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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sealing bath with wall sealing joint sealant , solution , foam tiles

Sealing bath with wall
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  • What a sealant is better to choose?
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gap formed between the wall and the bathroom - it's not always the master of wine, to make repairs in the bathroom.Quite often it is a result of curved walls or of non-standard size of the room, not allowing to establish the desired length bath.

Since this problem is very common, mankind has invented a lot of ways to deal with it.Eliminate the gap between the font and the wall is very important.If this is not done in time, the consequences can be very unpleasant.This mold, which inevitably occurs at a constant accumulation of moisture, and pools under the bath, requiring constant cleaning, and finally, a high probability of the flood (as moisture accumulated under the font, is starting to seep down to the neighbors).

In this article we will look at the most popular ways to seal the joint between the wall of the bathroom.By selecting one of these, you can protect yourself

from a lot of trouble, which may cause a little gap.

Methods for sealing the gap between the wall and the bathroom


There are several effective ways to seal the bath wall - from temporary solutions to the capital.Which one to choose - it depends on your financial capacity and building skills.


If the gap is to be sealing of small width, then the optimal solution - a sealant. for bathrooms sanitary produce special sealants that can be used in rooms with high humidity. Here you have two options: sealant based on silicone or acrylic sealant.

Silicone Sealant has all the qualities that enable its use in very specific circumstances bathroom: water resistance, elasticity, strength, resistance to changes in temperature and aggressive media.Sealant based on acrylic has such a good performance, but it can be applied on top of the paint and enamel.

sealant is poured into the gap using a special gun, which threaded tube. Before you begin sealing work surface should be cleaned of dirt and mold, degrease and dry.Only then can be filled with a seam sealant.It should be remembered that prior to complete drying of the composition must be at least 24 hours.During this time you can not use the bathroom.

Closing the gap between the bathtub and the wall by using a sealant
Filling the gaps between the tub and the wall by using a sealant
Filling the gap between the tub and the wall using silicone sealant


Border bath - this is the most popular way of sealing the font to the wall, because it is the most advantageous combination of price,longevity and the number of wasted effort. Furthermore, embedded with the help of a border seam looks neat, and sometimes even quite nicely.As in the previous case, you need to choose one of two options - a border made of plastic or ceramic border.Let us consider each of them separately.

plastic border - is considered one of the most cost methods seam sealing. Its advantages are associated with the peculiarities of the material: plastic bends well, so he is able even to disguise uneven seam, in addition, the plastic edging is not exacting care and quietly tolerate contact with aggressive cleaning agents.Plastic edging is glued over the seam on any building waterproof glue, and the joints between the parts processed sealing compound.

Filling the gaps between the tub and the wall with the help of
Closing the gap between the bathtub and the wall with a plastic border

ceramic border is more expensive, but also the life of his much more. If carefully look after him, he will not lose color and retain their original appearance for decades.Border made of ceramics - is elegant and beautiful solution to seal the seam.Ceramic border need to strengthen in the corner between the wall and the font on the tile adhesive, on the same principle as the tile.The joints between the elements are filled with waterproof grout.

Filling the gaps between the tub and the wall with the help of ceramic border


curb tape to seal the seam - rather, it is a temporary or auxiliary means. It is advised to use in combination with other materials such as sealant or expanded foam.Stick the tape over the gap filled with these sealing means, you will attach the bath finished and neat appearance.

curb tape is a coil of plastic self-adhesive base.The adhesive composition used water-resistant, so it does not lose its properties even after prolonged contact with water.Many manufacturers of tape impregnated antibacterial compound that prevents the appearance of mold and mildew.

Hank curb tape is not expensive, but it is enough for several uses. Border must be renewed every two to three years.This procedure is very simple and will take you no more than an hour.

Curbing tape to seal gaps between the wall and the bathroom

Gluing new curb on the tape should be cleaned from the adhesive residue and other surface contaminants.

tape stuck to faster and lasted longer, the joint is best to handle cleaning agents such as alcohol or acetone solution.

taken from the roll the required number of tapes, warm up a couple of minutes on the entire length of the hair dryer (for better flexibility) and glue on top of the gap, moving from the corner of the bath. Before you start to water procedures, it is necessary to wait a day - to the adhesive composition is better grasped.

Filling the gaps between tub and wall using fascia tape

Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam - it's almost a universal building material, which is an experienced master can find a variety of uses.One - this sealing bath with the wall.Buy assembly foam can be in any hardware store (do not forget to buy rubber gloves and masking tape) and immediately get to work, because no special preparatory work is needed.

Polyurethane foam for sealing gaps between the tub and the wall

So thoroughly cleanse and dry work surface, then papered her masking tape to the foam stained enamel font and ceramic tiles.Thoroughly shake the container very slowly and carefully fill in the gap.

Keep in mind that in the process of drying of the composition is significantly increased in volume, so make the seam is thinner than it seems fit.Wear protective gloves as scrub foam hand will not be easy.

When the foam hardens, take a sharp knife and cut it flush with the bathtub rim. seam is not very nice, so it is recommended to paste over the curb tape or lay tiles.

Closing the gap between the bathtub and the wall with the help of foam


It also happens that the gap between the font and the wall is so wide that not one of the above methods can not be rid of it. In this case you have to use all your building skills and to build a border of tiles.Tile - the most suitable material for finishing surfaces in the bathroom.It is well tolerated excess moisture and sharp temperature changes, is not subject to corrosion and rot.In addition, the bathroom ceramics are very durable, so this border will serve you until the next overhaul.

to seal the gap is best to use the remains of ceramic tiles which lined the walls the bathroom, and if they do not, try to find the closest color tiles.

Seal the gap between the bathtub and the wall with the help of pieces of ceramic tile

first gap you need to fill in some sealant. Since he's a fairly wide, the most suitable for this purpose foam.When the foam has dried, align the seam so that it was convenient to lay tile.Then prepare the tile adhesive in accordance with the instructions and proceed to the laying of tiles.Between the tiles do not forget to insert the plastic crosses, to get a smooth, neat seams.The next day will be overwritten by means of waterproof seams.

For particularly large gaps use the other way, and instead of doing a full curb shelf for soap and shaving accessories. To do this under the bathroom are building a small formwork, which then fill with cement mortar.After drying the resulting solution stones tiled ledge.

Closing the gap between the bathtub and the wall with the help of ceramic tiles


probably the oldest of all the possible ways to bath with wall sealing - sealing of the joint grout. mixture consisting of water, sand and cement, freezing, forms a hard and tough coating.This method was used in Soviet times, when the choice of building materials was limited.The seam is usually painted over with oil paint.The result obtained is certainly not very aesthetic, but "forever."

Mortar for sealing joints between the wall and the bathroom

First you need to prepare the mortar, mix all the ingredients in the right proportions.While the mixture is settled, wiping out all the dirt accumulated seam there.To pour the cement floor under the bathroom, install a capacity gap, which will drain the solution.

If the gap is very wide, you can fill it with scraps of old rags, soaked in the slurry. Experts advise to pre-wet the work surface to better grappled with cement. then fill the gap with cement mortar, trying to keep the seam turned out as straight as possible.

Camouflage weld can, gluing on top of the dried cement curb tile or tiled.

Sealing gaps between tub and wall using cement gap

What a sealant is better to choose?

Most of the above methods of sealing seam between the wall and the bathroom involve the use of sealant - as a primary or auxiliary means. Sanitary sealant designed specifically for use in the bathroom, so the best way to protect the surface from moisture and dirt is difficult to come up with.

Which to choose sealant for sealing joints in the bathroom

It is very important to choose the right kind of sealant. As we have said, for a bath sealants available on the acrylic and silicone based.

We recommend using the latter, which in turn are divided into neutral and acidic.

Acid sealants are classified budget. They have a sharp smell of vinegar and, in the process of applying, are a danger to the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract.This type of sealant is not recommended for use with expensive "sensitive" materials.

Neutral sealants are more expensive, but the quality is higher. They do not smell and are completely harmless to humans.Do not react with the working surface of the material and cleaning agents.Professionals recommend to choose to seal the seam precisely this kind of silicone sealants.

Acidic silicone sealant for bathroom
Neutral silicone sealant for bathroom

In the store, pay attention to the composition of the sealing means.silicone content is about half, about the same allocated filler, and the remainder - this colorants, fungicides and additives, etc.


  • Before you begin sealing of the seam, the font is recommended to fill with water.So bath will shrink, which must be taken into account when filling the gap sealing materials.
  • to curb plastic densely adjoined to the surface, on the inside it must be trimmed at a 45-degree angle.
  • If you decide to sealing bath to the wall with the help of cement mortar, Hot best to further strengthen - the reliability of the design.This can be done by securing the wall are small pieces of rebar every 15 cm.
  • When working with cement or tile adhesive does not spill solution into the bath drain.Experts advise before you start to lay the bottom of the font cellophane.
Rules sealing gaps between the tub and the wall