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August 12, 2017 18:06

The threshold in the bathroom : the choice , the dismantling of the old installation of new

The threshold in the bathroom
  • Necessity
  • Requirements Choosing material
  • old threshold Dismantling
  • preparatory work and the necessary tools
  • Stages

threshold in the bathroom - a thing, at first glance,it is not necessary, so many prefer to do without him.In fact, the existence of such a nut - a prerequisite, which is regulated by building codes.

Right Saddle in the bathroom


If you, for example, started a redesign, which resulted in the floor in the bathroom and the rest of the apartment the same steel, such changes BTI can not agree.Of course, if you do not want to part with their housing, then you can not worry about that redevelopment was officially approved.

However, life does not stand still and thought of selling and buying a new apartment can arise unexpectedly.In order to avoid the difficulties associated with the design of redevelopment, repair is best done in accordance with all requirements specified in the regulations.

The absence of a threshold between the bathroom and the hallway

threshold in the bathroom needed in the first place, so that in case of a leak

stop or at least delay the flow of water and protect the rest of the room from the flood. effect will be stronger if the bottom 15-20 cm of the walls in the bathroom to provide waterproofing.

So, the main function of the nut - is to prevent the spread of "flood" the entire apartment. addition, it creates an additional sound insulation, as the door more tightly fixed in the opening.Also the threshold of interior prevents the penetration of the bathroom drafts, odors and dust.

Waterproofing in the bathroom

should be noted that, in addition to everything threshold, there are several solutions to this problem.Thus, it is possible to organize a difference between the level of the floor in the bathroom and in the hallway.Thus bathroom floor may be the floor in the hall below 15-20 mm, or vice versa.Instead, the threshold can construct a smooth slope towards the bathroom.All of these options require you to much more resources - time, labor and money than the threshold of interior installation, so if you are not very experienced builder, we encourage you to experiment and solve the problem of the easiest and most affordable way.

The ideal threshold in the bathroom


bathroom - a special room in the house, so all the trimmings and equipment for this room must be chosen extremely carefully.For the bathroom is characterized by high humidity and frequent temperature changes.As a result - the formation of condensation and mold growth.The materials used in the repair should be water-resistant, not afraid neither heat nor cold, and is also well tolerated by special washing detergents.

Threshold Tiled

Thus, the threshold structure and finish in the bathroom must be very well thought out.It is desirable that it was a monolithic structure without gaps and crevices. It must be sturdy and durable, have water repellent properties, but at the same time not be slippery. In addition, it must be made of durable, wear-resistant materials, and, of course, be in harmony with the finished bathroom and corridor.Not an easy task, but we can handle!

Saddle bathroom from the corridor

Choosing material

first step is to decide which of our threshold will be made.

thresholds used for the manufacture of a variety of materials:

  • Steel , perhaps the most durable material.This nut is very difficult to damage or break.You can purchase steel thresholds metal color or painted in any color.
  • thresholds from stainless steel are rare, more often stainless steel, thanks to its beautiful silver finish trim wall or furniture.
  • Bronze are made to order only, as this material is very expensive.However, you can buy thresholds made of aluminum, painted "in bronze."They cost much less, and appearance virtually identical.
  • Brass - material is also not cheap, but it is very beautiful.Nut from it produce a very strong and durable.
  • nut of aluminum - lightweight and inexpensive.Found in a variety of colors.
  • Wooden sills occur most frequently.This is due to the fact that such threshold is easy to pick up the color of the wooden door.Wood - is a beautiful and eco-friendly material.Nut wood can easily make their own hands.For this purpose the most suitable oak and pine.These rocks are the most solid and durable.
  • Plastic sills - the most affordable of all.In stores you can find plastic products of all colors and sizes.They are reasonably priced, they look aesthetically pleasing, but the life of them is not very big, so be prepared for the fact that just a few years these sills have to change.
  • Concrete threshold - a capital product that will reliably protect the apartment in case of flood.To produce such a threshold may well be on their own.As a finishing coating commonly used or laminate flooring.

most popular wood sills, metal, plastic and concrete.

Threshold tiled and aluminum corner
Aluminum threshold in the bathroom
Plastic sill in the bathroom
Wooden threshold in the bathroom
Saddle in the bathroom of laminated chipboard
Порожек в санузле "под латунь"
Saddle in the bathroom decorated with mosaics

Removing the old threshold

If youare planning to build a new threshold is not "from scratch", and the place of the old, it is logical to assume that the end-of-age threshold to begin to dismantle.Since the threshold - the product thoroughly, in order to dismantle it, you need serious tools - a small crowbar, a hammer and a handsaw.

Getting started with the fact that using a hacksaw Scrollsaw its sides and gently break out the middle part.Try to do it as carefully as possible to prevent damage to the door or the finished panel.Next, extract what's left of the threshold using scrap and hammer.

Old threshold in the bathroom

preparatory work and the necessary tools

To threshold styling in the bathroom went smoothly and the result of the master was left without a physical injury, you will need a well-equipped.

Prepare work clothes that cover the arms and legs and shoes (the one you do not mind) on the head wear a cap or bandage.Protect your eyes with special glasses that use builders.Work gloves.

You will also need the following tools:

  • capacity, which will get involved tile adhesive;
  • rule;
  • building level;
  • trowel;
  • rubber spatula;
  • ordinary trowel;
  • punch and Bulgarian with a nozzle designed to work on porcelain stoneware.

all the necessary materials should be prepared before starting work.First of all, take measurements and cut the tiles into pieces of desired size.To finish the threshold is the most suitable granite tiles of the same color as the floor in the bathroom or in the hallway.Then, guided instruction, knead the tile adhesive.The consistency of the resulting mass should be smooth, like a liquid cream.

are completing preliminary work training foundation: cleanse it from dust and dirt, process primer .

We measure the height of the nut


the prepared concrete base is necessary to form the nut.Doing this we will be using the tie.

sequence works:

  1. First you need to make wooden ledges that serve as stops for the cement slurry, and at the same time create the future shape of the threshold.
  2. To screed is not stuck to the wooden plank, wrap them in cellophane.
  3. then fill the resulting shape of the cement mixture and flatten the top rule.
  4. adjusting the height of the nut by means of a spirit level.
  5. Next, you need to wait for the complete drying of the screed.This may take several days, during which the concrete must be periodically moistened with water to prevent cracking.
  6. After the mixture dries and hardens, remove the plank, and we clean the nut, trying to make it more like the surface of a smooth as possible.
  7. Gruntuem threshold on all sides.
Mounting nut in the bathroom

next step will be lined with tiles of granite Nut:

  1. notched trowel to apply the adhesive on the tile, apply it to the ground and pressed for a few seconds.
  2. distance between the tiles align with the help of special plastic crosses. Do not forget to use the building level!
  3. Upon completion of paving works treat joints grout to match.It is recommended to use this rubber spatula and remove excess foam sponge mixture.

strength of the final design check by simply tapping - the sound should be the same everywhere. If in certain places strikes sound louder, so you are unable to avoid the formation of voids and the tiles above them can quickly crack.

Ready nut in the bathroom