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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to update the tiles in the bathroom : the replacement of cracked , joints , stickers , painting

Replacing a tile
  • Replacing cracked tiles
  • Update tile joints
  • Replacing multiple tiles
  • Vinyl stickers
  • Painting

tile for the bathroom - it's one of the best materials, which not only hasnice appearance, high strength, and long service life.He stoically withstands temperature changes and is loyal to the ingress of water on it.But even the tiles can result in lifetime.

Over time, the tile becomes dimmer.It may appear cracked or chipped.One way to solve this problem - replacement of tiles.But to do a full repair in the bathroom - it costs extra time and money.There are other ways of renovation of tile, which will be discussed below.

Replacing a tile
Replacing multiple tiles
Update seams

Replacing cracked tiles

For many familiar with the situation, when on too strong mechanical impact or burst tiles on it went crack.For the sake of one or more of damaged tiles is not necessary to contrive repairs, because quite simply replace the damaged tile.

Start standing with the selection of a suitable color and style tiles.If after the repair y

ou still have the materials, it's wonderful.Then you can simply replace the damaged element of the whole. But what if exactly the same tile is left?

Replacing a tile mosaic


  • If a damaged item is in a place to which hardly kto-to will look closely, you can find a tile that is more or less suitable for colorand exactly the same size as the defect.
  • If cracked tiles in the open, and find the same does not work, it can be a little cunning.Instead of spoiled items can use any decorative element of the same size.If it is a single copy looks strange, replace a few tiles on the whole the same decorative details.Yes, it's a bit expensive and troublesome, but what to do?
  • Finally, you can replace a cracked tile by tile of the same size, but close the vinyl sticker.
The sticker on the tile

next important question - how to remove the damaged tile, and not to spoil the rest?

  • around the damaged parts should be completely scraper to remove grout.
  • In the center of the damaged parts drilled a few holes.
  • Near the holes necessary to establish bit and strong, but cautious blows split tiles.
  • Shards also removed the bit, moving from the central part towards the edges.
  • composition, which was glued tiles are carefully removed from the wall.
Removing the old grout
tile Drilling
Removal of cracked tiles

Actually, that's it, you can install the new tiles.There is a risk that the new item will be evident.

To avoid this, follow these steps:

  • apply glue to the surface of the wall and align it with a spatula over the entire area;
  • on space set a new tile, and leave the installation crosses on the ground stitches (sutures are then of equal thickness);
  • if tiles protruding slightly forward, then gently tap on it to snap it into place;
  • when the adhesive hardens, remove the mounting crosses and fill grout joints.
Removing old adhesive
Grouting new tiles

Update tile joints

Sometimes the type of tile joints depends on the overall picture.For example, the tile looks great, but the seams are darkened or yellowed, they were chipped, and due to this bathroom gets groomed appearance.

Update seams

tile seams to always look like new, for them it is necessary to provide adequate care: the use of special tools.We also need good ventilation - this will help avoid povyalenie mold.

Return seams former well-groomed appearance will update grout.To do this:

  • spatula to remove the old grout.We have to work with great caution, as you risk damaging the tiles.You can use the shopping tools for removing grout.After the application of the special liquid composition is softened, and clean the seams of the old grout becomes very simple;
  • prepare new grouting composition.It is recommended to pick him color tone under the tiles.But you can try to beat the contrast;
  • apply the new composition of a rubber spatula;
  • when the grout dries, damp cloth or sponge to remove it surplus.The tile must be well polished.

In good condition, the tiles in the bathroom grout update will give an excellent result as if you had just been repaired.

Removing the old grout
Application of the new grouting
Works after drying grout

Replacing multiple tiles

algorithm works by replacing a few tiles, which for some reason are damaged, the same as in the replacement of onetiles.The only difference is that you have to remove several tiles.It is easier if they are placed next to each other, but if they are out of sync, then you need to shoot them very carefully, so as not to damage the adjacent elements.

to tiles were on the same level as the others, use the mounting crosses.They guarantee the same width joints and allow to install new flooring exactly.

Replacing multiple tiles

Vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers - is a simple, fast and cheap way to produce a cosmetic update tiles.Now manufacturers offer a huge selection of stickers in different color variations and patterns, so you can pick up something to match the tiles without any problems.

Note that vinyl stickers will not last long.Over time they peel off and need to be replaced.But at the same time it is not only a disadvantage and advantage, because you can periodically change the design of the bathroom.

Vinyl stickers

glued vinyl stickers elementary.On the reverse side is necessary to remove the protective layer of paper and attach the sticker to the desired surface and then gently smooth.The main prerequisite - clean tiles.Before something to stick, the surface should be degreased, otherwise the label after a while begins to bubble, and you have to change it fairly quickly.

Baby vinyl stickers for the bathroom


We talked about the fact that you can use vinyl stickers.But when painting tile result will be more stable.At the same time you can show a little creativity.You can just completely repaint the tile, and you can put on it drawing.Consider both.

If tile aged and lost presentable, then it is easier to repaint completely.For effective results requires careful surface preparation, and paint a competent choice.

Staining tiles in the bathroom

With this solution, milestones will be held in the following order:

  • first tile cleaned with detergent and then thoroughly rinsed with running water;
  • tile surface must be degreased.Here, help acetone or alcohol.Just good wipe any of these substances tiles;
  • glossy layer must be removed, so the tile grind fine sandpaper;
  • on the surface of a layer of epoxy primer that dries up during the day;
  • tiles again grind;
  • held after the preparation can be applied epoxy paint or special formulations for coloring tiles;
  • first layer must be dry at least 12 hours.After this second layer is applied.If you use light colored paint, you will need to wait until the second layer is dry and apply a third.
Preparing to sketch tile application
Choosing tile pattern
Floral pattern on the tile

If using paint you want to apply image, then it is not necessary even have artistic abilities, because in the presence of a stencil you can draw on the tiles almostany pattern.

Drawing stencil pattern

If you do not have the template, try to create geometric patterns.They are the easiest to perform and always relevant.Instead stencil can use masking tape.Stages of the following:

  • to mark the tile pattern by hand or with a pencil, a ruler and a triangle (for example, if the geometric pattern);
  • all the usual contours of the stick masking tape.It is important carefully to scotch was exactly along the lines.If it is not immediately able to stick exactly - it does not matter, you can always try again;
  • brush and sponge, apply a primer on the surface with a pattern;
  • at least a few hours, you can apply a coat of paint.Allow the primer to dry naturally.Using a hair dryer, you run the risk of ingress of dust contribute to the surface;
  • once the paint is completely dry, apply a second layer.If the paint lighter tile, then another layer may be required;
  • least a day later (once the paint is completely dry) can be unstick an adhesive tape.

desirable Use paint with water-resistant composition.Ideal use epoxy paint, then the tile will not be afraid of even the cleaners without abrasives.

staining method tiles
The result of staining