carefully.First you need to select the tool.If necessary, one or two small holes, it is preferable to use a hand drill, which does not produce vibration during operation.But not everyone would prefer.Then the hand drill is used without shock function.

The choice of drills decide, depending on the forthcoming works.Hastate products to make better use of small holes, if necessary.When making a purchase you need to pay attention to the fact that the drill tool must be harder than the work surface.Experts advise to choose products with a diamond coating.And although it is somewhat more expensive than other types of drills, high quality allows you to use it in a lot of work.And so once a year to make a couple of holes, you can buy a cheap drill with pobeditovym tip.

Tips for Choosing a drill for tile in bathroom
Recommendations for choosing a drill for tile in bathroom

drilling technology

Improper drilling technology can damage the tiles or other materials.

To get a hole in the tile laid with smooth edges as much as possible, you must minimally press the drill.Otherwise, the material may crack.The same applies to the smallest speed to avoid vibration and backlash drill.

When drilling deep holes can become hot surface. therefore necessary for short periods to stop running wet drill and tile water. This tool is disconnected from the mains.

drilling technology tiles in the bathroom

Since the tile has a slippery surface, it does not always succeed the first time to make a hole where needed. For it has the following tips:

  1. The base point can make a small depression or hot softwood file.
  2. can stick on the tile masking tape.
  3. proofreading pencil Chancery causes special mark, which will have a slight roughness.

Run unfolded drill on the tile easier. For this purpose it is approximately 30 minutes, soaked in water to avoid cracking.Self drilling is on the back side, where no deposition glazed.

Tips for drilling ceramic tiles in the bathroom
Recommendations for drilling tiles in the bathroom

Features granite

Gres is much stronger and harder than a simple tile.Overall its drilling technology is the same, but with some nuances.So, to work with it, or used drill bits with diamond-coated, made diffuse vacuum method.These products are the most durable and resistant to wear.Drilling takes place a simple drill or a hammer without hitting function.

Drill for granite tiles in the bathroom