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August 12, 2017 18:06

Plastic corner bath and borders : selection , installation and setup

Plastic corner bath
  • Why do they need?
  • Pros Cons
  • Types
  • Dimensions
  • How to install the tiles?
  • Installation under tiles
  • Lifetime

Why do they need?

for repairs in the bathroom pops up a lot of nuances, from which in the future will depend on the comfort and safety of the inhabitants of the apartment.Therefore it is very important to consider even the most insignificant at first glance, details.

One of these parts, which come across anyone who has ever installed a bath, a gap between the edge of the font, and one or more walls.The reasons for its occurrence are usually two: either the curvature of the walls or the length discrepancy bath and wall.

There are several ways to resolve this problem.The most common of them - is to use a special plinth.Most often it is called "corner bath."It fits over the slot to prevent the ingress of water for a bath.

Corners bath made of plastic and ceramics.Today we talk about plastic corners - their advantages, disadvantages and the installation method.

Purpose of plastic parts


  • Plastic corners - this is one of the cheapest ways to eliminate the gap between the wall and the bathroom.Their prices start at a few tens of rubles.
  • Mounting plastic border is quick and easy.It does not need any additional tools and construction materials other than a sharp knife and the adhesive.
  • Plastic - a material that is resistant to moisture and temperature changes.Both of these factors are present in the bathroom, even if it established a good ventilation system.
  • Plastic has enough flexible and soft structure that allows you to install it even in a rough, indirect gap.
  • Plastic curb tolerates exposure to aggressive chemicals, which are often found in cleaning products for the bath and tile.
  • Caring for plastic area of ​​the bathroom is very simple.It is well cleaned of contaminants and does not require the use of special detergents.
Advantages of plastic parts for the bath


  • Despite the fact that the plinth made of plastic is resistant to high humidity, it can be got fungus and mold.To avoid this, you need every day to wipe it dry and treated periodically with an antibacterial compound.
  • Initially plastic corner was intended exclusively for decorative purposes - it had to carefully mask the gap, pre-embedded with other material.Therefore, its use as the only protection against moisture is not very effective.
  • service life of plastic corner is very short-lived, is much shorter than its ceramic counterpart.Typically, the plastic border should be changed every few years.
Disadvantages of plastic parts for the bath


assortment of plastic parts for the bath is big enough. The most popular standard model, you need to "customize" under the appropriate angle and placed on the adhesive.

There are also self-adhesive types of plastic moldings. They have suffered a special adhesive compound - to glue the corner of the bath needs only to tear the protective film.However, professionals do not recommend to buy such products because the glue that is used in their manufacture, more often than not waterproof.

Also on sale, you can find a more modern modification of the plastic border. It looks just like a standard area to the bath, but the edges of his rubberized.This provides a snug fit to the edge of the plinth to the wall and tub and, as a result, better protection against moisture.

A variety of plastic corner bath
Self-adhesive corner bath
Types of plastic parts for baths


Plastic corner bath has standard dimensions.Its length is 250 cm. Usually a plinth is not enough to close up the gap on three sides, so it is recommended to buy two at once.The plastic is very easy to cut with a sharp knife.Parts fit together almost negligible.

width of the plastic profile can be 50 or 25 mm.How to choose - it depends on the size of the gap and on which area you think the aesthetic - wide or narrow.

to lay down in the corner of the slot as closely as possible, the interior of the cut at the appropriate angle.

Dimensions of plastic parts

Plastic corner bath can be installed on two different ways.Let us consider each of them.

How to install the tiles?

mounting plinth directly on the tile - this is the most simple way with which even a novice in the repair business will cope easily.

  • Before you get started, you need to wash and dry surface of the bath and the walls in places where they will fit plastic profile.
  • If you are going to replace the old plastic corner, after its removal to get rid of adhesive residue and dirt on the bath rim and tile.
  • gap between the wall and the bathroom to fill sealant, assembly foam or other suitable structure.
  • While the sealant dries, it is recommended to protect the rim and bath tiled cell by adhesive.Use the masking tape.
  • Plastic profile should be cut to the required size.
  • Then the inside of the corner coat with glue.Glue is applied not only in the center but also at the edges of skirting boards - this ensures a snug fit.
  • installing baseboard in place, you need a few seconds to press his hands - so grip is tight.
  • Once the glue is dry, the joints treated with a transparent sealant for sanitary fittings.
Terms of installation of the plastic bracket on the tiles

Installation under tiles

Quality installation of a plastic plinth under the tile can perform only real master finisher. fact that in this case, setting the corner is carried out simultaneously with the laying of tiles.With this method of installation of the plastic profile and tightly closed with tiles fixed to the wall tile adhesive.

Installation corner bath for ceramic tile is considered a more reliable method than the previous one.However, it has one major drawback: you can only replace the corner dismantling tiles.

Installation of plastic corner under the tiles in the bathroom
Installing plastic corner under the tile


We have already mentioned that the term of service of the plastic bracket is very small.Experts say that a replacement is required after a year, but in reality the product is able to serve two to three times longer (though having lost its original whiteness).It should be noted that the plastic profile bath installed under tile will last you a bit longer.

The service life of plastic parts in the bathroom