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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose the color of the grout for a tile How to choose the color or make different , replace color, colorless

How to choose the color of the grout for a tile ?
  • do I choose tiles in color or contrast?
  • Spectacular contrasting combinations
  • Colorless grout - universal?
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Colera: what to do if the desired color is not for sale

During repair before us inevitably arises a lot of problems as serious and minor.On how seriously we will treat each task will depend on the beauty and comfort of our home.Selecting colors for grouting tile joints - the question is not of paramount importance, but it is better to think about in advance.

do I choose tiles in color or contrast?

Normally buyers do not hesitate to choose the grout is closest in color to the tile.However, it - is not the only option.Recently gaining popularity contrasting color combinations. For example, to pick up a light tile grout dark and vice versa. important to the choice of colors deliberately, otherwise random color combination will cause only bewilderment.If

spectacular color combinations, based on the contrast, you do not like, you can go to a more traditional wa

y.Choose a tone grout tile, but is not guided to the main color, and pattern color.

Contrast grout or tile color to choose

Spectacular contrasting combinations

now released a collection of tiles, which have already been proposed matching colored grout options.Invented designers color combinations look really unusual and interesting. So, the black tiles are advised to choose a pearl-white grout to beige - colored grout cocoa or milk chocolate, to the olive - graphite, to gray - grout mahogany.

The contrasting colors of the tiles and grout
The striking color combination of tile and grout to the tile in the bathroom

Previously preference grout neutral, quiet shades, but now designers have turned to bright, saturated tones.Increasingly for finishing the bathroom grout choose red, orange, green, cyan, blue, purple, and black.

If you have chosen for the walls and floor in the bathroom white ceramic tiles, with the choice of grout color will be difficult to make a mistake.After all, white color combined everything.For a combination will be more successful, some less, but will not complete failure.Working to create a color pair, remember that it must be in harmony with the colors that are used in the interior of the bathroom.So try to choose a grout, echoes the color of the furniture, doors, ceiling, etc.

Contrasting white grout for ceramic tiles

To color select a color ceramic tile partner will be more difficult.We advise you to use a special palette-fan, without which it can not do any one designer.Experiment with different color combinations, and maybe you can find really beautiful and original solution.

Colorless grout - universal?

Many believe that colorless trowel called a mixture of white color.This is not quite true.White grout is indeed considered to be a universal and suitable for the tile of any color. However, with dark shades, it forms a contrasting combination that certainly does not like fans of traditional solutions.

More recently, the building materials market appeared grout for tile joints, which in fact has no color.The new material is based on epoxy and contains in its glass composition.Due to its light-absorbing properties and is provided by the effect of "invisibility" grout.This trowel mixture is called "chameleon", as it adapts to the color of ceramic tile.

Colorless grout - product expensive enough, but the money it costs.Created using the latest technologies, it has excellent features: easy to apply and easy to clean, not exposed to mechanical damage, does not react with aggressive chemicals, resists the appearance of mold and mildew.

colorless grouting is most often used to work with glass mosaics and for the creation of decorative tile panels.

Colorless grout for filling tile joints

Tips for Choosing

Buying grouting is better to make in conjunction with the purchase of tiles.So you can in place to sort out all the options and stop at the most successful combination.Selection grout color dependent, inter alia, by species and the selected tile.

  • Multicoloured tiles . View all available picture tile colors.Determine which one is the dark, and what - the lightest.Then everything is decided by the size of a bathroom.If the room is small, choose the lightest shade, and if the bathroom is spacious, you can choose the darkest color.
  • Plain tiles . If all the walls in the room will be decorated in the same color, the shade of grout should be selected on the basis of the value that you place on a bathroom environment.If you want to draw attention to the furniture and fixtures, buy grout to match tiles.And if in the center of the interior is a wall or floor, for the grout is best to choose a contrasting color.
  • Mosaic . Traditionally, mosaic, or choose a shade that contrasts with its basic tone, or neutral color, such as beige or gray.Also for the decoration of the mosaic can be used colorless grouting: it contains transparent components which absorb color and camouflage tile seams.
Grout for multi-colored tiles in bathroom
Grout for monochrome tiles in the bathroom
Grout Mosaic in the bathroom

The choice of color grout for ceramic tile can help you the following recommendations:

  • Go for grouting in the largest hardware store.This is exactly the case when the variety of choice is beneficial result.The more combinations of tiles + grout you will move, the more likely to find the perfect color pair.
  • Some stores have a trial grouting patterns that can be applied on the tiles and on the spot to evaluate the result.This opportunity must use.Be sure to wait until the dry composition, as wet and dry grout significantly differ in color.
  • for panels made of ceramic tile grout is best to choose to match the background or the dominant color - as pieces of paintings merge into a single entity.But for small mosaic welcome contrasting colored grout.
  • If all premises, including furniture, sanitary ware and accessories, decorated in one color, try to "freshen up" the interior, using grout in a contrasting color.
Tips for choosing a grout to the tiles in the bathroom

Colera: what to do if the desired color is not for sale

Unfortunately, even in the largest DIY stores range of colored grout for tile covers far from all of the existing color palette.If you choose to grout color that does not release any manufacturer grouts, do not rush to change their decision.To help you can come Colera for grouting.

Here you have several options: to buy a special tinting paste, buy an ordinary water-soluble color or color scheme to use as gouache or watercolor.Using any of these components can be painted white grout, or to make color tone more complete grouting.

If you decide to paint the grout using a color scheme, remember two important points:

  • Try to make the whole volume of work in one day.Otherwise, the grout is dry, and repeat the resulting shade of the next day you are likely to fail.
  • After a while the grout is usually lighter, so you should use a color one or two shades darker than planned.
Kohler for grouting tile joints