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August 12, 2017 18:06

The seal the gap between the bathtub and the wall : close the gap with sealant , foam

The gap between the bathtub and the wall
  • reasons
  • solution for sealing cracks
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Sealant
  • Plastic skirting
  • curb tape
  • Tiles
  • Combined method of caulking

Even smallthe gap between the wall and the bathroom can cause big trouble. In the worst case you will have to pay for repairs in the bathroom from the bottom neighbor, and at best - to see how under your bathroom mold is growing and there are different unsympathetic insects.To avoid these consequences can be at an early stage of repair, as the main cause of the gap lies in the uneven surfaces.

Sealing seam between the tub and the wall


walls in the bathroom have to converge at an angle of 90 degrees, otherwise the gap is inevitable. If the repair process, you notice that the angle of convergence widely required, the walls must be vyrovnit.To same with sex: it must be perfectly flat.

It also happens that in the flat floor is installed crooked own bath.In this case, the situation can be corrected using the adjusting feet.

Installation on legs bath

There is another reason for the appearance of


If the bath is shorter than the wall, along which it is installed, the gap can not be avoided.

In this case, you will either:

  • an extra trim plasterboard wall;
  • if the first option "eats" too much storage space, proshtrobit wall and set a long bath.

However, if the repair has been completed and there is no desire to dismantle the finish and start all over again, you can try to get rid of ex-post clearance.In most cases this is no difficulty, you only need to choose the most appropriate way.

Raised tiled wall
Shtroblenie walls for large bath
Removal of the old putty from the gap between the bathtub and the wall

solution for sealing cracks

Grout - it's almost a universal tool that is able to solve many problems of everyday life.This is one of the most reliable, but is not the most aesthetic solution, so, after all the work will be completed, you will need to take care of that give embedded slot more aesthetic appearance:

  1. Clean the crack of the mud and slime,if necessary, remove the old finish.
  2. Prepare a solution.When mixing, try to achieve the consistency of thick cream.
  3. estimate the size of the gap, if it is sufficiently wide, the grout will spill on the floor.To avoid this, first soak the mixture of old rags and lay them crack.
Closing the gap with cement mortar

When the cloth slightly dries, moisten the gap and begin to slowly and carefully pour the solution into it.Make sure that the outer portion of the seam was obtained as narrow as possible.

White ceramic plinth

method of masking the seam should be selected based on the materials used for the walls. If this tile, then you can put a side border of its residues left over after repairs.If this plastic panels, just lay on top of the seam edge of plastic.If the walls are painted, the paint yourselves with the same paint and weld, pre-stopper it.

Polyurethane foam

Faster, but less versatile than the grout tool - a foam. With its help seal the gap between the wall and the bathroom can be a matter of minutes.In contrast to the solution, the foam core can be placed on a dry surface.Therefore, after you clean and degrease the gap, blot it from the inside with a dry cloth and leave to dry for a while.

Closing seam sealing foam

works best gloves as polyurethane foam very badly scraped skin.And with all the other surfaces too, therefore, filling her slit, make sure that the spray did not fall on the walls and a bath.

choose water-resistant mounting foam, this information can be found on the packaging for the work in the bathroom.


  1. Shake the cartridge a few times, put the nozzle into the gap and begin to gently pour.Remember that as the drying of the foam expands greatly, sometimes dozens of times, so do not try to fill the gap up to the brim.Polyurethane foam to dry for about an hour.
  2. After lying on the drying time of a sharp knife, trim the edges so as to obtain a more even surface as possible.
  3. Camouflage can be by the same methods as in the previous case - tiles, edging PVC or waterproof paint.


most modern means - a silicone sealant. The stores represented a large selection of sealants intended for different uses.Among them you need to find a sealant for the bathroom, as in its composition have antibacterial substances that prevent the formation of mold.Sealants come in different colors, but we advise you to buy a transparent, as the most versatile option.


  1. Remove remnants of building materials, mud and slime.
  2. Deal gap degreasing solution, such as alcohol or acetone and wipe dry.
  3. Open the nozzle on the tube with silicone sealant and fill the gap with its contents, using the fastening tool.From that, what angle was cut nose, it depends on how wide the line will be obtained.The sharper the angle, the longer it will be.Make sure that the line was smooth and not interrupted.
  4. While the seam does not dry out, then align it moistened finger with soap solution.
  5. seam can be masked for greater aesthetics.On the way, we talked in detail above.
Surface preparation prior to incorporation sealant joints
Processing seam sealant

Within days after embedding joint silicone sealant bath can not be used, otherwise all the work will be worthless and joint quickly unusable ..

Plastic plinth

Mouldings plastic - the most popular of all the skirting boards to the bathroom.They are successfully used for sealing the gap between the wall and the bathroom.Skirting PVC can be easily and quickly set up and just as easy to dismantle.In addition, plastic - rather soft and elastic material, so a plinth can be adjusted to the size of the bath without any problems.

In stores you can find plastic moldings with a ready-made adhesive backing.We recommend not to use them in a bathroom, because the adhesive composition applied to them, are not usually waterproof.Better use of water-resistant adhesive for plastic.It should be white, and even better - colorless.Be sure to choose a quick-composition, since you have to press the baseboard until until the glue sets.

Plastic border for a bath at the finish


  1. Clean, degrease and dry the gap.
  2. Make all the necessary measurements and cut the skirting board at an angle of 45 degrees.
  3. Attach the plastic plinth to the junction with the wall bath until no glue and stick masking tape to parts of the walls and baths, which are joined to it.
  4. Remove the baseboard and lubricate the glue gap.
  5. Fix the plinth on the ground and held him for a few minutes.
  6. Once the adhesive composition is completely dry, you can peel the adhesive tape.
  7. Joint plastic plinth to the wall be sure to treat the sealant to the bathroom.
joint sealant Processing

curb tape

Another inexpensive modern method that does not require much effort - is to use ribbon curb.It is made of polypropylene and is impregnated with a special compound that prevents the formation of mold.


  • requires no decoration;
  • characterized by high resistance to water, so it can safely be used in conditions of high humidity.

The only drawback of this method is that even the best quality curb tape will serve you no more than two years.But with the active use of the bathroom you have to change it every year.

Closing seam fascia ribbon

width and thickness of the tape will depend on the size of the gap. Pre cleansed, degreased and dried fill the gap with clear silicone sealant.Next, cut a piece of tape, appropriate size and apply it liquid nails.Now you can stick the tape on top of the gap.It is necessary to wait at least a day before you start to use the bathroom.


All of the above methods of getting rid of the gap between the wall and the rim of the bath are suitable only if it is a small gap, the width of which does not exceed 3 cm. If you are dealing with a wide cleft,you'll have to stock up on finishing materials and float construction skills.

Terminate the gap can be using tiles. best to use the one that was left after the wall covering.If after repairing nothing left, just buy the white tiles of suitable size, such that it took a minimum of cutting.White tile will blend in with a white bathroom, provided that you have it because white and a border will be almost invisible.If the design of wall tiles you used decorative border, and then you can make the joint in the same border.

Facing tile gap and pencil
The wide gap between the bathtub and the wall
Ceramic bathroom baseboard white

start with the preparatory work:

  1. If you can get under the bath, set directly below the slit wooden frame to preventpenetration of cement mortar on the floor.
  2. If not, seal the gap cloth soaked in the solution, as in the first method.
  3. Pour the grout into the slot and wait until it dries out a bit.
  4. then lay the tile by adjusting the distance between the fragments of special plastic crosses.
  5. later day treat grout joints suitable color.

Combined method of caulking

There are a lot of options sealing the joint between the wall and the bathroom.Above we have listed only standard solutions.But the human imagination has no limits, so the network is constantly appear description "popular" ways to get rid of this trouble.They offer a completely new solution using original materials and techniques that are a combination of those of whom we are told in this article.

Ceramic corner bath
Combined method of jointing

This is one of those combined methods:

  1. Fill the gap with foam and let it dry completely.
  2. Then you need to gently cut off excess, and cover up the seam with silicone sealant.This will make the surface more smooth and in addition increase the water resistance of the structure.
  3. After drying sealant paste the fillets on top of it the tape.Thus, combining the three different methods, the method should be three times more reliable.

you can come up with your own method of solving this problem.The main requirement - it is water resistant, and aesthetic appearance.