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August 12, 2017 18:06

Consumption for grouting tiles per 1 m2 : how much to the grouting , the application rates

Consumption for grouting tiles per square meter
  • What is worth considering?
  • method of calculating
  • What materials and tools still need to buy?

When we trust in the apartment repair the master, and the purchase of decoration and building materials often fall on his shoulders.Professional usually knows how much of a particular material is required for a particular type of work.

If you decide to handle repairs on their own, that at all stages of the process you will have to count only on themselves.Therefore, at the stage of preparation for repair, it is useful to acquire some theoretical knowledge, which in future will help you save money, time and effort.For example, few people know that the consumption of building materials can be calculated by simple formulas.Today we will tell you about how to properly determine the right amount of grout for a tile.

Consumption smoothing of grout between the tiles on the 1 square meter

What is worth considering?

number of grouting depends on several factors:

  • professional master - beginners finisher requires a greater amount of material and skilled crafts
    men, as a rule, operate precisely and accurately, minimizing the cost of the mixture;
  • method of applying grout - there are several methods for filling tile seam, requiring a different amount of material;
  • floor space - going for the purchase of grout should accurately calculate the surface area to be tiled;
  • length and width of the tile - based on the tile size, joint width is determined by: the tile is greater the narrower the joint;
  • thickness of the tiles - this parameter depends on the depth of the seam, and, consequently, the consumption of material.
Factors affecting the quality of grouting for the tiles

method of calculating

To calculate the required number of tiles used a simple formula:

The formula for calculating the grouting grouting between the tiles

In this formula for literal parameters assigned the following values ​​(inmm):

  • A - the length of the tile;
  • B - width of the tile;
  • C - the thickness of the tile;
  • D - joint width.

For example, calculate the amount of grout, which is required for the lining of the wall mosaic size 20h20h4 mm. In this case, the weld thickness should be no more than 2 mm, otherwise it will look messy mosaic.

  • first find the sum of the length and width: 20 + 20 = 40
  • Then multiply the length and width: 20x20 = 400
  • Divide the result of the first steps on the result of the second 40/400 = 0.1
  • multiplies the result of the division, the tile thickness andseam width: 0.1h4h2 = 0.8
  • Multiply the result by 1.6 (this number is a constant): 0.8h1.6 = 1.28

Thus, on one m2 of surface, we will take approximately 1.3 kg of grout.

Calculating the number of grouting for the tiles per square meter

What materials and tools still need to buy?

To process tile seams, a grout will not be enough.Something of the necessary equipment there is in your home, and for something to have to go to the nearest hardware store.

So grout you will need:

  • deep container in which you mix the composition;
  • few liters of water to prepare the grout;
  • spatula to interfere and impose structure;
  • rubber spatula to grout, which you will fill in the seams;
  • sponge for dishes (soft on one side, hard, on the other) to remove the remains of grout;
  • piece of cable with which to form the seam-friendly.
Materials and tools for grouting between the tiles