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August 12, 2017 18:06

Replacement of pipes in the bathroom with their hands : features sewerage installation

Replacement of pipes in the bathroom with their hands
  • sewer device by type of pipe
    • Metal
    • Plastic
    • Polypropylene
  • Preparations
  • Dismantling of old pipes
  • Stages of installation

With the need to replace pipesin the bathroom people face for two reasons.This can be scheduled repair or replacement of emergency.Of course, the first option is the best, because you can prepare for it, to buy all the materials and to consider the work plan.On the issue of the replacement pipe must be approached carefully, especially if it comes with their own hands.Erroneous actions or negligence can lead to bad consequences.Just before the assembly to choose the appropriate tube, dismantle the old and prepare the room.

Replacement of pipes in the bathroom with their hands

sewer device by type of pipe

main task of sewage - the supply of fresh and output of waste water from sinks, bath and other devices. Sewerage in an apartment or private house - a rather complex and often very extensive system, which includes:

  • riser with a crosspiece for pipes of different diameters;
  • main road, along which the
    water flows from the house;
  • pipe going to the bathroom (diameter 50 mm);
  • tube that goes into the kitchen;
  • additional branching.
Replacement of pipes in the bathroom with their hands

Today, you can buy different types of pipes, different materials of manufacture, characteristics, price, practicality and so on.All of them can be combined in such a group:


Among the most common metal pipes - cast iron.They most robust and durable, but corrode rapidly polluted and very heavy. As a rule, they are installed in old houses and apartments built 10 or more years ago.Widely used and steel products.But undertake installation of such pipes is difficult, because of their connections need welding machine and cutting - Bulgarian. can do without welding, it needs to be cut into the ends of the pipe thread.This is being done to connect the crane.Due to the corrosion of the pipe need to constantly paint.

Metal pipes to replace old pipes in the bathroom


They replaced metal pipes.Their inner part is made of aluminum and the outer - polyethylene. They do not corrode, resistant and reliable.Such pipes pretty easy to bend without the need for heating in welding.Cut can be a simple hacksaw.After cleaning with sandpaper, the pipe ends are joined special fittings.

Metal pipes to replace old pipes in the bathroom


This is a very popular product, used mainly in homes. They differ light weight, aesthetic appearance, resistance to rust, a decent strength and ease of installation.The constant care and they do not need painting. pipes Polypropylene is easy to bend, cut them with a knife can be simple, but they are joined by cold welding or special soldering iron, to work with who do not need special skills.The low price and variety of such pipes contribute to their high popularity.

Polypropylene pipes to replace old pipes in the bathroom


The training includes calculation of the need for pipes, materials and special tools for their purchase.In addition to pipes, need a variety of tees, reducers, seals, tool - Bulgarian, welding, adjustable wrench, a drill, a knife, a hammer and other (depending on the pipe material).To properly calculate the need for materials, it is better to draw a sewer plan.

applied before installing the placement of pipes.When installing the drainage angle is taken into account, necessary for better drainage of water through the pipes and lack of obstructions. Calculate it very simply:

  1. For pipes with diameter of 80-100 mm, the angle should be 2 per cent.
  2. For pipes of 40-50 mm - 3 percent.

In practice, it is very simple.For example, if a pipe diameter of 50 mm, then each meter of its length, the slope should be 3 cm.

Preparatory work for the replacement of water pipes in the bathroom with their hands

Dismantling of old pipes

To remove the old pipes can last a hammer with a chisel, but sometimes notdo without grinders or punch. You must adhere to the following order of business:

  1. In the house or flat water is turned off.Then carried out the dismantling of inputs.
  2. Next screwed outdated input taps, cut the pipe and the new bolted.
  3. input valves are closed, and you can include water.
  4. With old pipes need to drain the water as much as possible, disconnect the mixers and other devices.
  5. pipes disconnected from the sewer and they can be safely cut.

Remove from brick or concrete walls, steel dowels is not possible, so they just cut off grinder.The new pipe is better to lay as close as possible to the floor, so as not to shtrobirovat wall.

Stages of installation

As already mentioned, independently replace pipes in the bathroom is difficult, but it is easy.It all depends on the amount of the proposed works, the availability of the necessary tools and skills to work with them.

process of installing pipes can be different in different circumstances, but the standard stages are:

  1. If all the preparatory work and the dismantling of the completed filter is installed after the shut-off valve and meter.This is being done on the introduction of hot water.
  2. counters placed so that special arrows on them shows the direction of water movement.
  3. further held directly installing pipes.This process depends on the species.Since some of the highest quality - polypropylene pipes, the installation process, consider their example.Cutting the pipe fragments, they are connected in the right places, glued or welded by soldering.
  4. For compounds sold various adapters, angles, bends and special couplings that allow to connect pipes of different metals.
  5. heating time soldering pipes and fitting depends on their diameter.This can come out of this instrument.Plastic dries and hardens in less than a minute.
  6. Since the hot water expands slightly polypropylene pipes is not allowed their rigid attachment to the wall.It should be moving, which can be achieved by using plastic clips that attach to the wall dowels.
  7. Experts recommend for washing machine, boiler, shower and other appliances in the bathroom and the kitchen set up separate ball valves.They cover the water only to a specific object, so it is not necessary to turn off the whole house in the repair of the same technology.
  8. All connections with thread should be sealed securely.
Replacement of pipes in the bathroom with their hands
Installation of meters for hot and cold water in the bathroom with their hands
Stages of works to replace water pipes in the bathroom

To test the drain, you must include alternating hot and cold water.If within 10 minutes on the joints are no leaks, then we can talk about the successfully completed replacement of pipes in the bathroom.

Replacement of pipes in the bathroom with their hands