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August 12, 2017 18:06

Epoxy grout for a tile in the bathroom : grouting , manual, two-component base

Epoxy grout for filling tile joints
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Traditionally for sealing tile joints using trowel cement-based paste.Relatively recently, there was an alternative to conventional grout - trowel mixture of epoxy resins.This is called a two-component grout so as to prepare it, you need to mix two main components - the actual epoxy and hardener.

with epoxy grout among masters finishers ambiguous.Some believe its use unreasonable waste of money, while others say a lot of advantages of this new material.In today's article we describe in detail about epoxy grout for tile, analyze its advantages and disadvantages, as well as give detailed instructions for use.

Epoxy grout for a tile


  • Epoxy grout has excellent performance: it absolutely does not pass water, does not absorb dirt, does not lose color and does not react with the chemicals contained in cleaning agents.
  • If conventional grout is recommended to update the time, the e
    poxy grouting of the problem can be forgotten in a few years.The service life of this material is about 50 years.
  • epoxy grout can be used not only in the apartment.Good abrasion resistance makes it possible to use it for decoration, which are actively used aggressive cleaning agents, for example, in industrial plants, car washes or in public pools.
  • Grout epoxy resin has excellent astringent properties, so it is able to successfully take the place of tile adhesive.Experts use this quality grout when spread or mosaic panels of glass tiles - so the seams are almost invisible.
  • epoxy grout, congealing, becomes similar to plastic - the same firm and durable.Therefore, it is resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.In addition, the tile joints grout-filled resin can be even the most stiff brush to clean without damaging the coating.
Advantages of epoxy grout for tile
Advantages of epoxy grout for tile


  • We have already mentioned that the epoxy grout is much more expensive than usual.
  • well to wipe the seams and do not leave traces, you will need to purchase special tools and accessories for working with this materialom.Vybrav for filling tile joints epoxy grout, be prepared for this spending.
  • epoxy grout hardens very quickly, so work with it requires certain skills.In inexperienced masters seams obtained thick and sloppy.To practice, start work on an inconspicuous area of ​​the wall or floor.
  • significant disadvantage of epoxy grout many consider unpleasant to touch the structure of the frozen mixture.Most manufacturers of epoxy grout so granular, grasping, it becomes like sandpaper.
Disadvantages epoxy grout for tile

easy to handle beginner?

As mentioned above, epoxy grout - it is not the most suitable material for the first time when doing grouting.It is better to practice with the usual mixture of the trowel, and only then proceed to the development of new building material.

The difficulty of working with grout epoxy resin is that it hardens very quickly.And, if the novice master gape, then adjust the stitch or clean off the trowel with a mixture of tile is no longer possible.

Recommendation for a beginner to work with epoxy grout for tile

There are two basic rules for handling epoxy grout, to be aware of the newcomer:

  • Cooking grout should be small portions, otherwise it quickly hardens and becomes unfit for work.
  • time necessary to remove excess grout from the tile (or even better to entrust this job Assistant), otherwise, have to buy special cleaning agent.

Instructions for use

work on the incorporation of epoxy grouts grouts takes place in three stages.


The package epoxy grout are two packages with the components to be mixed.One package contains the epoxy resin and colorants, and the other - a hardener.When mixing is especially important to carefully observe the proportions.There is one important point: if you mix all at once, the resulting mass hardens much faster than you are done.Therefore, the mixture should be cooked in batches.Proportions calculated on the basis of the instructions of the grout, since different manufacturers of components in both packages and recommendations on mixing different.

Preparation of epoxy grout for tile


At this stage, you will need a rubber spatula, which is applied to an ordinary, cement grout and special sponge to remove epoxy grout (regular sponge is not suitable as foam quickly wears and comes indisrepair).The surface on which to apply the grout must be completely dry.Grout should be applied in small portions, carefully dub spatula and immediately remove residue with a mixture of tile with a wet sponge.To get the most smooth seam, about an hour later recommended a little wet his finger and correct.

Grout epoxy grout tile

cleaning ceramic tiles

Even if you are well purified tile grout after each addition, to the end of work on a tile plaque still forms.Remove it can be with special cleaning agents that can cope with traces of epoxy (so better buy them immediately, together with grout).

Clean tile plaque by only the next day, otherwise you can damage the seam.

To do this you will need a special "hairy" cloth, which is also worth a purchase simultaneously with epoxy grout.After you wash off the tiles, it will remain on a thin layer of the substance, which is part of the grout.See it is almost impossible, but you can feel the touch.Just get rid of him will not succeed, but he wash off over time.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile by epoxy grouting

Common mistakes

  • Some cook the mixture for grouting "by eye", ignoring the proportion prescribed in the instructions.By doing so, it can only spoil.
  • Leave residues of epoxy grout on the tile, hoping to remove them at the end of the work, it is also wrong.During this time, the composition hardens and clean off it, without damaging the tiles, it will be very difficult.
  • Often novice masters work with epoxy grout, using the same tools as for cement grout.This, of course, save them money, but the result of this economy is not justified.The specifics of the special material the use of other tools and accessories.
Common mistakes in working with epoxy grout for tile