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August 12, 2017 18:06

Dismantling of tiles - removing the old tiles with their hands

Removing the tiles in the bathroom

Ceramic tile is, without exaggeration, the most common form of finishing the bathroom.It is durable, not subject to degradation caused by water.Since ceramics has almost no thermal expansion, it can easily withstand any changes in temperature.Also it is not exposed to various chemicals - such as detergent for cleaning surfaces or cosmetics.No matter how good it is, after some time it is necessary to remove the tiles.

reasons may be different: from the simple desire to change the interior to the need to replace all the tiles due to damage several.Removing the tiles in the bathroom - enough time-consuming process.You have to have patience.

Removing the old floor tiles

it possible to dismantle the old tiles for future use?

It often happens that most of the tiles, or almost all, are very well preserved.It is a pity to throw away, especially when you have already found a good use for it.If you have patience and a small set of tools, you can keep intact most of the tiles and re-use it.Save all the tiles, alas, will no

t work.Many of the tiles may crack or split during removal.

whole tiles

One of the most important moments of tiles dismantle - remember that under the finish can pass communication: conduit or wiring.Inattentive or aggressive dismantling could easily cause flooding of neighbors from the bottom or end accident.

Another unpleasant nuance can become dust and fragments of tile adhesive, grout or tile is not recommended to breathe heavy cement dust.You will need a mask or respirator, goggles, rugged clothes, gloves and shoes.It is also recommended to carry out the dismantling of tiles before the major repair, as the dust can easily damage the finish and the finish of the walls and floors in other rooms.

Bath after the dismantling of the tile

work method Selecting

The process of dismantling the old tiles depends on two things: the composition to which it pokleit and desires of its secondary use. If the tile was pokleit cement and grout tile joints were made of cement, the chance to save very little tiles.

Removing the wall and floor tiles in the case of an attempt to leave the whole tiles for future use begins the same way - remove the grout from the tile joints.Grout soaking water and removed with a knife or spatula.Sometimes it is necessary to remove the grout in several stages, abundantly wetting the tile joints between steps.This method works if the grout is soft.

Process the seams with water

When using grout based on cement wetting will not help.Here have to equip a small grinder and drive to work with the stone.You have to completely clean all tile joints and at the same time try not to hurt the tiles.The depth of cut in this case, it is desirable to do a little more than the height of the tile.This moment is an opportunity to reduce the cleavage angles.Few chances to keep the tiles will be the case if the tiles on the cement mortar was packed.

We clean the seams grinder

for careful dismantling, we need an iron spatula or fine chisel and a small hammer.It is necessary to substitute a chisel or putty knife under the bottom edge of the tile and start tapping it with a hammer.It is necessary to be careful after the start of sliding the tiles, if it is not moved all at once.It is necessary to rearrange the spatula or chisel under the edge of another tile and keep tapping.And in this way gradually descend down.Row upon row.

Carefully remove the tiles

tile from the floor is removed in a similar manner.In this case, there is not much difference on which side to start.

To remove the floor tiles can make a simple device, which will greatly simplify and speed up the process: need to find a piece of steel wire and on its ends bend hooks.Grab hooks such tile and start to pull.

Depending on the tile adhesive or such simple device can significantly reduce the time of dismantling, and the percentage of the whole tile can be more.Although not glueing tile adhesive and grout on - this method is unlikely to work.

Removing floor tiles

After dismantling the whole tile to be processed - to remove the remains of glue or cement.Here again the choice of instrument depends on what the tile was glued.If the adhesive is not very solid, it is possible to handle the usual metal spatula.If we got a solid mixture of glue or cement, it is necessary to remove part of emery stone.

Be careful, because the chance to split the tile while removing adhesive residue will be much higher than during removal from the surface.

Carefully remove the tiles

In cases where the old tile is of no value or chances of removing it as a whole is almost equal to zero, use less sparing methods.The easiest would be to break the tile with a hammer, and the remaining pieces of shear chisel.Using the Hole Puncher dramatically speed up.In the case of a punch, wear safety glasses, because, flying off in different directions and pieces of tile adhesive can damage the eyes.

Removing tile puncher

new tiles over the old lining

Consider the case when we just do not want to remove the old flooring, and try to put a new straight at him.Such options exist, but this method has a lot of nuances.

Laying tiles on old tiles

Finish the floor. First we need to carefully examine the tiles for cracks in the most tiles or tile seam, as well as eliminate all of bloatedness and emptiness.Clean tiles need not only from dust but also from any traces of grease or other dirt.After cleaning, apply a layer of soil.Without this, can not do, because we need to get not only good adhesion but also uniform absorption which smooth surface tile we will not be able to provide.

primer composition should be selected from those that are intended for with weak bases.

The next step is to align the surface.You can use the self-leveling compound, but it has to be chosen based on cement.Proceed to the next steps is possible only after the complete drying of the layer.

We clean the tile joints

It waterproofing time. This step may seem completely superfluous, because we already are enough layers can retain moisture, and even old tile layer.However, the old flooring is unlikely to become the guarantor of a good seal section, because for its operation or tile joints may crack, and not visible to the eye of a crack will skip moisture.In addition, waterproofing, perhaps the smallest in value stage which, in turn, prevents the formation of mold.

is also advisable to use a rubberized tape.It is laid out on the perimeter so that the wall was half and half on the floor.Next - standard tiling.

We put the tiles on the old base

Decorating the walls. But gluing tiles over the old walls, few recommended, and for good reason.Modern adhesives are able to create a very good grip, but that we can not say about the composition, which was pokleit old tiles.In any case, the first thing to do - to dismantle the tiles, which we can suspect in insecure attachment.For this is well suited rubber hammer.To tap a tile, we will be able to hear or see those tiles that need to be removed.

After removing everything that can fall off under the weight of old tiles need to prepare the surface for tiling.Here are several options: from simple degreasing before removing the glossy surface.Which one to choose - you decide.We recommend not to miss the moment only degreasing.

Some artists take off a layer with a tile completely, leave some Bulgarian notches crosswise.It is possible to use compositions such as "Betonokontakt".Precision universal algorithm of surface preparation is not - everything is decided individually on the basis of the characteristics of the old pavement and your desires.

Notches crosswise